Tweets Athletes Wish They Had Back

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistAugust 2, 2013

Tweets Athletes Wish They Had Back

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    With seemingly every human on the planet owning a Facebook or Twitter account, we've seen more and more of our favorite athletes interact with fans on an everyday basis.

    Sometimes, that can be good.

    Other times though, that can lead to some serious regrets.

    Sure, there's a 'Delete' button to nullify what they may have typed, but once it's out there, within a matter of seconds, it can become front page news.

    That's why I'm giving you tweets that some players most definitely wish they had back.

Honorable Mention: Marcus Vick

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    OK, so Marcus Vick isn't currently an athlete, but being the former Virginia Tech quarterback and younger brother of Eagles QB Michael Vick, he still finds time to stay in the sports news.


    For some of his ridiculous tweets.

    Take one of the more recent ones that came out this week following the Riley Cooper fiasco, when Marcus offered a bounty on bro Michael's receiver.

    Now I'm not at all saying what Cooper did was right by any stretch of the imagination, but good God, a $1,000 bounty from Marcus?

    My question is, where the hell does he get a cool grand to just blow like that?

Reggie Bush

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    There was a time when Reggie Bush was considered to be the next big thing entering the NFL.

    Though he had a decent first couple of seasons, the former SC Trojan hasn't quite changed the running back position as some thought he would.

    For anyone in defense of Bush putting in the time and effort to reach those lofty expectations, he squandered that thought when he tweeted out how much fun he was having during the 2011 NFL lockout, saying he was relaxing, going on vacation and was good.

    So much for the love of the game, huh Reggie?

Dwyane Wade

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    Heat guard Dwyane Wade might be a three-time NBA champ and nine-time All-Star, but I'd never want him running the social media for any one of my companies.

    At least that's my sense after seeing him complain through Twitter about both the traffic and Hurricane Sandy recovery in New York City last November.

    Dwyane tried explaining the tweets the best he could, but most fans had already given him the heat (pun intended).

Cardale Jones

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    Being a college athlete can be tough for some kids.

    The quandary of balancing academics with a social life is tough for any student, but when you toss in what amounts to a full-time commitment to a sport, things can get even trickier.

    Sometimes though, even a free education at a top school isn't enough to get a guy excited—or at least not to Ohio State backup quarterback Cardale Jones.

    He showed that when he tweeted about how pointless class was and how he was only there to "play football," not "play class".

    For sharing his opinion, Jones got a one-game suspension last season and had to delete his account.

    I'm not sure if he "ain't" going to class though?

Steve Elkington

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    On the list of athletes who have embarrassed themselves on Twitter, 50 year old golfer, Steve Elkington, probably doesn't come to mind very often.

    Maybe he should though after what 'Elk' recently sent out.

    Playing in the Senior British Open last week, dude had some seriously bad comments about the town of Southport, England, while tossing in a few racist ones regarding Pakistani people.

    Just another classic case of an old guy trying to keep up with the younger generation and having it backfire on him in a big way.

Amar'e Stoudemire

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    Anytime an athlete joins a new team upon signing a huge deal, as Amar'e Stoudemire did back in 2010 when he inked a five-year, $99.7 million deal, they're going to be under huge scrutiny to perform.

    Failure to live up to expectations often make jealous, passionate fans step up and say something.

    Most of the times, athletes do a solid job at deflecting the hate, but in the summer of 2012, Amar'e had some difficulty doing so, when he lashed back at a Knicks fan through his account, tweeting some strongly inappropriate words.

    For his use of the 140 character box, Amar'e was fined $50,000 by the league.

LeSean McCoy

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    There aren't many people in the NFL with the escapability and agility of Eagles back, LeSean McCoy.

    After squashing beef with former Giants defender Osi Umenyiora at some point last year after the two traded jabs at each other, one would think McCoy would give the whole Twitter thing a rest for a bit.

    Not so.

    Dude went off on the lady who birthed his damn child, laying into her as if she was someone who just cut him off on the road.

    He first claimed his account was hacked, yet issued an apology when he realized that was a terrible excuse.

Tyler Seguin

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    This probably wasn't the way new Stars winger Tyler Seguin expected (or hoped) his time in Dallas would start.

