GSW Offseason: Will The Warriors Sign Jason Kidd?

Sean StancillSenior Writer IMay 11, 2009

After the Mavericks pulled off the trade that sent Devin Harris away and brought back Jason Kidd, they were pegged to be contenders.

That assumption has proved to be wrong, with the Mavs' garnering two playoff berths. Still, both were seven and lower and the Mavericks just squeaked by the Phoenix Suns as the season came to a close.

Kidd is a free agent after this summer and will have the right to sign with any team.
Dallas will be looking to make changes this offseason and so will the Golden State Warriors. The Mavs' need to inject youth at point guard and will most likely take one through the draft, electing not to re-sign Jason.
Meanwhile, the Warriors covet a true point guard, which is why they should sign Jason Kidd.
Kidd would give Golden State the true point guard that they've been looking since before Baron Davis, since the Run T-M-C era at a reduced price.
In effect, it would allow Monta Ellis, in his first full season coming back healthy, to be inserted at shooting guard (his natural position) where he thrived alongside Baron Davis.
Kidd also doesn't demand touches in terms of scoring, but only to integrate his teammates into the offense. This means more scoring opportunities for Stephen Jackson, Ellis, Maggette, Randolph, and Biedrins, and permits J-Kidd to rifle passes to their legion of scorers.
Jason also has improved his three-point shooting and shot over 40 percent this season for the first time since 96-97.  He continued his ways of wizardry, compiling 19 double-doubles and three triple-doubles.
Throw in his exceptional three-point shooting and Golden State has almost solved the problems at the floor general position. He's unselfish, has been accustomed to pushing the basketball his whole career (which plays into the hand of Don Nelson), and can knock down the open three when needed.
The Warriors had two players going 1-2 for the top three-point shooters in the NBA, with Morrow leading the way at 46.7 percent and Kelenna Azubuike at 44.8 percent.
With Kidd in the lineup, Golden State can keep Kidd at point guard, allow Morrow to remain at shooting guard, and push Azubuike to the three because of his strength.
Throw in Corey Maggette at the four, and Golden State is just about deadly from position's one through four.
Of course, these lineups can be mixed around. For example, they could add Stephen Jackson to the mix.
Compound that with his active hands in the passing lanes (he averaged two steals this season third in NBA), his leadership, and the fact the he's one of the best rebounding guards of all time, and he could really be an asset to the Golden State Warriors.
Furthermore, the Warriors wouldn't have to spend their potential top-10 lottery pick on a point guard in June, and would be able to either draft in an area of need (such as power forward or center) or possibly package that deal to acquire either a veteran presence or a superstar, i.e. Amare Stoudemire or Chris Bosh.
I believe the Warriors should sign Jason Kidd. Kidd grew up in the Bay Area and was often found battling on the playgrounds of Oakland against future hall-of-famer Gary Payton. 
He then went to UC Berkeley and from there he began his journey into the league. He's vented his desire to return to the Bay Area and has yet to rule out a return to his home state of California.
What a fitting end it would be for Kidd to retire in the same range where he spent the majority of his childhood? A great one, for a great player.