Bengal Banter: Three Teams LSU Fans Love to Hate

Dale WeaverCorrespondent IMay 11, 2009

LSU football traditions run deep and wide on the bayou. 

From the Tiger Band performing "Hold that Tiger," the legendary tailgaitin’ parties, to the hometown white jerseys...LSU fans can’t get enough of LSU Football. 

With that love comes a strong dislike, a healthy respect mind you; but a hate none the less for three teams in particular. 

There are definitely some honorable mentions such as Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Auburn.

But the teams that most LSU fans love to hate are: USC (Univ. of So Cal), Tulane, and Alabama.

Let’s begin with USC. 

Why in the world does the LSU fan hate Tommy Trojan so much? 

Well, besides the obvious, the biggest reason is that LSU had to share the 2003 National Championship with them. 

LSU won the BCS; USC won the AP. 

The year that an LSU Alum bought some billboard space next to the campus of USC to advertise that it takes more than one championship to be considered a dynasty, was classic. 

You should have heard sports talk radio around here when that happened.

LSU was referenced as "hillbillies" and all sorts of southern slang. 

Most die hard LSU fans can’t wait to do a home-in-home with USC.  I’m not sure why the ADs don’t come to terms on this game? 

USC says that they will play anyone and anywhere, but from what gets reported, USC has not entertained the possibility to my knowledge. 

You may not know this, but even here in L.A., USC has a reputation for being the school all the rich spoiled kids go. 

BMWs, old money, and daddy’s credit card. 

The movie Legally Blonde may come to mind?

Nonetheless, LSU fan hates USC and can’t wait to see the Trojans in Death Valley. 

What an epic game that would be. 

Next on the list is Tulane.

I know...I know. 

Tulane has fallen off the map with the intensity of hate, but there is a "dislike" that still runs deep with most of the "older" LSU fans. 

Did I just call myself old?

One of the best games I remember going to was a night game in the mid 80’s against Tulane. 

I can’t remember all the details, but the game was over by halftime and a fight broke out on the field. 

Next thing you know, there were fights in the stands. 

I saw a guy carrying a cooler of beer get knocked down and his cooler went flying down the steps.  In a blink of an eye, the only thing left was the ice. 

Needless to say, all hell broke loose. 

I was with my stepfather who just so happened to be one of the bystanders who grabbed one of those "loose" beers, and yelled to me in a long slur—“I’m going to hit somebody!"

By that time the police blocked all the exits, so pops didn’t get to use his "can of courage" that night.

Although the LSU/Tulane games have just begun again the last couple of years, I don’t foresee the bad blood that was so common between them to spark again. 

These are different times than the past. 

Tulane is a great school, but their persona of being more of a "blue blood" school and LSU as more the blue collar type was the foundation of hatred. 

Sprinkle in a good dose of "good-ole boy" politics and socio-economic differences, and you had a feud for the making. 

No matter what things are like now, "Green Wave" is still a four letter word with some old time LSU fans.

And lastly, The Alabama Crimson Tide.

I know Bama fan would argue the "Les Miles, Nick Saban" issue right about now, but that's not the case.  

I remember vividly as a kid the strong dislike LSU fans had for Alabama.  That hatred has grown more with the Miles, Saban ordeal, but it existed long before them.  

Now Alabama fan, I know you want to pipe up here and give us Tiger fans a litany of reasons why "we" hate you so much, but the truth is—we dislike your arrogance. 

I want to point your finger at us for that same transgression. 

But Alabama fan, your arrogance goes beyond any arrogance that I’ve witnessed before.

It’s like you have the mentality of cult followers, and Bear Bryant is the Emperor and Nick Saban is Darth Vader—Ready and able to destroy the whole galaxy of college football at will.

Yes, we hate that Nick left...but we’re over it. 

Les is a "damn strong" coach and a great recruiter.  As far as I know, you haven’t taken anyone from our state that we absolutely wanted. 

So Crimson Tide fan, of all the teams we Tiger fans dislike, you take the cake. 

You’re the most disliked team that we play. 

And you may find this strange, but the dislike we have for each other is what makes the SEC the best "damn" league in the galaxy. 

Geaux Tigers!!



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