No Need to Panic, the MLB Season is Just Getting Started

Kieran HaweAnalyst INovember 19, 2016

How many times have you heard or read the statement that it is too early in the season to panic or start talking smack about how good your team is?

Living in the NYC area, I hear it all the time since there is no shortage of sports news outlets or fans. However, seems as though most people don’t heed this advice.

True, even a couple weeks into the season, you want to see your team at least heading in the right direction, plus you can start to get an idea of how the big names will perform. But just like in life, everything can and usually changes in a heartbeat.

Let’s look at the current MLB standings:

In the ultra-competitive American League East the Baltimore Orioles are currently 6-1 and have the best record in MLB.

Great for the Orioles, but does anyone really think they will keep this up? Not even keep it up but stay within the playoff chase with the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees?

The Red Sox and Yankees are both sitting at 4-5, and odds are at least that one of the two teams will start playing up to their potential. The Orioles should be happy with a third or fourth place finish and not get their hopes up for anything more.

In the American League West all four teams are within a game or two of each other. I actually see this division being in a tight race for most of the season until the Los Angeles Angles run away with it towards the end of the season.

What about the Mariners and Rangers? The Rangers are not as bad as everyone thinks but still not good enough. And the Mariners are not as good as everyone thinks.

Things get interesting in the American League Central. The Kansas City Royals are 6-2 and the Detroit Tigers are 1-7. Seems like the opposite of what it should be, right?

Well the Tigers are not looking good, I thought they would be better heading into Spring Training but I have not seen any progression of their top free agents and core players.

The Kansas City Royals are a team that could be the surprise MLB team of 2008. There is a lot of talent in this division, and it might come down to who can stay the healthiest.

The National League is a lot less dramatic. The Nationals and Giants are terrible. The Cardinals are playing good baseball right now and will run away with the Central division (sorry Cub fans).

The National League East will be the most interesting. None of the teams are showing me anything that makes me think one will separate from the pack.

Oh, and even though I said that it is to early in the season to make predictions, I got one—Pedro Martinez will fight the injury big all year long.