My First Buffalo Bills Experience; Starring Bruce Smith!

Eric HomaCorrespondent IMay 11, 2009

Ask any fan what it is like to bleed Buffalo blue and red, and you will probably get the same answer from most of them. The Bills are the hardest team to root for in the NFL

They are known for tearing their fans hearts out time after time, yet the faithful always go back for more. You will never find a more loyal fan base than the one that goes to what I like to call my church on Sundays from September through January at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

When I was younger I always rooted for the 49ers. With players like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice how could you not? My father was an avid Giants fan, but he could never quite persuade me to be the same.

My mom has been a Bills fan her whole life. My dad and I always used to give her a hard time about the Bills coming up short every single year. To this day whenever I talk about the Bills she always says, "You told me you would never be a Bills fan, and look at you now."

I will always remember my first trip to Ralph Wilson Stadium. My mom and I took a bus trip with some friends to see the Bills play the Dolphins. I never expected my life to change so much in one day. 

All it took was to hear the chant of Bruuuuuuuuuuce from 70,000 rabid fans after Bruce Smith flew past the tackle and sacked the great Dan Marino and I was hooked. I still get goose bumps every time I think about that moment. It didn't exactly hurt to have a guy like Doug Flutie under center either.

From that day on I became a lifetime fan of the hardest team to root for in the NFL. I don't think my mom truly understands what she did for me when she took me to the Ralph for the first time.

Whenever someone asks me what it's like to be at a Buffalo Bills game live I say the same thing every time, "It's like being with 73,000 of your best friends." Being a fan of the Bills is like having a second family.

As many times as the Bills have made me feel completely miserable, they have also provided me with so many memories that I will keep with me forever. I will always be there next Sunday.

On the day after mother's day I thought it only appropriate to let my mom know just how much that first game at Ralph Wilson Stadium will always mean to me. I am proud to say that it was not my father, but my mother that made me the blue and red Mohawk sporting, Bills bathrobe wearing fan I am today.  

As mom always says, "GO BILLS!"