A Question For Dolphins—Err, Patriots Fans

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A Question For Dolphins—Err, Patriots Fans
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Actually, I do have a question for Dolphins fans: Why are most of you picking your team to take a step backwards this year?

Do you honestly believe the Jets and Bills have improved so much that either one or both teams will overtake the Fins, leaving the Sparanos in last place? Or third place?

As a Dolphins fan since the beginning of the Shula Era, I'd like to know why.

I think Bill Parcells—who builds nothing but winners—has a darned good reason for not going hog wild on signing free agents this off season, the way the Patriots have.

And now, one simple little question for all you Pats fans here on Bleacher Report, and there are many more Pats fans here than Fins fans. So one of you ought to be able to answer my honest question.

A little background first. In the Week One game against the Chiefs—who finished 2-14 by the way, in other words a very weak Kansas City team, especially on defense—saw Bernard Pollard, who is no Pro-Bowler as far as I know, somehow get slammed into the left knee of Tom Brady, who is, IMHO, the top NFL Quarterback today.

You can refresh your memory by watching the video of the event here.


In the video, No. 34, Sammy Morris, a running back, picked up Pollard's blitz, but apparently couldn't control Pollard, and in the video it looks as if in trying to keep Pollard off of Brady.

Morris caused Pollard to fall into Brady's left knee, which caused Brady to have that ACL injury that kept him out all season, which could explain why the Patriots did not repeat as AFC East Champion.

So, Pats fans, here is my question:  Why, since no one on your team's offense could keep Pollard, who played for a very weak KC defense, off your very fine quarterback in the very first week of the 2008 season, do you folks continue to try to convince the rest of the NFL's fans on Bleacher Report, that not only will the Patriots win the AFC East, which I agree they probably will, but win the Super Bowl as well?

And some of you are actually saying the Pats will go undefeated?

Four months before the pre-season even?

You all say the Dolphins won the division last year because of Brady's injury (and WHOSE FAULT WAS THAT? The Dolphins?) and a weak schedule.

So that, since Miami has the toughest schedule this year, and didn't go nuts signing free agents this year, and supposedly had a crappy draft (Pats fans: there ARE no crappy drafts when Parcells is doing the drafting!), there is no way the Fins will repeat, and the Pats—whose schedule is only slightly easier than Miami's (because Miami can't play itself, I imagine)—will retake the division, win the Super Bowl, and go undefeated besides?

And now you know why I am not convinced of the Patriots so-called invincibility.

But a last hurrah does seem plausible.




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