Mavericks-Nuggets: Game Three Aftermath

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Mavericks-Nuggets: Game Three Aftermath
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There was a big controversial "no call" in the final seconds of the Mavericks-Nuggets game Saturday afternoon.

The no call led to a lot of angry Mavs fans, players, and owners (as usual).

The aftermath of the game probably will lead to more anger from the city of Dallas as well.

After Dirk Nowitzki missed a desperation three at the buzzer, pandemonium erupted as Mark Cuban and the Mavs stormed the court.

Ready to fight and throw in a few curse words, Kenyon Martin and Josh Howard were face-to-face. Cuban had a few choice words for the refs and shoved a cameraman leaving the court.

I also found out Cuban went up to Martin's mother and told her his son was a "thug" and a "punk."

Two hours after the game, the NBA sent out a message saying it acknowledged the refs missed the intentional foul call by Antoine wright on Carmelo Anthony.

The league admitting it made a mistake won't bring those seven seconds back. It's just a harder pill to swallow for the Mavs as they are in a 0-3 hole and facing elimination tonight. Mentally, this has to be the hardest thing they've had to face since the 2006 NBA Finals.

So who is to blame here? Mike Wonderlink? Antoine Wright? Let's break it down. 

Mike Wonderlink

You should have had common sense as a ref to know the Mavs are going to foul Melo around the three-point arc. Especially when Rick Carlisle is right in your ear telling you and Wright they're going to foul Melo.

But your eyes were too busy looking at Melo's feet to make sure he's behind the three-point line. I'll give you a small pass for that. But the foul should've been called.

Antoine Wright

You played great defense all almost all day. Well, besides seven seconds left in the game. You have Carmelo Anthony starting at the top of the key. As soon as he started losing the ball, it's time to foul him. He will not take a shot that far from the arc.

Then, when you did foul him, it was just a hack on the arm. You should've wrapped him up completely no matter what!

Then you threw up your hands like you're innocent, which will not get you a foul called—especially on Carmelo Anthony.

After he hits the shot, then, you started complaining about the "no call" by the ref. If your job is to foul someone, don't throw your hands up like nothing happened when you want the foul called.

Game Four is tonight at American Airlines Center. Even though they are going through a very tough ending in Game Three, the Mavs have to suck it up.

No team in NBA history has ever came back from a 0-3 deficit. With the Mavs mentally and physically beaten by the Nuggets and the refs, the door is already closed on Dallas' season. 

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