Real Americans Are the Heel Duo WWE Needs to Revitalize the Tag Division

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistJuly 26, 2013

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The Real Americans can be the real answer to keeping stability with the tag team division in WWE.

The Shield, Prime Time Players, Rhodes Scholars and Team Hell No were or are good teams that have been in tag matches regularly in the past year. The problem with all of them as far as tag teams go is that they have bright futures ahead to be stars individually.

It's very common to create a tag team to help launch the individual careers of those in the team. The same can be said for trios or stables where you hope to let the power of the group name and image get over to where stars can be produced out of it. Evolution is a great example.

For Rhodes Scholars and Team Hello No, they've already broken up and moved on to singles competition, and in the case of the former, they are already feuding against each other.

The Shield and PTP will both inevitably break up as well, with PTP being the next in line. However, with Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro, they have the ability to remain a tag team for as long as WWE wants and still be singles competitors as well if needed.

Swagger is past the point where anyone should expect to see him break out. He needs to be in a long-term position and make it work. The Real Americans gimmick is over. People don't like them and they have an excellent mouthpiece in Zeb Colter. It's the kind of heel duo that will never get old. They will never run out of material and are perfect to build a tag division around.

Because the gimmick is less of a “team” and more of a lifestyle or ideology gimmick, this can allow Cesaro to remain associated with Colter and Swagger while competing in singles matches. He could challenge for a World title if he ever got to that level in WWE while still being part of the Colter Coalition that has formed.

With PTP, so much of that team is based on matching attire, doing the dance together and just an overall chemistry that you really can't have one without the other. Eventually though they will be split and I think Titus O'Neil needs to be given a chance to excel as a singles star.

Traditional tag team pairs like PTP will continue to be developed over the years, which is good, but they only last for so long. The Real Americans can always be a good standard or heel bar to set and have others work up against to keep the wheels of the tag team division turning.

As long as there are political correctness debates and world issues, there is room for The Real Americans.