Ranking the Worst Season in the History of Every College Football Team

Jonathan McDanal@@jdmcdanalContributor IIIJuly 26, 2013

Ranking the Worst Season in the History of Every College Football Team

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    College football has a long history, and history remembers two things quite well: highlights and bloopers. Highlight seasons can lead to box DVD sales and millions of fair-weather followers.

    This is not a list of those seasons.

    These years, if the technology even existed, would not be sold on VHS, DVD or Blu-Ray, or even be downloaded for a nominal fee. These are the worst seasons from all across the college football landscape.

    How was the worst season selected? Beginning in 1906 (forward pass legalized), seasons were all combed over as follows:



    Wins counted the most. A one-win season is always better than a zero-win year. Ask anyone who has had to endure an entire year without a single win on the football field. A win is a win.



    Losses weighed second-most. Any two seasons tied with the fewest wins were placed head-to-head, and the more losing team advanced. (For example, an 0-10 team would not be placed on the list over an 0-11 squad.)



    Ties happen. Bad seasons happen, and they happen for hundreds of different reasons. Margin of loss severed all knots. Take the points allowed, subtract the points scored and you have the "margin of loss" number. The biggest number made the list.



    At this point in the game, 126 seasons represent all 126 FBS teams. Win-loss records no longer mattered. This equation settled all differences:

    Points scored/(Points allowed + points scored) x 100 = Percent of total points that the losing team scored.

    Why use percentage instead of total margin? Football's scoring has changed over the years, even since as recently as 1958 (the addition of the two-point conversion to the collegiate level). By using the percentage, all decades of college football could be compared honestly. (Not perfectly, but as close as possible.)

    I took all equations out to two decimal places, except in the case of ties. Three decimal places settled both of those instances.


    Here is every college football team's worst season, ranked in order from best to worst. Who had the worst season in college football history, and how bad was it? The answer may surprise you.


    *Information prior to 1970 was taken from DatabaseFootball.com. Post-1970 information was taken from TotalFootballStats.com.

126. Old Dominion Monarchs

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2010 (8-3)

    Points Allowed: 239

    Points Scored: 369

    Final Score: 60.69

    Old Dominion had an 11-year run back in the early 1900s before deciding against having a football program. In 2005, the Monarchs asked for and received permission to start it up again well over 50 years later.

    The Monarchs haven't had a terrible season yet, and that puts them in last place on this list. (Likely the only list a team would want to be last place on.)

125. UTSA Roadrunners

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2011 (4-6)

    Points Allowed: 214

    Points Scored: 266

    Final Score: 55.42

    UTSA is another upstart program, and the Roadrunners are one of only two teams on this list who scored more points than they allowed in their worst season in history.

    The Roadrunners have a long road ahead of them, but doing no worse than 4-6 in the first few years is an excellent start.

124. Texas State Bobcats

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2012 (4-8)

    Points Allowed: 402

    Points Scored: 343

    Final Score: 46.04

    Texas State is firmly entrenched near the bottom of this list, but the Bobcats are still early in their development. That doesn't mean that we're rooting for them to do worse, it's just a word of caution to Bobcats fans.

    Texas State could do very well in the near future, but it would be a good idea to enjoy being No. 124 on this list while it lasts.

123. Penn State Nittany Lions

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1913 (2-6)

    Points Allowed: 94

    Points Scored: 78

    Final Score: 45.35

    Penn State had a terrible season in 1913, and the Nittany Lions are lucky that total number of points scored was not the major criterion for the rankings.

    While they may have held teams to fewer than 100 total points through eight games, that simply puts their losses in perspective. Furthermore, the Lions scored 65 of their 78 points in the two wins. That is not good at all, but it's still better than 122 other teams on here.

122. South Florida Bulls

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2012 (3-9)

    Points Allowed: 329

    Points Scored: 247

    Final Score: 42.88

    South Florida just had its worst season in history, which fully justifies the firing of then-head coach Skip Holtz at the end of the year. The Bulls have enough talent on the roster to get better immediately, so there is no reason to expect them to move up this list in 2013.

    For now, South Florida is comfortably outside the top 100, and the Bulls have a good shot at moving down. With so many new programs behind them, the odds are better than one might think.

121. Minnesota Golden Gophers

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2007 (1-11)

    Points Allowed: 440

    Points Scored: 315

    Final Score: 41.72

    The 2007 Minnesota Golden Gophers did beat one team: the Miami Hurricanes. Miami went on to a 6-7 record, giving the Gophers' fanbase one glimmer of hope through the entire slate of battles.

    Minnesota has risen in the Big Ten since then, and this season continues to fade into the past. If nothing else does, the No. 121 ranking should certainly help ease the pain.

