CF WWE DVD Reviews: Unforgiven 2005

AdamContributor IMay 10, 2009

The show opens with an awesome video package of the Cena/Angle feud with the theme song of Unforgiven 05' "Calling" by Taproot I believe.

Intercontinental Title

Carlito (C) vs. Ric Flair

Flair and Carlito mock each other for a bit before they start to wrestle. Chops and punches traded for a bit while Carlito taunts the crowd. Carlito hangs Flair up on the ropes for the advantage and slams Flair into the steel post and then slams him into the steps to take control of the match. Carlito works on Flair's arm for a bit, and then punches on him. Flair is then back body dropped by Carlito. A near fall for Carlito after an Arm DDT. Carlito continues the arm lock on Flair's left arm. Flair fights back and gets out of the hold with some chops, and then struts. Flair gets a knee to Carlito's face, and then chops Carlito down again. Flair to the top! Remember, he never gets to jump off the top. But Carlito's attempt to knock Flair off the top is reversed! Flair off the top, and connects with a chop to Carlito's head. Flair celebrates his success. Flair goes to the top again, feeling greedy. Flair off the top, Carlito dropkick! Carlito gets a very near fall. Carlito goes to the outside to grab his signature apple. Carlito kicks Flair down, and bites out of his apple. Carlito turns around, and Flair punches the apple out of Carlito! Flair grabs Carlito's legs. Flair locks in the Figure Four Leg Lock, and Carlito taps out!

Winner: Ric Flair by submission at 11:47. Very fun opener. Alot of twists and turns with Flair finally connecting off the top ropes, and then the dropkick by Carlito, which was very hard hitting. Good opener to get the crowd hot. (***)

Backstage, Edge and Lita discuss Matt Hardy for a bit. It ends with Edge and Lita making out.

Trish Stratus & Ashley Massaro vs. Victoria & Torrie Wilson w/Candice Michelle

I think this was Trish's return match. Victoria stars with a neat chokehold on Trish. Trish gets the advantage later with a head scissors takedown, and then punches Victoria for a bit. Trish tags in Ashley and they work on Victoria for a bit with kicks and chops. Ashley flips around the ring and knocks down Victoria with a clothesline. Ashley hits a dropkick on Victoria for a near fall, interrupted by Torrie. Michelle stomps on Ashley and they take control of the match. Victoria hits a nice springboard leg drop on Ashley, followed by a head scissors. Victoria then has a headlock on Ashley, and tags in Torrie. Torrie slams Ashley into the mat, and tags in Victoria. Victoria knees Ashley in the head very hard. Victoria has a headlock on Ashley for a big. Trish gets the hot tag, but the ref's back is turned and the tag is called off. Ashley finally tags in Trish, and Trish hits the Stratosphere on Victoria. Torrie is knocked off the apron by Trish. Victoria grabs Trish from behind, going for a neat sideslams, but it's countered by a Trish head scissors. Trish then ducks a clotshesline and knocks Victoria and Torrie down. Trish hits a Spinebuster on Victoria, and covers her, but Candice distracts the ref. Ashley knocks out Candice on the outside. Trish takes down Victoria and Torrie down, and then hits the Chick Kick on Victoria for the pin.

Winners: Trish stratus & Ashley at 7:06 via pin. Very fun match. The end was dominated by Trish, but she had some neat reversals and moves. Victoria and Trish worked hard, and Ashley held her own even. Great women's match. (**1/4)

Backstage, Flair celebrates with the ladies and enters his limo.

The Big Show vs. Snitsky

They start brawling before the bell rings. Show tosses Snitsky across the ring, followed up by a head butt. Snitsky and Show trade punches until Show knocks Snitsky down again. Snistky tries to leave the match, but Show knocks Snitsky down on the outside and rags him in the ring, followed up by huge chops to Snitsky's chest. They go to the outside where Snitsky takes control, ducking a Big Show clothesline, and ramming Show's arm into the steel pole twice. Snitsky works on Show's right arm for awhile, the arm Show uses for the Shokeslam. Big Show arm drags Snitsky out of the hold. Big Show goes for the Chokeslam, but Snitsky chops Big Show's hurt arm. Snitsky counters another Chokeslam. Snitsky rests in the corner. Big Show charges at him, but Snitsky counters again, and Sow falls into the corner. Snitsky then lifts up Big Show with a back suplex! Snitsky taunts to the crowd and gets a near fall. Snitsky lifts up Show, but Big Show fights back. But Snitsky hits a huge big boot for another near fall. Snitsky is mad, and locks in the arm lock on Big Show's right arm again. Big Show fights back with a spine buster. Both men are down. Big Show clotheslines Snitsky for a bit, and then splashes him in the corner, followed by a shoulder tackle. Big Show hen hits the Chokeslam for the pin fall.

