Twitter Reacts to Golf Bros Acting a Fool at 2013 PGA Championship

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 12, 2013

ROCHESTER, NY - AUGUST 08:  Fans take shelter during a weather warning during the first round of the 95th PGA Championship on August 8, 2013 in Rochester, New York.  (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)
Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

They came, they saw, they yelled, "Mashed potatoes."

The PGA Championship was as much about inane shouts from the gallery as it was about Jason Dufner winning with little emotion and Phil Mickelson spending the better part of his weekend in the rough.

What follows is a beautiful mashup (via TNT/CBS) of the best (read: most annoying) shouts from golf bros at Oak Hill.

The classic "Mashed potatoes" and "Get in the hole" are there, alongside a new favorite that should pop up around municipal courses shortly: "Rutabaga!"

The best has to be the bro who reared back and bellowed one gigantic "Chewbacca" for all to hear. It's funny because we suspect the wookie would make for a fairly horrible golfer. Something tells me he would rip off his caddie's arms the second he shanked one into the woods.

Either way, a slow news cycle in the sports world along with a victory from a golfer who shows as much emotion as a pitching wedge meant the hot item on Twitter was the incessant shouts from the gallery.

Here is but a sampling of Twitter's response to Oak Hill's shouts:

Of course, this is nothing new, so here are some thoughts on past shouts from fans.

It seems the only people who truly enjoy the shouts are the ones who are shouting. People watching from home have had about enough of the unoriginal comedy coming from the gallery.

As for me, I absolutely love it. However, my opinion is hardly worth your time, because I enjoy extremely stupid things. Go ahead and stick these shouts alongside blooper reels and Weekend at Bernie's II as dumb things I shouldn't enjoy but do.

For those who have decided to hate these shouts, which seems to be all of you, get used to it. When you have a bunch of bros walking the course, having a couple of adult beverages as they watch golfers tee off, boredom will set in.

Sure, yelling after a shot from the tee box might be extremely played out, but it's here to stay. Like debating if Tiger Woods will win another major, "Mashed potatoes!" is very much a part of the sport now.

And really, every sport has its own respective unfortunate aspect. The NBA has flopping, MLB has the PED controversy and the NFL has Jay Cutler.

Golf isn't immune to human stupidity and obvious humor. We can all be grumpy and chide these bros for yelling dumb things, or we can just embrace the stupidity.

We all need a little dumb in our lives sometimes.


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