Arsenal Transfer News: Mikel Arteta's Comments Put More Pressure on Management

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistAugust 7, 2013

JAKARTA, INDONESIA - JULY 14: Mikel Arteta of Arsenal FC greet the fans after  the match between Arsenal and the Indonesia All-Stars at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium on July 14, 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia.  (Photo by Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images)
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The players at Arsenal are relaxed about the transfer rumours, but they truly want to see the club bring in new talent.

This is at least the mindset of veteran Mikel Arteta, who recently expressed his thoughts on the lack of activity this summer, according to Jacob Steinberg of the Guardian:

I think we are going to start the season with new faces. That is what we are all hoping for. That will give us a big boost and everyone is very positive. We need to close the gap with the teams that are trying to win the titles. We have been too far [behind] in the last few seasons. We will start and see how it goes. We won't be as far this season. If the club can target players who will improve the team they are going to be very welcome because that is what we want – a better team, better players to compete and win trophies. The club is working on that, it is in their hands and I am sure they are going to do it.

There are two main parts of this statement that are notable. The first is the mindset that something will get done no matter what.

That is certainly the thought of most fans heading into the summer. Arsene Wenger did state during the past season that this year would be different when it comes to spending. 

With the names that the club has been linked to, there would be a genuine reason to be excited. Unfortunately, the failed attempt to acquire Gonzalo Higuain among others has slowed the enthusiasm among the fanbase.

It seems as though the best hope is to try to get Luis Suarez, although Liverpool remain adamant that he is not going anywhere, according to Simon Rice of the Independent.

This is certainly enough to cause worry that an impact player will actually end up transferring to Arsenal. Based on Wenger's history as a seller instead of a buyer and the inability to do anything so far, it would not be surprising if September came with the club making no moves.

However, the most interesting part of Arteta's comments is the fact that he discusses how everyone is hoping for something to happen.

Obviously, every player wants to play with great teammates. It helps them individually and eventually leads to more success overall. Then again, you do not want internal competition for playing time.

If he is really speaking on behalf of the rest of the club, it shows how desperate they are to get better.

Basically, these comments make it seem as though they cannot win without help. The current squad is good, but there is still separation before they can reach the clubs at the top of the table.

As one of the leaders on the roster, Arteta should be welcoming of new talent, but should assume that the current group is the one he will go into the season with. This should be more than enough to win the Premier League in his mind.

Instead, the general feeling seems to be that management is responsible for putting a winner on the pitch. If that does not happen, we will see another trophy-less season.

These comments as a whole put a lot of pressure on the organization. Arteta and the rest of the squad are "hoping for help" and are "sure" they are going to get it. If no one comes, this could be a long season.


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