Winner: The Big Show at 6:08. Amazingly the best it could be via pin. The only problem was the psychology of the right arm being injured was dropped when Show easily choke slammed Snitsky. But a very fun quick paced match for the big guys. (**)

Big Show comes back to ringside while Snitsky lies still in the ring. Show grabs the ring bell and for revenge hits Snitsky with the ring bell twice.

Promo or Wrestlemania XXII.

Flair's limo is still there and Flair is whoo'ing in the limo celebrating.

Promo for HBK/Masters airs.

HBK backstage warming up.

Kerwin White vs. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton takes control of White with an elbow to the head, and then a knee to the gut. White dropkicks Shelton in the left knee to take control of the match, but is soon thrown high in the air by Shelton ad splats on the ground. Shelton then knocks down White with a clothesline for a near fall. White dodges a splash in the corner from Shelton, and then chop blocks Shelton's left knee. White continues to put pressure on Benjamin's left knee. Chavo sucks chants, but Kerwin says he's not Chavo. He’s Kerwin. Chavo puts a unique leg lock on Shelton, but Shelton flips out of it, but it soon flipped over by a leg scissors from Kerwin. Kerwin bows to the crowd, and gets a near fall on Shelton. Shelton lands on his feet from a White money flip. White charges at Shelton, and Shelton connects with a Samoan Drop. Both men trade punches and Shelton gets a back breaker for a near fall. Shelton then connects with a back body drop to Kerwin White. Then a back suplex. Let's go Shelton chants. Shelton is hung up on the top by Kerwin. Both men at the top now. Kerwin goes for a Sky High Superplex off the top and connects with it for a near fall. White locks in a Boston Crab on Shelton's left leg. Shelton rolls through it, and slingshots Kerwin face first into the turnbuckles. Kerwin reaches for his golf club with the ref turned. Kerwin goes for a shot to Shelton, but Shelton tosses Kerwin up in the air, and catches him and hits a T-Bone Suplex.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin at 8:03 via pin. Good match following the big man match. Very good psychology implemented by Kerwin, with a high octane ending with the awesome T-Bone from Shelton. The match didn't disappoint for a week long feud. (**3/4)

Matt Hardy interview backstage on his upcoming match with Edge.

Matt Hardy/Edge video package. Very good.

Steel Cage Match

Matt Hardy vs. Edge w/Lita

Early on Edge high tails it and goes for a quick escape from the cage, but Hardy gets to him in time, and head butts Edge off the top of the turnbuckles, followed by a double axe handle off the top from Hardy. Hardy holds tightly onto a headlock. Edge rips Matt's face apart to break the headlock. Edge goes for an escape again from the cage, but Matt gets Edge off and hangs him off the ropes, followed by a clothesline for a near fall. Matt knocks down Edge off the top later on, but Edge reverses a Twist of Fate and pushes Hardy into the cage, followed by an Edge-O-Matic for a near fall .Edge goes for an escape again, but Hardy gets up there in time to stop Edge. Both men are on top of the cage. They work their way down to the top turnbuckles, where Edge brutally bangs Matt into the cage, and Matt falls down while Edge stays on the top turnbuckles. Edge connects with a hard dropkick to the back of Matt's head. Edge continues to pummel Matt with a shot to the head and consecutive back suplexes. Edge taunts Matt and takes his shots. Edge pulls Matt's hair, broken up soon by the ref. Edge bangs Matt's head thunderously off the turnbuckle, followed by a running boot to Matt's head. Matt looks unconscious. Edge then hits a DDT for a near fall.  Edge starts blowing away with hard punches to Matt. Edge then goes for a Powerbomb, but instead rams Matt's back into the cage brutally. Hardy chants lurk the arena. Edge goes for the same thing, except he powerbombs Matt into the turnbuckles. Mat lays down on the canvas knocked out for a bit. Edge mounts Matt onto the top, but Matt elbows Edge. Matt tries to climb up, but Edge gets up there, and Edge powerbombs Matt off the top ropes! The ref beings to count, but I thought there weren't any count outs in cage matches....Edge covers Matt for another near fall. Edge asks for the cage door to open, but then decides to beat up and toy with Matt for a bit. Matt bites Edge's hand, but Edge continues punching Matt. But Matt flapjacks Edge onto the top turnbuckle. Both men work their way up. Edge goes for the Spear, but Matt dodges it and Edge is rammed into the corner. Matt then hits the Side Effect on edge for a near fall. Edge tries to crawl to the outside via the door, but Matt pulls Edge in. Lita gives Edge his Money in the Bank briefcase as the cage door closes. Matt ducks a briefcase shot, and hammers Edge with punches, and then ties Edge in the ropes, and smashes Edge's head back and forth. Matt then sling shots Edge into the cage. Matt then lifts Edge back up, and bulldogs Edge onto the briefcase! Matt rams Edge's face into all four walls of the steel cage. Lita tries to climb on the cage walls, but falls when Matt pushes the cage wall. Edge is busted open. Matt continues the right hands to Edge. Matt then kicks Edge in the head. Blood spills on the canvas from Edge. Lita tends to Edge from the outside. Matt grabs Edge's briefcase and heads to the top. Matt jumps off the top ropes, but Edge pushes the ref into Matt and Matt falls off. Matt then gets up, and Edge Spears Matt against the cage! Edge heads for the top to escape the cage, but Matt gets back up and meets Edge on the top turnbuckle. Matt Side Effects Edge off the top ropes! Lita opens the cage door with a chair in hand. Lita enters the ring and breaks up Matt's pin fall. Matt and Lita are face to face. Edge tries to escape. As Matt grabs Edge, Lita goes to hit Matt with the briefcase. But Matt stops her and goes for the Twist of Fate on Lita! He hits it! Matt back up and Edge with a Spear to Matt for a near fall. Edge tries to escape again, but Matt meets Edge at the top, and rams Edge's head into the cage, and Edge falls to the canvas. Edge is down, and Matt climbs to the top of the steel cage, and jumps off the top and hits a Leg Drop! Matt covers Edge for the win.

