Ranking the Most Incredible Victories by a Teenager in Boxing History

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Ranking the Most Incredible Victories by a Teenager in Boxing History
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Dr Seuss labelled boxing as "The Manly Art of Self-Defense" in a famous painting. The description has stuck—with an emphasis on manly

The fight game is no place for children. 

In boxing, you get hit, you hit other people and you feel no remorse in doing so. It's the complete opposite of everything you learned in grade school. 

Athletic commissions and governing entities were put in place to keep children away from the sport. 

But throughout boxing's rough and tumble history, a few notable kids have slipped through the safety net. Teenagers are nothing more than glorified children: they have an extra dose of angst and attitude—but their creative power is still boundless. 

Their gullibility is their strongest asset. They believe they can take on the world.

And looking at the exploits of these teenagers, they can. 

These men—or boysare no older than 19 years of age; they rejected the basic principles of civilization from an early age and lost themselves in the fight game. 

Their stories, and the victories they pulled off, are remarkable. 

These are the most incredible victories by a teenager in boxing history.   

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