120. Texas Tech Red Raiders

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1981 (1-9-1)

    Points Allowed: 298

    Points Scored: 198

    Final Score: 39.92

    Texas Tech's worst season came in 1981. The Red Raiders won one game, tied one game and lost nine. The lone win came against New Mexico 28-21, and the Red Raiders locked down a 39-point tie with the TCU Horned Frogs.

119. Oklahoma Sooners

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1996 (3-8)

    Points Allowed: 392

    Points Scored: 255

    Final Score: 39.41

    Oklahoma has been incredibly successful during the BCS era, but the Sooners haven't been an unstoppable force in every single season.

    However, even at its worst, Oklahoma is still solidly outside the top 100 worst teams in history. That's the power of the Oklahoma name at work.

118. South Alabama Jaguars

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2012 (2-11)

    Points Allowed: 383

    Points Scored: 240

    Final Score: 38.52

    South Alabama is a fledgling program that has just worked its way into full FBS membership. The Jaguars will be eligible for the Sun Belt Conference championship and the postseason for the first time in 2013.

    The Jags played their first full season in the FBS last season, so it makes sense that it would be their worst so far. If they transition well, it will stay that way for a while.

117. Missouri Tigers

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1985 (1-10)

    Points Allowed: 342

    Points Scored: 206

    Final Score: 37.59

    The Missouri Tigers had a terrible season plagued by injury in 2012, but it was still not the worst season in school history. Missouri had a much worse run through 1985.

    The Tigers lost a full 10 games that season, and things were just terrible for Tigers fans. Even if injury took out half the starting lineup, Missouri could still win more than one game. It's safe to say that this will be the worst season in school history for a long, long time.

116. Mississippi State Bulldogs

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1968 (0-8-2)

    Points Allowed: 260

    Points Scored: 146

    Final Score: 35.96

    Mississippi State had its worst season back in 1968. Complete with two almost-wins, the Bulldogs viciously tortured their fanbase with a zero-win year.

    At least they weren't grossly outscored in the process. That may not seem like much of a consolation, but wait until we get to the top 10. It gets bad up there.

115. UAB Blazers

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2007 (2-10)

    Points Allowed: 421

    Points Scored: 235

    Final Score: 35.82

    The UAB Blazers had their worst season relatively recently. The 2007 season was atrocious, but at least it wasn't winless.

    The Blazers also came dangerously close to winning two or three games by one possession (depending on whether you count eight points as one possession). That didn't make the losing any less painful.

114. Vanderbilt Commodores

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1986 (1-10)

    Points Allowed: 347

    Points Scored: 193

    Final Score: 35.74

    Vanderbilt has been rising in the SEC since James Franklin took over as head coach, so this 1-10 blemish on the Commdores' record is probably the worst that will ever happen for them.

    Vanderbilt only beat Duke in 1986, and that Duke squad went on to finish 4-7. That's not a bad win, but it shows that the Commodores probably should have done better.

113. UNC Tar Heels

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1988 (1-10)

    Points Allowed: 391

    Points Scored: 217

    Final Score: 35.69

    North Carolina is coming off an incredible season. The Tar Heels would have easily been in the postseason if it weren't for NCAA sanctions that kept them out of it.

    In 1988, that was not the case at all. With the exception of a three-point win over Georgia Tech in late October, the Heels were completely unsuccessful. North Carolina's saving grace was that it posted only one shutout that year.

    At least it was competitive, unlike some of the others on this list.

112. Pittsburgh Panthers

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1972 (1-10)

    Points Allowed: 350

    Points Scored: 193

    Final Score: 35.54

    Pittsburgh has had some bad seasons peppered throughout its time in collegiate football, but there was one season that stood above (below?) the rest: 1972. In '72, the Panthers achieved just one win, and it was over Boston College (4-7).

    Head coach Carl DePasqua finally proved that he was not the answer for the Pitt program with this season, and he was fired for his squad's performance.

111. Indiana Hoosiers

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1984 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 338

    Points Scored: 185

    Final Score: 35.37

    Indiana posted its worst season in 1984. The Hoosiers took the field 11 times and never came away victorious. Seven of those losses were by one possession, and that definitely matters. Yes, a close loss stings, but at least fans weren't leaving at halftime.

110. Navy Midshipmen

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2001 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 344

    Points Scored: 183

    Final Score: 34.72

    Navy has a difficult time recruiting, as it must field men who want to serve their country as well as play football well. That disadvantage catches up with them every once in a while, and 2001 marked the worst talent mismatch in school history.

    The Midshipmen fielded a roster full of role models, but the field was unforgiving that season. Navy posted zero wins, and zero bragging rights for the year.

109. Boise State Broncos

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1996 (2-10)

    Points Allowed: 459

    Points Scored: 240

    Final Score: 34.33

    Boise State is a perennial BCS contender now, but it was not so long ago that the Broncos weren't even a postseason afterthought. At the beginning of the BCS era (1998), Boise State would have been at the top of a list of teams that were likely never to make a BCS bowl.