Winner: Matt Hardy at 21:32 via pin. Awesome match. The realism and the brutality of the feud made it seem like a real fight. It was memorable with the Leg Drop off the top. It was bloody, brutal, and Matt finally got his revenge. Spectacular match. (****1/4)

Lita and Edge lay in the middle of the ring.

John Cena backstage getting his left ankle taped up. Bischoff confronts Cena and tells him Cena will finally lose his WWE title. Cena asks for tape and tapes Bischoff's mouth in a funny moment. Bischoff is furious.

Back at ringside, Edge hilariously crawls back the entrance ramp bloody face and all.

World Tag Team Titles

The Hurricane & Rosey (C) vs. Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade

Hurricane takes both Murdoch and Cade down with arm drags, and then head scissors Murdoch. Cade and Murdoch regroup on the outside. Hurricane tags in Rosey and they hit a double team move for a near fall. Rosey dominates Murdoch in the ring with a head butt and then a running butt splash ala Umaga's butt splash for a near fall broken up by Cade. Cade is tagged in and locks in a head lock on Rosey. Meanwhile, Murdoch asks Lilian for a kiss. She says "No", and Hurricase comes to save her. Hurricane then comes over to get Murdoch, but Murdoch hits a brutal DDT on the outside to Helms, and The Hurricane lies motionless on the outside. Back in the ring, Rosey back body drops Cade and is now partner less. Rosey goes for a splash on Cade, but Murdoch pulls Cade out of the way and Rosey splashes into the turnbuckles. Murdoch tags in and gets a near fall. Hurricane is checked on the outside. Cade pulls Rosey out of the ring and rams Rosey in to the apron and barricade with the ref turned. Murdoch gets a near fall. Cade & Murdoch continue their onslaught on Rosey while Hurricane is walked to the back. Rosey knocks Cade and Murdoch down back in the ring, and The Hurricane comes back in the ring to help Rosey. He hammers Cade and Murdoch, but is met with the High-Low by Cade and Murdoch, and Murdoch covers Hurricane Helms for the win.

Winners: Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade at 7:41 via pin. Interesting and different tag formula match with Helms being knocked out. Aside from a few cool spots the match was slow. Not really that bad though. (*3/4)

Backstage, Flair's limo is still there and a girl walks out of the limo wearing his robe.

In an absolutely hilarious interview, Maria asks why they call Chris Masters the Masturbate, but it's really the Masterpiece. Masters is furious.

Chris Masters vs. Shawn Michaels

Before the match begins and before the bell rings, Masters locks the Masterlock on HBK and refuses to let go. The bell rings, Michaels counters, and fights back with different strikes, and then clotheslines Masters out of the ring. Michaels then springboard splashes onto Masters on the outside. Michaels throws Masters into the steps on the ringside, and grabs a steel chair from ringside. The ref takes the chair though and Masters grabs HBK from behind and slams him face first into the barricade. HBK brings Masters back to the outside of the ring, but Masters gets in control, and Powerbomb HBK off the steel post twce! Masters works on HBK's back in the ring with chops and kicks and a suplex. Masters hits a back breaker on HBK and locks in a back breaker hold. HBK fights back with knife edge chops, and goes for a Crucifix Pin, but Masters holds onto HBK and attempts the Masterlock, but HBK fights out and rams Masters' back into the corner, followed by knife edge chops. Masters irish whips HBK and HBK does his signature flip in the corner, and Masters locks HBK in a torture rack. Masters can't get HBK to pass out, and HBK then reverses the hold into a Sunset Flip Pin for a near fall. Masters gets out and hits a ruthless clothesline to HBK. Masters then military press slams HBK, and taunts for the Masterlock and waits for HBK to get back to a vertical base. HBK tries to fight off the hold. Michaels distracts the ref, and low blows Masters to escape the hold. HBK gets back with hard shots, and nips up. HBK hits the elbow drop and taunts for some Sweet Chin Music. Masters reverses the Superkick into the Masterlock. HBK tries many ways to get out, but Masters won't budge. But HBK gets on the ropes, and the ref's count breaks the hold. HBK then hangs up Masters neck on the ropes, and Masters lays down on the canvas. HBK limbs to the top and goes for a splash, but Masters catches HBK. Masters reverses and tries to go for the Masterlock, but HBK slips out before he can get it in, and hits the Superkick for the pin.

