Chicago Cubs: Felix Pie Not Getting Any Better

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Chicago Cubs: Felix Pie Not Getting Any Better
Felix Pie has put up great numbers at a young age, in the Minor Leagues. Thing is, he's pretty hideous in the bigs. His lack of zone judgment is very clear just watching him hit, and the PITCHf/x data has supported that. He's looking even worse now.

Broken down by location nine ways (8 out of zone, 1 in the zone), we don't have enough data to make sense of 2008. So I'm crudely cutting it into out of zone and in strike zone (OOZ and ISZ) in order to quickly compare the two years (324 pitches for 2007 and 75 for this year).

OOZ20072008 ISZ20072008
All16641 All15834
B10319 B161
CS123 CS468
SS188 SS103
F174 F4813
X166 X389
HR00 HR00
Sw5118 Sw9625
OOZ20072008 ISZ20072008
B62.0%46.3% B10.1%2.9%
CS7.2%7.3% CS29.1%23.5%
SS10.8%19.5% SS6.3%8.8%
F10.2%9.8% F30.4%38.2%
X9.6%14.6% X24.1%26.5%
HR0.0%0.0% HR0.0%0.0%
Swrt30.7%43.9% Swrt60.8%73.5%
Whiff35.3%44.4% Whiff10.4%12.0%
B:CS8.66.3 B:CS0.30.1

He's swinging more, in and out of the zone. He's also whiffing more often. As a result of all those swings, he is putting the ball in play more often.

As far as his hitting stats, well, again, terribly small sample to deal with, but he is doing very poorly. Last year, he had a B:K rate of 14:43, this year 0:5 (thru seven games). His OPS+ has dropped from 53 to 16, which is just absurd and, effectively, meaningless at this stage of the season. But, it is quite obvious, Felix Pie is not getting any better. Should that sentence end with a "yet" ?

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