Sports-Related Pictures That Made the Internet Freak Out

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistAugust 9, 2013

Sports-Related Pictures That Made the Internet Freak Out

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    While going through my Facebook and Twitter profiles the other day, I realized that there are some seriously regrettable photos of me on the Internet.

    From my broing out, shaggy hair days in college, to my way-too-drunk, chest hair spilling out nights that happen now, every single "gross" comment is well earned.

    But as much attention as my personal pics may have gotten, it pales in comparison to the reaction that some athlete photos receive.

    With people posting pretty much anything these days, here are some snapshots of athletes that made the world wide web completely freak out.

Honorable Mention: Sports Reporter Kelly Nash

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    Tampa Bay Rays reporter Kelly Nash isn't an athlete, but since she does work in sports media, I had to toss her a bone and add her in here.


    Because the selfie she took during batting practice at Fenway earlier this year is one of the most incredible things ever, as a ball literally came within inches of nailing her.

    It caused quite the reaction on the Internet too, making people wonder if it was real or not.

Kevin Ware

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    Louisville men's basketball player Kevin Ware suffered one of the most gruesome sports injuries anyone has ever seen.

    After attempting to block a shot against Duke in the NCAA tourney, Ware came down hard, popping his shin bone through his skin—gross.

    The injury itself caused immediate reaction from his teammates, who fell to the floor in agony.

    But this picture, along with ones that followed, blew up the Internet with people showing their support for the Cardinals guard as he tried to recover, as his teammates marched toward an NCAA title for him.

Kobe Bryant

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    It's safe to say that pretty much anything Lakers star Kobe Bryant posts on his Twitter account will get some serious reaction.

    So after tearing his Achilles during the final regular season games this past season, Bryant took to social media to show everyone just how nasty the injury was.

    With over 3,000,000 followers, there were plenty of people who didn't eat lunch that day.

Richard Sherman

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    After the Seahawks came from behind to beat the Patriots during last year's regular season, Seattle cornerback—and known trash-talker—Richard Sherman had some last words for opposing quarterback, Tom Brady.

    Posting this picture on his Twitter account (since removed), Sherman added the words, "U MAD BRO?" to really rub it in Brady's face.

    Had Tom been witty enough, he should've responded with a "That's a clown question, bro."

Mike and Maurkice Pouncey

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    I get the whole, "once a teammate, always a teammate" mentality that comes from playing with a guy for awhile, but at some point, shouldn't common sense come in?

    That's what a lot of people were wondering after NFL linemen Mike and Maurkice Pouncey sported "Free Hernandez" hats at a birthday party last month to show support for former Florida teammate, Aaron Hernandez.

    The former Patriots tight end has been accused of murder, putting him behind bars, so this was sort of a tasteless move by the twin brothers.


Andrew Bynum

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    What in the hell was former Sixers (and current Cavs) center Andrew Bynum thinking when he stepped out to the bench with this mop as a hairdo?

    Who knows, really?

    But thanks to the timeless image, everyone around the Internet commented on just how ridiculous the dude looked—even more so than his first summer league game at age 17.

    Problem was, Bynum didn't just stop with this cut, he made a few more questionable decisions too.

Robert Griffin III

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    With the reaction this photo caused after Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III posted him leaning against some gifts fans sent him in response to a tweet, you would have thought he was posing with a stripper or something.

    Making nearly $3.9 million last season, it was widely thought that RG3 was doing something wrong, but come on now, why hate on him for this?

    He did take the time to respond to the criticism, and even sent some thank you notes to a few fans.


Eddie Lacy

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    As Packers rookie Eddie Lacy found out, if you ever want to become one of the top trending topics on Twitter, make sure you make a drastic physical change.

    With several photos of the former Alabama running back surfacing on the Internet, fans everywhere wondered what the hell Lacy was eating in the offseason.

    It was probably nothing more than a weird angle, but, let's be honest, the dude does look more like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man than an NFL running back here, right?

Johnny Manziel

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    Just when everyone thought that Johnny Manziel was college football's golden boy following his Heisman trophy win—albeit a crazy one—this photo of him going HAM after the Aggies Cotton Bowl win made its way on the 'net.

    It's not that it's anything awful—till you consider the kid had just turned 20 and was drinking Dom to celebrate.

    This was all just the beginning of a wild offseason for "Johnny Football," who has had a ton of different photos and stories pop-up to find his name in headlines.


Tyson Chandler

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    Standing next to a lady about three-feet shorter than him, this picture of 7'1" Tyson Chandler is already super awkward.

    When you take into account that his legs are about as skinny as a middle school, pre-adolescent boy's, it makes it even much more weird.

    You can tell dude has been hitting the weight room—but he may have skipped leg day a few too many times.

Colin Kaepernick

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    I know that 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick claims this wasn't a big deal—and I kind of agree with him—but with people snapping pics every second, he should know better than to wear another NFL team's colors anywhere.

    Taking some pretty big heat for the hat gaffe, Kaepernick reiterated his allegiance to San Francisco, hoping to calm any freaked out fans' nerves who thought he might secretly want to play for the Dolphins.

Tiger Woods (Cigar Guy)

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    This one is from a few years ago, but it's still one of my personal favorites, because it combines two crazy elements into one picture.

    It's honestly like the "most fascinating photo ever" gods combined on one single snapshot, and this is what it produced.

    Not only is the golf ball heading straight to the lens ridiculous, but when you consider that it was a duff by Tiger Woods—the world's No. 1 golfer—which rarely happens and that it features a fan known as "Cigar Guy," it's just brilliant.

    It's no wonder that this thing was talked about for a week or so when people first saw it.

Derek Jeter

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    It's Derek Jeter.

    You know, the captain for the New York Yankees.

    The one who has the most hits ever by a guy in pinstripes, five World Series rings, 13 All-Star game appearances and is hands-down the king of New York.

    So of course the pictures of him walking around following ankle surgery late last year caused some serious concern amongst the New York media.

    No need to fret though, Jeter played it cool—as normal.