Winner: Shawn Michaels at 17:25 via pin. Great psychology with the Masterlock and an innovative way to break the hold. Non-stop action to end it, and the crowd was in it. Masters looked great. This was his first big match in the business, and they both looked great and worked well together. (***3/4)

Flair's done with his title victory celebration. Finally.

Great Cena/Angle hype video airs.

WWE Title

John Cena (C) vs. Kurt Angle

They start mat wrestling, which favors Kurt, until they decide to brawl where they trade punches, which favors Cena. Later on, Cena sideslams Angle for the first near fall. Angle then hits a German Suplex and both men are down. Angle beats down on Cena after an Uppercut forearm and stomps Cena in the corner. Angle hits a suplex for a near fall and then locks in a chin lock, almost a camel clutch. Angle drops the hold, and goes or a back body drop on Cena, but Cena flips over and hits a Sunset Flip for a near fall. Cena fights back with punches, but Angle hits a belly to belly overhead suplex, and Angle shows off to the crowd. Angle then locks in a gut wrench hold. The hold turns into a body scissors to affect Cena's mid section. Cena gets back up to his feet though and hits a DDT, and both men are down again. Both men back up, and hard right hands exchanged. Cena then gets control with a hard shoulder block, and hits a Fisherman Suplex for a near fall. Cena goes for the FU, but Angle reverses it into the Ankle Lock! Cena kicks out of it, and hits a huge spinebuster for another very near fall. Cena goes for the FU again, but Angle reverses it into an Angle Slam for another near fall. Angle is frustrated and furious, and locks in the Ankle Lock again. Cena kicks out of it again, and hits a sitdown slam, and then hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle for a near fall. Later on, Angle accidentally clotheslines the ref. Cena then hits the FU on Angle and has the pin, but the ref is still knocked out from Angle's clothesline.  Cena lifts up Angle, but Angle pops out of nowhere and low blows Cena blatantly, and then grabs his Olympic Gold Medal, and hits Cena in the skull with it! Angle then hits a knee drop on Cena's left leg, and pulls his strap down. Angle locks in the Ankle Lock, and a proud Eric Bischoff walks in the ring taunting Cena telling Cena he'll lose his belt. Cena reaches the ropes, but Bischoff kicks Cena's arm off the ropes. Cena flips out of it and Angle falls into Bischoff. Cena then crawls to his belt, and hits Angle in the head. The ref is back up, and sees it, and Angle wins the match by DQ. Bischoff says Angle will still have the title, but Cena FU's Eric Bischoff. Angle then comes from behind, and stomps on Cena. Angle beats up Cena on the outside, and irish whips him hard into the steel steps. Angle then goes for an Angle Slam on Cena through the announcers table, but out of nowhere Cena jumps out of it and FU's Kurt through the announcers table.

Winner: Kurt Angle by DQ at 17:54. Very smash mouth match. The ending left a bad taste for the end of the show, but the aftermath made the DQ less of a bad ending. Nonetheless, fabulous hard-hitting action from Angle and Cena, and the ending was very fun. But this match won't be remembered as much because Cena and Angle fought a bit worse match at Survivor Series, except that match had a clear pin ending. This is a great match though. Their best yet. (****)

The show ends with an awesome video using the same song, "Calling" by Taproot.

Final Thoughts: Very solid show. Four matches three or more stars, which is very good for a single brand shows. And no matches fewer than one and a half stars. This is in my top 20 shows for the decade and top 5 for single brand shows definitely. This is when the WWE was on a roll in my opinion. Nothing bad to say about this show and it is recommended. The DVD comes with an extra interview with a celebrity there, which is pointless. But a very nice extra is an 8-Man tag match from Raw, pitting Cena, HBK, Hardy, and Big Show against Angle, Masters, Edge, and Snitsky in a build up for Unforgiven. I always love Unforgiven, and this one didn't upset. Based on my star ratings, the show is ***, but the good outweighs the bad and you'll enjoy this show.


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