Could Kane Interfere in the John Cena-Daniel Bryan WWE Title Match?

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIAugust 4, 2013


Damien Sandow cost Cody Rhodes the world title Money in the Bank contract. AJ Lee cost Dolph Ziggler the world heavyweight title. Brad Maddox cost Vickie Guerrero her job as Raw general manager. It seems like friends keep screwing friends over in the WWE.

And we may be adding one more to the list of the “Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song.”

Meet Daniel Bryan.

All of the hype surrounding the impending match between Bryan and John Cena may have made us all forget about a possible fly in the ointment at SummerSlam. I am not talking about Randy Orton, but I am talking about Kane and the loss last week to his “best friend” and former tag team partner in Team Hell No.

The loss, coupled with the attack by the Wyatts could play a role in the events of the pay-per-view in Los Angeles. While all the attention is placed on Cena and Bryan and the inner workings of Mr. McMahon, an outside source could spoil the prom for the cagey Bryan.

Here are a few scenarios that could play out this weekend. And remember, I believe Bryan will beat Cena for the title.


Scenario No. 1

Cena beats Bryan, but the abuse Cena takes has the champion battered and beaten down. Randy Orton cashes in and claims the WWE title. This starts another feud between Cena and The Viper, which could be very good. It also ruins any momentum Bryan built for months and causes Mr. Yes! to turn heel.


Scenario No. 2

Bryan beats Cena clean. The Viper comes out to challenge a beaten-down Bryan after he wins with the “Yes Lock.” Orton throws Bryan off the ropes, catches him in an RKO and pins him for the title.


Scenario No. 3

Bryan has Cena where he wants him. A maskless and bearded Kane rushes to the ring and slowly and systematically beats the hell out of Bryan as Bray Wyatt looks on. Cena retains the title and a match at Night of Champions pits Bryan, Kane and Cena in a battle for the WWE title.


Those three situations are plausible. I personally want Bryan to win, as I have stated. But with McMahon in the background rooting against Bryan—not seeing money in his character, telling him that John Cena doesn’t think Bryan can beat him, etc.—it just shows there will be a surprise or two in all of this.

There is no way this match can end cleanly. There are already too many variables to consider. But in the end, it could be The Big Red Machine who causes Daniel Bryan to see red after SummerSlam.