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Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIMay 12, 2009

Welcome to another Joe's 411: B/R Pro-Wrestling News, THE place for wrestling news on the net today. As we all know, I am not one to keep people waiting. So let's get started.


Kurt Angle in movie

Recently it was discovered TNA Star Kurt Angle will be in an upcoming MMA film. No word on how big the role is, but he will be playing a Russian Fighter named Koba.

Personally, I have been waiting to see Angle in a movie. I know he loves to act, and he is one of the best on the mic today. But, a Russian Fighter? That is a big stretch for him in my mind.

While he could easily do the MMA side of the role, the accent of a Russian and all that comes with the acting side of that may be weird to see coming from Angle. But I guess we will see how he does.

The film is called, Warrior. And is set to be released in the upcoming months. No word on an exact date though.


Lance Storm wrestling again

Former WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion Lance Storm will be coming out of retirement to wrestle with Ring of Honor in Toronto on July 25-26.

Storm is still in the wrestling world, as he is teaching it now in Canada.

Storm has always been a sold in-ring wrestler, so anyone who learns under him are sure to turn out well in the wrestling world.

We have not been able to see him in action for a while, as he has been in retirement. But, from what we have seen over him over the years. I am sure we will see great wrestling out of him.

It may not be on ROH tapings however, as it set to just be a treat for the Canadians or people who come out to see the show those days.

A marketing ploy for the Canadian audience is a good idea to me ROH. But I would prefer to see him in action on HDNet, rather than travel 2 to 3 thousand miles to see him in Canada.


Bret Hart Interview

Recently, Bret Hart was interviewed by the Miami Herald to plug his book, as well as the 10 Anniversary DVD, Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows. Also the Life and Death of Owen Hart is also included with it.

He was asked if he ever thought Owen would be in the WWE Hall of Fame, here is what he had to say:

''Vince McMahon said to me once after Owen died that it was the worst thing to happen to the nicest guy in this business. That statement in itself, I don't know how you can have a Hall of Fame and not credit or at least honor Owen and even my father.

"From the last conversation I had with Vince McMahon, he had every intention of putting my father and Owen into the Hall of Fame. I'm sure that will come with time.

The problem with that Hart said was simply this. Vince wants to do the same as what he did with Rocky Johnson and High Chief Peter Miavia and The Funks. He wants to put them in the Hall at the same time.

Word was all the Harts; Owen, Stu, and Bret were going to be inducted at the same time. But as we know that didn't happen, as Bret was inducted a few years back.

The problem was that Owen's widow refuses to accept it, and will not allow them to induct him last people checked.

The WWE wants to honor them both, but he cannot do anything if Owen's widow will not allow him to be inducted.

The DVDs and what not are ok to do because the WWE owns the footage. They do not have to get permission then. Also the wrestler may get a little off the sales of that DVD, but it is usually not much. As the WWE gets most of the profit.

Same goes for merchandise, and other things the WWE sells of former or current WWE Superstars.

I personally would love to see Owen in the Hall of Fame. As he deserves to be in right now.

Taking out the 1999 tragedy, if he retired right then from wrestling and was still alive. He still deserves to be in because of what he did before.

So he is not getting in because of what happened to him, but because he deserves to be in there.

And I think it is really selfish of Owen's widow to not let him be in the WWE Hall of Fame. Ok, I we all know what happened to him. And it was a big time tragedy that can never be reversed.

But, the WWE is trying to make up for it the best they can by giving him one of the ultimate honors the organization has.

I just think since he deserves it, the widowed Hart needs to let things go a bit.


WWE signs another new diva

While I really have no idea what her real name is, because people refuse to tell me. Women Superstars Uncensored announced Miss April has signed a developmental deal with the WWE last week.

If the WWE thinks she has something, then she obviously does. I do know about WSU, but I do not know much about the wrestlers there sorry to say. Which means I cannot tell you much about her.

It is a possibility she will use the same name of Miss April in FCW. And when they finally let her wrestle, we will know how good she really is. And also know if she has the ability to be a rising diva in the WWE one day.


Hernandez update

The LAX big man injured his neck a little while back, and April 30th he underwent a successful neck fusion surgery on his T1 and C7 vertebrae. While some think he will be out for 6 to 8 months, Jeremy Borash says different on his Twitter.

He claims Hernandez will only be out 3 months. But I think they should keep him out for 5 myself. They should consult a guy like Kurt Angle for why.

Angle has had many neck problems in the past, we have heard it a thousand times. He won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freakin neck.

He has also hurt it in the WWE countless times. And he can tell you, coming back from an injury to early could be bad no matter how great you feel you are.

I feel they need to keep the big man out until he can get perfect clearance from doctors, and know he can go into a ring and not hurt it easily.

Hernandez is not like many other big men you have seen before. As he jumps all over the ring, and outside of it too. Supermex still has to cash in that World Title shot he won a while back too.

We now just need to know when he will cash it in. So when he comes back, I think we may see him cash that in pretty soon. As time is ticking down for him to do so.


WWE and Playboy

Obviously we saw no diva in the WWE this year in the covers of Playboy. Why? Well again something obvious. The WWE was of course trying to push the new PG Programming. However, there is word of them still having divas in Playboy though.

There will be no deals made where they have them in there at one specific time of the year. But they will have them in there at different times of the year.

Unless the WWE wants to start up the normal deal with them again, this is most likely what will happen in the future for the WWE and Playboy.


Paul London update

People have been wondering why Paul London has not appeared at any of the promotions he has been scheduled to compete with for a while. Now we finally have word on why from his camp. Here is a statement from them:

“Since every site thinks they know what they’re talking about on giving Paul a bad rep. Here is something that’s actually 100% true. Although Mr London has not been at the events he was scheduled for over the past few weeks, the promoters were made aware of Mr. London’s health issues and his inability to appear at their event with enough time to find a suitable replacement. We apologize to any fan who bought a ticket to these events to see Paul. Myself as well as the rest of Team London wish Paul the quickest recovery possible and hope for a full return to wrestling soon. Until that happens stay tune to as more information becomes available.”

As many are aware of, London was set to appear in TNA with The Amazing Red to be in the tag team tournament they have had going on.Amazing Red ended up wrestling for TNA and is doing singles action more so now.

But London still may have an opportunity with TNA if this is true. You cannot help having health problems, so if London gets better and TNA knows he can do well with them.

They may sign him to a small deal, maybe a 1-3 day deal or something. Just to see how he can do with the audience.

If he does well, then he may have a long term deal set up. If not, TNA doesn't lose anything from it. Because he is not under a long term deal and they just have to pay him for the match or matches he was in.

So it is a win/win for both parties.


John Cena's New Movie

For Cena fans out there, he will have a new movie to be working on soon. And from the title, it seems like more of an edge from other movies he has done.

WWE recently acquired a movie script titled, “Brothers Blood.”  And is written by Karl Gajdusek, the co-author of The Condemned.

If you have seen the Condemned, you know how edgy it was. Blood and guts had a big part in that movie. There was also a lot of colorful language too.

I don't see Cena doing a lot of cursing because of his image. However, this may be the movie for him to switch his image for. When The Marine came out, we saw his transition to that of a...well....Marine.

12 Rounds was a bit different, as it was fine with his current image.

But this one may make him a bit of a heel, or bad guy in the WWE. Something many fans have wanted to see for a while out of Cena.

No word on what the movie is about yet, or what part Cena will play. But it is certain to happen.


That is all for the 411. If you have any questions you want answered you can comment on here, my profile, or e-mail me at 


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