Atlanta Falcons Season Preview Part 3

Justin WintersContributor IMay 10, 2009

6-4, making a run to the playoffs sitting with the Carolina Panthers on top of the NFC South. The Falcons are looking to make the playoffs for the second year ago and have had a decent start so far.

Tampa Bay is another team that has experienced success in the South, but I feel like the team will be going through issues when they head to Atlanta for week twelve. I expect this team to have many issues throughout the season, as I see Kellen Winslow getting injured again and leaving the team without a solid tight end since they trade Alex Smith. The Bucs can only hope that injuries stay away from their quarterbacks as putting rookie Josh Freeman in a starting role this soon could be horrid for this future. Falcons win here by a bigger margin than many think and go to 7-4.

Week thirteen, another former playoff team comes to the Georgia Dome as the Philadelphia Eagles try to knock off the Falcons on their respective roads to the playoffs. I think Philly is one of the elite teams in the NFC and seems to have all of their parts put together, and I see them either winning the Super Bowl or at least making it there. I think Donovan McNabb will have a big day as the Falcons drop to 7-5.

The New Orlean Saints have a power passing game but the Falcons have the run game to equal this out. This will all be about the D and whatever team overacheives will decide who wins this game. Turner, Ryan, and White all have big days and I expect to see a big play from a defensive standpoint that wins this one for the Falcons as they go to 8-5.

The Jets have Thomas Jones, an unproven rookie, and an underachieving Wide Receiver on the offensive standpoint. Without the ability to score points, the Falcons will light up the scoreboard due to good field position and the ability to take the ball away. The playoffs become even more of a reality for the Falcons as they win this game and go to 9-5.

He is known for being a cancer to the locker rooms he has been in; San Fran, Philly, and Dallas have all got rid of him and Buffalo decided they would pick him up. His name is T.O and he is a living cancer. With a team that seems to have good players but can never seem to get the job done, I expect the Falcons to go on a three game winning streak and jump to 10-5 as the playoffs become in sight. I see Carolina being 10-5 at this point as well and having to fight in the last game to see who wins the division.

As the season goes on, Josh Freeman will have had a chance to mature and get used to the system. Although I said the Falcons would beat the Bucs in week twelve, I think the Bucs will upset the Falcons and as the Carolina Panthers won their last game, the Falcons are left without a division title for the second year in a row. Although I do see them making the playoff as a wild card, the thoughts of another lost division title has to hurt the Falcon's morale.

Heading into the playoffs, I see the Falcons playing the Chicago Bears in the wild-card in a rematch from a game earlier in the year. Cutler won't be able to mesh with his receivers and I the Falcons to win this game and go to the divisional round to play against, the Philadelphia Eagles.

Donovan McNabb will light up the scoreboard in a game that will exceed expectations for McNabb and I think Jeremy Maclin will have a huge game in his first playoff game and lead the Eagles to a victory on their way to the Super Bowl. And, mark my words, the Eagles will make it there.

As the Falcons head to the offseason, I expect them to work on their D through the draft and free agency as they finally start to put the pieces together to make a serious playoff run.