Brett Favre: The Saga Continues?

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EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 14:  Brett Favre #4 of The New York Jets walks on the field against The Buffalo Bills during their game on December 14, 2008 at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Just when you thought he was gone, something or someone pulled him back in. At the moment, it appears that, yes, folks, it could be happening again. Last summer was fun drama when Brett Favre made his decision to return to the NFL. I can only imagine what this summer may bring if he decides to give it another try.

It looks like Brett could be considering another return from retirement, this time with the Vikings. The current pulse on the situation appears to be a series of contradicting stories. Yahoo Sports was reporting that Favre had decided to stay retired but now ESPN is reporting he’s sending over X-rays to the Vikings for medical evaluation. It sounds like this drama is far from over and, with so much time between now and training camp, there’s still so much that can happen.


Why a second go around?

Favre’s last farewell tour was anything less than spectacular and many doubters don’t believe he’s got enough left in the tank to make a successful second return. After an 8-3 start one year ago, the Jets, led by Favre, dropped four of their last five and missed the playoffs. In that stretch Favre threw just two touchdowns with nine interceptions.

Many critics think his stumbling down the stretch was a sign his time had passed, while an injury to his bicep may have also been a contributing factor. This will more than likely be the biggest factor in determining if this second shot at a comeback has a chance.

Favre has been the quintessential professional throughout his career and no one expected him to linger past his welcomed stay. After last season, it appeared to many of the experts that if he’d miss the initial signs to hang ’em up, they were more than clear following a rough 2008 finish.

The Golden Boy has always been a big draw and no stranger to the big stage, so it was only fitting that we’d find his name among the headlines once again. At first glance it might have seemed a bit of a belly laugh, but this story won’t go away and appears to be gaining more substance with each passing day.

Last year’s return seemed more than warranted, especially when you consider how he exited the field of play in the 2007. Could football fans have imagined one of the game's greatest throwing an interception in the NFC Championship to finish his career?

It was certainly understandable that his former team (Packers) was ready to move forward, but after a prolific 17-season career, it was surprising and in many ways disappointing to see his quest to return put in check by his former team.

Favre has always been a warrior and still has the enthusiasm to play, but does he have enough left in the tank to make a difference? To carry a team that one step further that it needs to reach the promise land?

If not, then why the comeback?

Is Favre really just interested in trying to stick it to his former team for outing him during his first return from retirement campaign? I’m a big fan of Brett’s and I don’t believe he’s tarnished his legacy to this point. I truly believe the guy loves the game and wants to play, but the only reason to play is to take care of unfinished business.

Minnesota has a lot of tools, but I’m not completely sold on the fact that they only need a quarterback to reach the Super Bowl. I also don’t believe that Favre is a 22-interception kind of  quarterback—he’s better than that. His presence would be an upgrade under center for the Vikings.

Unlike what many others may be saying, I think Favre can still play. But I think he should only comeback for two reasons—one, if he’s truly committed to trying to win another championship (and that only, no revenge) and two, that the Vikings are truly committed to trying to win with Favre.

I think this was a big mistake made by the Jets last season and one of the reasons Favre struggled. The Jets wanted Favre, but they were not completely committed to him. The offense in New York was never geared toward Brett’s style, nor was the play-calling. If the Vikings take the same route, they too will not succeed.

Brett does not need to be the featured role, but the offense and many of its skilled players should compliment this quarterback’s talents. Fortunately with Berrian, Harvin, and Rice (if he can elevate his game), this bunch fits and could potentially become a formidable receiving corp for the golden boys’ golden arm.

All-day (Peterson) should and will remain the first option, but why entertain the idea of Favre, if he’s not going to throw the pill? If he decides to play and he can, let him play.

The last obstacle…

This is all great watercooler conversation, but it comes down to one thing, the arm. If Favre is not healed and major surgery is required, by the time camps start we’re talking about Jackson and Rosenfels in Minnesota. There are reports indicating something could be happening, one thing for certain is this summer will be interesting and—once again—we'll be waiting on Favre!


Written by David Ortega