    This just shows how much of a difference a decade can make.

108. Boston College Eagles

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1978 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 294

    Points Scored: 153

    Final Score: 34.23

    Boston College had a rough season in 2012, but at least it wasn't the worst in school history. That title still belongs to the 1978 edition of the Eagles.

    They sloughed through an 11-game schedule without any success at all. The only good thing to say about it is that it's still not nearly as bad as some other teams' worst seasons in history.

107. Southern Miss Golden Eagles

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2012 (0-12)

    Points Allowed: 454

    Points Scored: 236

    Final Score: 34.2

    Sadly, Southern Miss can't look back at 2012 and say "at least it wasn't as bad as..." The fact is that it actually was the worst season in history. So, if a Southern Miss fan comes up to you and says it was the worst, they are not exaggerating at all.

106. Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2009 (0-12)

    Points Allowed: 475

    Points Scored: 245

    Final Score: 34.02

    Western Kentucky had a great season in 2012, which was a great way to forget what happened in 2009. The Hilltoppers ran through a 12-game schedule with nothing to show for it...well, except "college football player" on their resumes, of course.

105. Syracuse Orange

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2005 (1-10)

    Points Allowed: 295

    Points Scored: 152

    Final Score: 34.00

    'Cuse just recently trudged through the muck of its worst season in history. Things seem to have turned around at the northern college, though. The Orange took down the mighty West Virginia in the 2012 postseason.

    Again, this does not absolve them of the sin that was 2005, and Syracuse sits at No. 105 on this list.

104. Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2003 (1-11)

    Points Allowed: 467

    Points Scored: 239

    Final Score: 33.85

    While ULM scored one of the greatest victories in college football history during the BCS era, the Warhawks also accomplished the exact opposite with the 1-11 run through 2003.

    Head coach Charlie Weatherby did have one important win in his inaugural season, though. His Warhawks took down in-state rival Louisiana-Lafayette. That was one of the best games to win if he was going to win only one.

103. Central Michigan Chippewas

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1997 (2-9)

    Points Allowed: 469

    Points Scored: 238

    Final Score: 33.66

    Central Michigan has one of the better win-loss records for its worst season in history. A two-win season is not bad at all for the bottom of the barrel, as you can see from the rest of the teams on this list.

    However, it is still a terrible season, and it definitely earns its place here.

102. Air Force Falcons

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1979 (2-9)

    Points Allowed: 253

    Points Scored: 127

    Final Score: 33.42

    Air Force is the second service academy on this list, and it is up against the same recruiting obstacles that the other two are. The rivalries amongst the academies are heated, so if Air Force cadets are looking for bragging rights, they are available.

    Air Force got two wins in its worst season ever, while Navy got none. Also, Air Force beat Army in 1979, making it at least a little competitive for the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy.

101. Texas A&M Aggies

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1948 (0-9-1)

    Points Allowed: 247

    Points Scored: 123

    Final Score: 33.24

    Texas A&M's 2012 season is far-removed from its worst season in history, both in time and accomplishments. A near national championship is worlds apart from the 1948 season that saw an almost win against the Texas Longhorns.

    The Aggies have successfully put this terrible season in the rear-view mirror for 64 years, and 2013 will make it a solid 65.

100. Arkansas Razorbacks

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1932 (1-6-2)

    Points Allowed: 133

    Points Scored: 65

    Final Score: 32.83

    Arkansas managed to avoid its worst season in history in 2012, though the Razorbacks did suffer one of the greatest upsets in the sport's history against ULM.

    Back in 1932, the Hogs scored one decisive victory: a 20-6 win over the Baylor Bears. That game was the silver lining, and it definitely contributed to their 100th spot on this list.

99. UCF Knights

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2004 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 362

    Points Scored: 175

    Final Score: 32.59

    Central Florida busted in 2004, ousting its previous worst season by one loss. (The Knights went 0-10 in 1982.) Head coach George O'Leary has been consistently inconsistent during his tenure at UCF, often following a highly successful season with a terrible one.

    The 2004 run has been his (and the schools') worst so far, and that's a record he doesn't want to break again.

98. Iowa State Cyclones

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1930 (0-9)

    Points Allowed: 134

    Points Scored: 64

    Final Score: 32.32

    Iowa State has separated itself from the 1930 atrocity by 80-plus years, and 2013 will not threaten the 0-9 disaster at all. The reason that the Cyclones are so low on this list is because they lost seven of the nine contests by one possession.

    By keeping the scores close for the majority of the season, Iowa State helped keep the margin of loss from getting out of control.

97. Bowling Green Falcons

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1953 (1-8)

    Points Allowed: 252

    Points Scored: 119

    Final Score: 32.08

    Bowling Green is entering its 60th season since the featured year. The Falcons logged a 26-point victory over Bradley University in Game 3 of the 1953 season, but the rest of the season was a wash.

