Report: Update on Brock Lesnar's Post-SummerSlam Plans and WWE Future

Daniel Van BoomAnalyst IIAugust 14, 2013


Brock Lesnar is one of the WWE’s biggest marquee names and will be facing CM Punk in a highly anticipated match at SummerSlam this Sunday.

Lesnar has a limited amount of appearances on his contract, but we’ve seen a lot of him this year. He first appeared this year in late January and feuded with Triple H through May, defeating The Game at Extreme Rules.

He resurfaced a little under a month later and attacked CM Punk, setting up their bout for SummerSlam. According to a report by F4WOnline (via, we’ll be seeing a lot less of The Beast after this Sunday:

With Brock Lesnar's current WWE deal reportedly being for three pay-per-view matches, he may be off WWE TV until WrestleMania XXX season following this Sunday's SummerSlam match against CM Punk. Since the new deal began after WrestleMania 29, Lesnar has defeated Triple H at Extreme Rules. Sunday's match with Punk would be his second match under the current deal, WrestleMania XXX would be the third.

If this report is true, Brock will miss WWE’s Survivor Series and Royal Rumble pay-per-views, two of WWE’s ‘big four’ annual events.

This is the same situation he found himself in last year; Lesnar wrestled Cena at Extreme Rules, Triple H at SummerSlam and then wouldn’t appear on WWE programming for over four months.

When reports such as these surface, it truly does make you question why the WWE used up so many of Brock’s valuable appearances and pay-per-view matches on the same opponent, Triple H.

The Beast’s feud with The Best has been exciting thus far and will culminate at SummerSlam. Even if we don’t see him for a while, expect Lesnar to make a lasting impact on Sunday.