Knockout Spotlight: Angelina Love

Christi LottCorrespondent IMay 12, 2009

I've decided to do a feature article on each and every Diva and Knockout. The articles will be coming twice a week and will cover why they're good, etc.

Who better to start with than the champs? This weeks Spotlight is on TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love!


Why she's good:

Like very few heels or even faces, Angelina has her character down to a T. She is definitely a bitchy heel, or better yet, a bitch.

With her partner, Velvet Sky, The Beautiful People are arguably the best gimmick top happen to women's wrestling in the top two companies. The group back up what it says, in the ring and out, and personify what it is to be a great heel group.

Angelina is the better of the two, thanks to some great mic skills and a solid set of wrestling skills.

As the current champion, Love being champion opens up a much wider group of opponents, and will be more than capable of putting on some good matches.


Why she's bad:

It's a bit tough to point out Love's bad spots, but I would say longevity is not on her side. Angelina is quite injury prone, even in winning the title she suffered a concussion.

It is a concern, especially in the much more physical TNA of how long she can go.


What she brings to TNA:

Attitude. Although the persona would seem to also fit in the WWE, Love is a perfect fit in TNA. She is one of the few Knockouts who even get on the mic and get backstage segments.

Angelina also personifies the notion of hard work paying off. She's work hard and worked her butt off to get into the top tier of women's wrestling, and it's truly great to see her with a title around her waist.

Stay tuned next week as I take a look at four-time former WWE Women's Champion Mickie James and former Divas Champion Michelle McCool!