    After helping lead his former team (Bruins) to a Stanley Cup title in '11 and a runner-up finish this season, dude proved that he has some serious skills.

    He also showed that he either needs to dial it back a bit on Twitter, or have a little better security as his account posted some awful things about what he first observed in his new state.

Victor Cruz and Roddy White

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    I grouped these two Pro Bowl receivers together because their regrettable tweets happened to be on the same topic—the sensitive verdict on George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case.

    On one hand, it's probably a good thing that athletes even care about such a serious social issue.

    But on the flip side, to react the way they did, using the words they did, wasn't exactly the best way to show that they were mature or role models regarding the topic.

    Both issued an apology, but the damage was already done.

Ian Stewart

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    After starting at third for the Cubs in 2012 before getting injured, Stewart got frustrated with how the organization continued to bounce him back-and-forth between the major and minor leagues, tweeting his disgust with the organization earlier this season.

    First, he was suspended 10 games for the tweet. But the team delivered on Stewart's request by releasing him, making him a free agent.

    He did get scooped up by the Dodgers recently, but for initially losing his job because of stupidly tweeting something, I couldn't help but to put him pretty high on my list.

Lolo Jones

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    I really, really like the way that Olympic athlete Lolo Jones looks, but damn, homegirl has got to get it together when it comes to her public image.

    After a Twitter exchange with former Rutgers football player, Eric LeGrand—who was paralyzed from an unfortunate hit a few years ago—Jones used some insensitive words towards him that got her a fair share of criticism.

    Lolo mentioned in her apology that she had no idea about LeGrand's injury or condition, but as we've seen, the social media world is a very unforgiving place.

Johnny Manziel

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    At this point, I'm a little sick of Texas A&M sideshow, err quarterback, Johnny Manziel.

    Much respect for becoming the first freshman to grab the Heisman trophy and lead his team to double-digit wins last year, but dude, stop doing dumb stuff!

    I get that you're 20 years old and should be having the time of your life, but isn't being on top of the college football world enough?

    Manziel would rather cause a stir with a number of questionable tweets and unnecessary attention because of them.

Alex Rodriguez

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    Until recently, everything seemed to be all silent on the Alex Rodriguez front.

    That all changed when the Yankees third baseman decided to not only join Twitter, but talk about how he felt as if his employer was holding him back in a return from an injury on numerous occasions.

    The tweet caused Yanks GM Brian Cashman to lose his ish, lashing out at A-Rod and creating quite the drama in the Bronx—all for a guy who hasn't even played a game in New York this season.

    Potentially facing a life-time ban from MLB for alleged steroid use, Rodriguez just can't seem to keep himself out of the media for all the wrong reasons lately.

Aaron Rodgers

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    Who knew that Packers quarterback and 2011 NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers could get sacked off the field so badly?

    Coming to the defense of his buddy and fellow state of Wisconsin-playing athlete, Ryan Braun, when the reported PED use was just alleged, Rodgers probably wishes he could retract all of the tweets he sent back then now that Braun's been suspended for the rest of the season for proven steroid use.

    Don't worry Aaron, we once defended our buddy for not taking the last beer once, until we found the can hidden under the seat he was sitting in.

    It's probably the same feeling you've got.

Seal Papachristou

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    In some cases, making it to the Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, proving that there's no guarantee of making them every four years even with all the hard work and sacrifice someone makes.

    So it's tough to imagine someone would just flush the chance to rep their country with just one simple tweet, but for Greek track star Seal Papachristou, that's exactly what she did last year.

    For posting the super racist post, Papachristou got booted from the Games, and forced her to play some serious damage control over her sense of humor.

Rashard Mendenhall

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    After going through all of these regrettable tweets, the one that still stands alone is former Steelers and current Cardinals running back Rashard Mendenhall's reaction to the death of Osama bin Laden.

    I mean, come on man, did you really just think this would be accepted by people?

    I'd put it in the same dumbass category as the time former MLB slugger Rafael Palmeiro boldly stated to Congress that he had "never used steroids, period,"—only to be found guilty of using them.

    The controversy over Mendenhall's tweet was well-deserved and really, just self-inducing.