Eben Britton: Leading the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Promised Land

James WalkerAnalyst IIMay 12, 2009

JACKSONVILLE, FL - MAY 1:  Tackle Eben Britton #73 of the Jacksonville Jaguars sets to block May 1, 2009 at a team minicamp near Jacksonville Municipal Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Admittedly, I have always been a fan of players who enjoy running smack.  I find it to be a true art form. 

Not unlike utilizing the skill of successfully blocking a bull-rushing defensive end, Eben Britton unleashed a verbal diatribe the night he was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars that could easily go down in the annals of smack history. 

Here are a few of the quotes Mr. Britton let fly:

"I was always told I wasn't big enough, fast enough to play.  Well, the chip just got a little bigger and somebody's going to pay."

"I want to lead the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Super Bowl and I want to become the greatest tackle in the history of the NFL."

"You know what, if one of these draft guys lined up across from me they'd be dead, so that's not something I'm really concerned with.  If you want to line up across from Eben Britton you're going to know what's happening to you, I guarantee you that."

Now that is what I call bona fide smack!  If Jim Rome has a dedicated “burn” in your regard on his television program, then your oratory is stuff legends are made of.

Therefore, if I were ever allowed to interview a Jacksonville Jaguar player, I would select Eben Britton as my first.  Mind you, I would have to prepare for it as if it were a UFC fight, but it would be well worth it.  I have a feeling I would come out slightly battered and bruised, but hopefully with my ego in tact.

What would I ask of Mr. Britton?  Below are the questions I would have planned to ask, but I would also prepare to play off Eben with a series of reactionary inquiries based on his responses, just like a prizefighter would his fierce opponent’s punches.  One must know when to duck and jab; one cannot always throw a haymaker!

Question No. 1: Welcome to Jacksonville, FL!  Have you had a chance to experience the humid heat of Northeast Florida, and if so, how does it compare to the dry heat of Arizona?

Now that the pleasantries are over…

Question No. 2: You made some interesting comments shortly after being drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Have those comments come back to haunt you in any way, and are you sorry for what you said?

Question No. 3: Tony Boselli was regarded as one of the best offensive tackles in the NFL, and he is still popular here in Jacksonville even to this day.  As a fellow PAC-10 alumnus, do you see yourself in the same light as Tony Boselli?

Question No. 4: You stated how you would like to help lead the Jaguars to the Super Bowl.  How would you do it?

Question No. 5: Scouts prior to the NFL draft claimed that one of your limitations was the lack of foot speed that woulf cause you to struggle at the left tackle position.  What are your thoughts of that criticism?

Question No. 6: What specific talents will differentiate you from other offensive tackles on the team?

Question No. 7: Many “experts” felt you should have stayed in college one more year so that you would have a better chance of being a top 10 pick in 2010.  Now that you were selected in the second round, do you think it would have been wise to stay in college one more year?

Question No. 8: What are your chances of starting this season for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Question No. 9: Coach Stoops once said that you were “the glue behind our offensive line” while at Arizona.  Please tell me why he said that, and how your leadership skills will help you in the NFL.

Question No. 10: In your short time with the Jacksonville Jaguars, what do you feel will be your biggest challenge transitioning from the college game to the NFL?

That concludes my interview with Eben Britton.  Personally, I feel he’s going to be a great addition to the Jacksonville Jaguars.  I hope he utilizes Tra Thomas as a mentor and learns the NFL game as quickly as possible.