Quotable Quotes From Spanish GP Race Weekend

Senthilkumar RajappanCorrespondent IMay 11, 2009

BARCELONA, SPAIN - MAY 07:  Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and McLaren Mercedes attends the drivers press conference during previews to the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya on May 7, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain.  (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

These are from the official Press Statements of the teams, of course the time line is Spanish GP Race.

Ferrari first, you take a call on this press statement. "The Brazilian driver, who set the third fastest race lap, fought for a place in the top four until he was forced to slow significantly to save fuel as, at the second pit stop, the full planned amount of fuel did not go in the tank." My question where did the fuel go?

Scary thoughts for the said driver for sure and he didn't disappoint. "but for the fuel problem, I could have certainly stayed ahead of Vettel and Alonso."

Well Kimi for you, "Obviously, when you have to make up ground you can end up making avoidable errors, as has happened to us in this first part of the season, but that doesn’t mean to say the team has lost its way." I don't know if its true.

Stephano's take is classic. "This is unacceptable for a team like Ferrari:" Every Ferrari fan agrees 100%. Even a McLaren fan too agrees.

Well, Brawn GP has this to say: "Rubens pitted for the second of his three stops on lap 31 and struggled with his tyres throughout his third stint which allowed Jenson to edge ahead on strategy by the time he came in for his final stop on lap 50." We all saw that and we can make out own conclusions.

Button's take here, "Obviously Rubens is disappointed not to have got the win today and he has been a huge help over the weekend in helping me overcome the issues that I faced on Friday. His turn will certainly come." When is Ruben's turn is the question?

Barrichello "I was quite surprised when Jenson’s strategy was switched." Well everybody were.

Boss Brawn disagrees "Rubens was going extremely quickly at the front at that time and his three-stop strategy was clearly the quickest option for him." He didn't check with Rubens.

Now the BMWs, Nick's quotable pick "I had hoped for points as a birthday present, but honestly didn’t really believe in this as I was starting from 13th" Belated Happy birthday Nick from all of us at BR and he thought 13 was an unlucky number.

What a statement from Kubica, "I really don’t understand what happened." It's so true with all our lives sometimes, Kubica!

This one from Mario Theissen, "During the race it was our pit crew that did a great job and enabled Nick to get by another car with every pit stop." Sounded like they had different car after each pit stop.

Some excerpts from Renault, we will start with the local hero, Alonso, "The car worked really well during the race and then I was able to overtake Massa on the final lap." Did Massa hear that, and it took him the final lap to overtake with a car that worked.

Nelson had this to say “I was lucky not to get caught in the accident at the start of the race." Good for him at least this race.

Pat Symonds for you "It was a fight all the way through to end"

Some candid talking this, from Remi Taffin, Head of Engine Operations Renault, "We came here with hopes of taking a step forward, but unfortunately everybody brought lots of developments and the order of the teams remained pretty much the same."

Now a part of statement from Toyota pretty straight, "We will not be disheartened; we will push really hard in the coming days and we will fight for a better result in Monaco."

“Today was a difficult race for me because we lack the down force of the top cars,” said Lewis after the race.

“Luck just doesn’t seem to be going my way right now,” avers Heikki. That Lady has been behind a team called Brawn GP.

“We predicted that this race would be a low point of our season, and we've been proved right." Martin Whitmarsh of McLaren.

Adrian Sutil said "I will have a good look at the accident after the race..." Well he had more time than other drivers.

How do you explain this from Nico, "Something inexplicable would just happen and affect the balance which caused a lot of oversteer. Oddly enough, it would then be ok again." Did we see Extra Terrestrials at Spain.

Webber on his team's morale, “It’s good to be back on the podium. It’s interesting how the team’s mentality has changed – last year we would have been happy to score points and now we want podiums at every race!" Webber didn't know they have been drinking too much Red Bull, and Red Bull gives you wings literally.

Vettel on Massa, "He was impossible to pass, he did a very good job with no mistakes." Respect for talent breeds talent.

Here's Christian Horner's take on the Vettel behind Massa, "Massa stopped on the same lap as Sebastian for his first stop and then, despite us bringing his middle stint very short, they picked the same lap for Massa as well, so he spent 63 laps looking at the back of a Ferrari!"

I loved this one from the Scudera Toro Rosso the headline screamed: Two Cars, Two corners: Game over.

Hope you enjoyed it...