Martellus Bennett : You asked, He Answered!

CowboysPrideContributor IMay 12, 2009

Martellus Bennett recently sat down with our own KK and graciously answered some fan questions. We thank MartyB in advance for his graciousness and dedication to his fans.

Cowboyspride: What NFL player, past or present, would you say is most like you?

MartyB: I would say I'm the Greg Jennings of TEs. I like what he does after he catches the ball.

C: You played basketball in high school and college. How, if at all, has that helped you as a Tight End?

MB: I think it has helped me a lot. My handling the ball skills and footwork has improved so much from guarding the smaller guys.

C: Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzales also played basketball. Do you draw any comparisons to them and/or additional confidence from their NFL success?

MB: Hopefully one day I will be as good as those guys or even better.

C: When you get drafted, do you get to pick your number or is it already picked for you?

MB: They have a few put to the side you can choose from.

C: Do you ever get any flack from being so vocal sometimes and accessible to fans?

MB: LOL! Yea, I do get flack from everybody, even the fans. It's funny sometimes though.

C: Had you not chosen football, which NBA team would you liked to have been drafted by?

MB: The Lakers. They are like the Cowboys of the NBA. Although I love the Bulls...Hmmm, yeah...scratch that about the Lakers. The Bulls have the best colors, LOL.

C: Since T.O. is no longer with the team, do you see a change in the offense to get you on the field more? Do you believe there will be more 2 TE sets or having you out in a flanker's position while Witten is on the field?

MB: That's a good question. I have no idea really, I played flanker in college a lot, so maybe I will get a chance to try it out this year.

C: How is your relationship with Jason Witten? Is he more of a mentor or more of a competitor for playing time?

MB: We are very cool. It's a growing relationship. He's both...he will teach you, but you're not just going to come in and get his spot. He's an awesome player and works just as hard as anyone out there. But it's always a competition. The early bird gets the worm so to speak.

C: Can you tell me a little about the show, "Hardknocks", and if you enjoyed doing it?

MB: I enjoyed it, It was fun. I liked the producer and the people behind it. It was a blast.

C: How did the way you were portrayed in "Hard Knocks" affect you? Did it give you extra incentive to show what kind of player you are?

MB: I didn't really care. I mean. I know who I am and I gonna do my thing regardless of what it is said about me.

C: What does the opportunity to play for the Cowboys mean to you?

MB: Just a chance to play the game I love everyday for a living is a dream come true.

C: Did you ever think that you would have the chance to play for this team?

MB: LOL! I had no idea who I would play for. I am just glad that I look good in Cowboys Blue. hahahaha

C: What was the first thing you thought when you got drafted in '08?

MB: I didn't know what to think until after I talked to Jerry, but it was just a relief to get drafted and I told myself this was just the beginning.

C: Are you and Jason Witten pretty close? And what has he taught you (if anything) while out on the field?

(See question from Larry Bud).

C: Have you got to meet Jessica Simpson yet?


C: What, if any, pranks did you have pulled on you when you first came to the Cowboys? Or was there anything that you had to do being a rookie, a hazing of sorts?

MB: Naw, not really. Just carry pads and get Gatorades for everyone in the TE room. There were only five people, so it wasnt that bad.

C: Can you tell us a little more about what you like to do in your free time away from football?

MB: I do pretty much everything...bowling, fishing, every video game you could think of writing etc.

C: How's your musical career?

MB: It is just getting started, I love music.

C: Do you have family here in the Dallas Area?

MB: Naw, not really.

C: What do you think about star athletes that encounter troublesome times off the field or during off season that result in fines or suspensions? Do you think that being it is off the field or on their own time..that it should play a factor in their NFL career? Should they be fined or suspended?

MB: Hmmm. I would say yes and no. The thing is...once you're part of a franchise, you're always representing them. Although it is on your own time, it reflects back on the organization. If you can't play because of something you did at home, then the organization, the team, they are losing out. It's like you have a helmet on at all times, lmao. It just doesn't protect you in a car accident or from making mistakes 'cause it's invisible.

C: What is it like to be a role model for today's youth?

MB: It's a joy to have people looking up to you and having the ability to help change others lives.

C: Is there a defining moment in your career, that you can look back on and say or feel that is the reason that you chose football over the other sports?

MB: I can't say one specific thing. I think every moment out on the field is a defining moment.

C: Do you have any pre-game rituals...favorite shirt, favorite meal...lucky rabbit's foot?

MB: Nooooooooo, LOL! I like to watch Monk. I guess that counts, right? LOL


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