NBA: Charles Barkley Barks Again

Steph RockwoodCorrespondent IApril 10, 2008

Charles Barkley is known around the league as one who speaks his mind regardless of what others think. Since he became an NBA personality, he hasn't stopped running his mouth yet.

It usually bothers me when he makes some kind of off the wall comment about Allen Iverson. However, what I heard during a promo for the Laker/Clipper game Thursday night was too much, even for Chuck.

He said, and I quote, "Kobe Bryant, the best basketball player in the world."

I nearly swallowed my heart when I heard these words come out of his mouth. Not only did he call Kobe Bryant, my arch nemesis, the best basketball player, but in the whole world?

C'mon now. Can somebody tell me when Chuck became KB8's bitch?

I mean, seriously, Kobe already has the rest of the universe blowing his head up into the size of a hot air balloon. The last thing he needed was Charles Barkley pulling for him too, with the playoffs and such approaching faster and faster.

Obviously he's forgetting about the fact that the Lakers would still be at the bottom if it wasn't for newly traded Pau Gasol. They wouldn't even have even been in playoff contention. Even when Andrew Bynum was out of the picture, Kobe wasn't always the one getting things done for the Lakers.

Now that Bynum is working on coming back to the lineup—and the addition of Gasol—it's no longer Kobe's show. It's the supporting cast that's coming up with the wins.

So, Sir Charles wants to start running his mouth about who he thinks is the best player in the world? I got something coming for him. He forgot the rest of the list. 

Here's MY list for the best 50 players in the "world" (order not important):

1.  Allen Iverson—Guard, Denver
2.  Steve Nash—Guard, Phoenix
3.  Dwayne Wade—Guard, Miami
4.  Dwight Howard—Center, Orlando
5.  Dirk Nowitzki—Forward, Dallas
6.  LeBron James—Forward, Cleveland
7.  Tim Duncan—Forward/Center, San Antonio
8.  Baron Davis—Guard, Golden State
9.  Carmelo Anthony—Forward, Denver
10.  Amare Stoudamire—Center/Forward, Phoenix
11.  Josh Smith—Forward, Boston
12.  Kevin Garnett—Forward, Boston
13.  Ray Allen—Guard, Boston
14.  Paul Pierce—Forward, Boston
15.  Shaquille O'Neal—Center, Phoenix
16.  Shawn Marion—Forward, Miami
17.  Chris Paul—Guard, New Orleans
18.  Jason Richardson—Guard/Forward, Charlotte
19.  Andre Igoudala—Forward/Guard, Philadelphia
20.  Emeka Okafor—Center, Charlotte
21.  Ben Wallace—Center/Forward, Cleveland
22.  Wally Szcerbiak—Forward, Cleveland
23.  Joe Smith—Forward/Center, Cleveland
24.  Jason Kidd—Guard, Dallas
25.  Josh Howard—Forward/Guard, Dallas
26.  Chauncey Billups—Guard, Detroit
27.  Rasheed Wallace—Forward/Center, Detroit
28.  Marcus Camby—Center, Denver
29.  Dikembe Mutombo—Center, Houston
30.  Yao Ming—Center, Houston
31.  Jermaine O'Neal—Forward/Center, Indiana
32.  Brandon Roy—Forward/Guard, Portland
33.  Mike Bibby—Guard, Atlanta
34.  Monta Ellis—Guard, Golden State
35.  Elton Brand—Forward, LA Clippers
36.  Pau Gasol—Forward/Center, LA Lakers
37.  Lamar Odom—Forward, LA Lakers
38.  Vince Carter—Guard, New Jersey
39.  Richard Jefferson—Forward, New Jersey
40.  Andrew Bynum—Center, LA Lakers
41.  Rudy Gay—Forward, Memphis
42.  Samuel Dalembert—Center, Philadelphia
43.  Tyson Chandler—Center, New Orleans
44.  David West—Forward, New Orleans
45.  Chris Bosh—Forward, Toronto
46.  Carlos Boozer—Forward, Utah
47.  Gilbert Arenas—Guard, Washington
48.  Caron Butler—Forward, Washington
49.  Antawn Jamison—Forward, Washington
50.  Tracy McGrady—Guard, Houston
*) Honorable Mention: Kobe Bryant—Guard, LA Lakers

So guys and girls of Bleacher Report, there is my composite list of the 50 greatest players of today. Comment accordingly. I'm even open to any suggestions.

If ESPN is really watching us, I hope this gets around to Chuck. It's about time someone put him in his place. I am proud to be that someone.

Guess I won't be in his fav five this time either. Sorry Chuck, your loss.