Brawn GP On The Prowl For The 2009 World Championship

Senthilkumar RajappanCorrespondent IMay 10, 2009

BARCELONA, SPAIN - MAY 10:  Jenson Button of Great Britain and Brawn GP celebrates in parc ferme as he wins the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya on May 10, 2009 in Barcelona, Spain.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

Like I said in my last piece "I might be naive to suggest but the way things are at Brawn it could be that Championship could be settled at half the way through the calendar." I think at least the constructors championship will definitely be settled half way through the calendar.

At the Friday Press conference, Ross Brawn was asked about Barichellos's performance, he was all praise for him, for all the team effort they were after and one time he did mention that Barrichello was sometimes more in an advantageous position though luck was not on his side and was hopeful he would be up there. He did not dissappoint, he was up there on the podium ofcourse beside Jenson Button on top.

With 4 wins and a second place, its can be really a no-contest, may be Barrichello could provide some competition if the way things are happening. Ofcourse its like one of our fans said its become predictable and boring.

As Q1 was on yesterday I was like many other fans, here comes Ferrari and McLaren leading a fight back, it almost was like that but not to be. I still wonder if anyone would wild guess the timings and take a strategic decision not to send your driver to post better times. That this is happening for a second time makes it all the more ridiculous and when Kimi walked out of the car, the body language was clear resentent, it showed that even the 'cool' man can be otherwise.

At the end of it we had one McLaren and one Ferrari, well in the relegation zone. Then we saw how Lewis was unsuccessfully trying to make it to the next stage.

And Vettel and Webber had crossed the line there was a shortened jubilation at RedBull camp when Button eclipsed the timing in the dying moments. Thats been one characteristic of Qualifying this year, close contest and final dying moments giving you the pole sitter.

The Red Bull are doing a fantastic job this year and its making a great rapid strides. Though they would have preferred the KERS and the diffuser in their car, the drivers have put in a lot of effort to keep the team perform.

BMW could be up for some improvement though they have not made any serious impression of being a challenge to Brawns. Nick and Kubica will have to try really hard in the remaining races to see where they can be in the championship.

It was a home race for Alonso and he tried his best with the machine he had. His team mate is also seriously under tremendous pressure to perform.

Toyota was also in the competition for sometime, Williams too made an impact with Nico finishing in the points.STRs were plain unlucky today and Force India salvaged the pride of bringing home one car.

It would have been things horribly gone wrong at the end of the race, when Massa ran out of gas after the chequered flag though, imagine it happening one lap before, something is not ok at Ferrari, like Gods must be crazy.

Having come home to Europe, the biggies have their task cut out or it will be far too late to catch up even to some decent points at the Championship table.