2008: A Real New Era—Atlanta Braves Baseball Without TBS

A.J. WithemContributor IApril 10, 2008

The 2008 Major League Baseball season has begun.

Now almost two full weeks into the season, I am seeing what I was not looking forward at the end of the 2007 season; September 30, 2007 to be exact.

On September 30, 2007 my baseball team was taken away from me. That was the last exclusive Atlanta Braves baseball game to be broadcast on TBS.

It was a final month and week still full of baseball hopes. The Braves still had a slim hope of making the playoffs, falling just a few games short even though the Mets collapse was the best part of the 2007 season, as well as seeing the Phillies win the division on the final day.

I didn't have tears rolling down my face because the Phillies were N.L. East Division Champions and my Braves were not. I didn't have tears rolling down my face because the Astros beat my Braves in their 162nd game of the season.

I did have emotional tears unconsciously rolling down my face watching beloved Braves TBS announcer, Skip Caray, review highlights of the previous 19 years the Bravos had been carried on TBS.

The unmistakable voice of Mr. Skip Caray gave me joy every time I even thought I heard it, because that meant baseball—more specifically, Braves baseball.

Thank you Skip for your moving sign off along with Don, Pete, Joe and everyone that brought Braves baseball to my living room.

The only reason I am such a die-hard baseball fan is because the TBS crew brought it into my living room most spring and summer nights from Atlanta, Georgia. My parents were fans of the Braves because of TBS and that family tradition was instilled in me except it reached a deeper part of me igniting a passion that is baseball.

I've been an enthused Braves fan my entire life. And now the only thing I knew and was my constant and escape from the world was stripped away from me.

TBS has decided not to carry Braves baseball anymore and not to broadcast their games. How it seems to me is that the corporate giant TBS thinks it is believes they will gain more revenue by broadcasting Sunday games of the week (one game a week) featuring no particular team, and playoff games?

I must assume that the people who will tune in for that one game a week and those playoff games will be more loyal than a 20-year-old fan who has passionately invested his soul into a game and team over the years.

The only way I will watch anymore baseball broadcast on TBS is if it includes the Braves, and when it comes down to playoff time there is a strong possibility of that.

My team was taken away from me. Steroids are on the national stage in court rooms. Growing up watching Roger Clemens accomplish all these things which have earned him legend status in my eyes, and now he is being question about performance enhancing drugs.

Could everything I have invested my soul in over the past 20 years been fake? I like to think not.

Roger, I believe you, and definitely earn the right to be given the benefit of the doubt, at least until proven otherwise.

Braves not on TBS. Legends being doubted. Players thought to wear the tomahawk of Atlanta for a career are no longer there. A soul definitely missing something...a team...a love...a passion.

2008 really is a new era in baseball.