Chicago Cubs Not Quite as Ready for Phillies as I Thought

Harry PavlidisSenior Analyst IApril 11, 2008

The Jimmy Rollins-less Phillies were too much to handle. Brett Myers pitched very well Friday, despite yielding gopher balls to Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, and Alfonso Soriano. Carlos Zambrano took the loss in six so-so innings of work.

The good news is that he only allowed one walk. The bad news is that he gave up nine hits. Even worse, he gave up three doubles and a homer.

The stark lack of walks, compared to the past two seasons in particular, is a nice change of pace. We'll see if that continues, since he's been on a roller coaster with his command before.

Felix Pie appears to be riding pine. I didn't hear the pre-game with manager Lou Piniella, so I only know that he sat Friday, while Ward and Fukudome rotated from bench-to-right-to-center.

With two lefties coming up, and a Kosuke off day tomorrow, Pie still won't play, as Reed Johnson will get the nod Saturday. Reed Johnson pinch hit against a righty with Felix on the bench during Friday's game.

Rotoworld mentions Pie's sore hand, but I'm not sure that's still the issue, directly. He may not be in his rhythm for a variety of reasons, beyond the wrist. His spring was interrupted a couple times, as we are all painfully aware, and he's hitting in front of the pitcher.

Rob at TCR thinks Murton is due back up, with Felix heading to Iowa.

"As for Felix Pie, let's say I wouldn't be too surprised if he gets sent down soon and Matt Murton gets called up. Reed Johnson would take over full-time CF duties, Murton would roam the outfield and Kosuke would probably be the CF backup, much like he's doing tonight."

It is possible and, while Ward was roaming right field, I wondered how much better a team we'd have with Matt out there tomorrow, instead of DeRosa. At least for now.

If Felix can learn the strike zone, he'll be just fine. He's still very young, but he certainly isn't making a positive impact at the moment, outside of his defense.

During the WGN radio broadcast, Pat mentioned Doug Davis, who had his cancerous thyroid removed today. With the successful surgery behind him, Davis will return home in a day.

He plans on coming back to pitch at Wrigley in early May. That's great news. I hope he heals quickly and adjusts to the medications well. Get well soon.

I'm working on Cole Hamels for a later post. He'll face Ted Lilly tomorrow.