    The Falcons have done better than most of the teams on this list by maintaining a distance of over half a century from their worst run in school history.

96. New Mexico Lobos

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1987 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 444

    Points Scored: 209

    Final Score: 32.01

    New Mexico is working its way away from the 1987 bomb that left the Lobos 0-11 with nothing to smile about. The Lobos stayed competitive through the first two games of the season, but after that, the bottom fell out.

    The season ended in a string of six complete blowouts. What's amazing is that 96 teams did worse than that throughout the past 100-plus years.

95. Louisville Cardinals

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1975 (1-10)

    Points Allowed: 316

    Points Scored: 148

    Final Score: 31.90

    Louisville, led by Teddy Bridgewater and Charlie Strong, is completely different from what it was in 1975. Back then, the Cardinals struggled to claim a 6-3 victory over Tennessee-Chattanooga, but that was it.

    At least they can claim the victory. There are dozens of schools who can't say as much.

94. California Golden Bears

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2001 (1-10)

    Points Allowed: 431

    Points Scored: 201

    Final Score: 31.80

    California is just over a decade past its worst season, and time can't pass fast enough for the Golden Bears. That season, they beat Rutgers 20-10 to end the season on a relatively high note.

    That note was not high enough to save head coach Tom Holmoe's job, though. He was fired after that season, and Jeff Tedford was hired in his place.

93. San Jose State Spartans

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2010 (1-12)

    Points Allowed: 451

    Points Scored: 209

    Final Score: 31.67

    San Jose State has a stellar quarterback at the helm of the offense, David Fales, and he has led the Spartans to new heights during his career there.

    It's difficult to believe that just three seasons ago (2013 is on the horizon) they could produce only one win. That was against FCS foe Southern Utah 16-11.

92. Miami Redhawks

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1988 (0-10-1)

    Points Allowed: 361

    Points Scored: 167

    Final Score: 31.63

    The Miami Redhawks still aren't a perennial contender for their conference championship, and they have come close to posting a new personal worst as recently as 2009 (1-11).

    However, after 24 years, the worst is still in the past, and the Redhawks have posted at least one win in each season since. The 2013 season should not disappoint in that regard.

91. UCLA Bruins

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1940 (1-9)

    Points Allowed: 174

    Points Scored: 79

    Final Score: 31.22

    UCLA is on the way up the Pac-12 ladder, so there is no danger of posting a season worse than 1940. The Bruins went 1-9 that year, and were outscored by their opponents by a combined 95 points.

    While there is a real danger that Oregon can outscore them by that much in any given game, the 1940 one-win run stands as the worst. After more than 70 years, it's safe to say that it will last at least another season, especially with Brett Hundley under center.

90. Oregon Ducks

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1950 (1-9)

    Points Allowed: 214

    Points Scored: 97

    Final Score: 31.19

    Yes, you are reading that right. In the entire 1950 season, Oregon scored just 97 points. That's a mark that the Ducks pass in any given three-game stretch, including Stanford games.

    Oregon has the offense to ensure that the 97-point mark is never worsened in any season, even if it were only 10 games long. For now, the Ducks are near the top of the rankings week after week, and a 1-9 finish is unthinkable.

89. Georgia State Panthers

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2012 (1-10)

    Points Allowed: 424

    Points Scored: 191

    Final Score: 31.06

    While it was customary to disregard teams' first few seasons as break-in periods, that was impossible with Georgia State. Georgia State fielded its first team in 2010, and the Panthers still had a long way to go before making it to full FBS membership.

    As a fledgling program with so few seasons under its belt, the Panthers' 2012 run makes this list. The good news for them is that it ranks fairly low in terms of the worst seasons in college football's annals.

    When you're this new to the game, your team should celebrate victories even as small as that one.

88. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1956 (2-8)

    Points Allowed: 289

    Points Scored: 130

    Final Score: 31.02

    For a team who has been around as long as Notre Dame, a No. 88 ranking here is something to be proud of. In 1954, coach Terry Brennan inherited Frank Leahy's players and took them to a nine-win season.

    He would slip to eight wins in 1955 and bottom out at 2-8 in 1956. That was the worst season in Notre Dame history. That's not the mark you want to leave on a program, but it happens. He lasted two more years before someone else got his job.

87. Duke Blue Devils

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2006 (0-12)

    Points Allowed: 406

    Points Scored: 179

    Final Score: 30.60

    Duke is not known as a football power, and that was quite evident in 2006. The Blue Devils achieved zero wins in 12 attempts that year.

    The great news for Duke is that it has enough talent to keep that from happening again any time soon. The bad news is that a lack of focus can bring a zero-win season even when it isn't supposed to be possible.

86. Houston Cougars

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2001 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 432

    Points Scored: 190

    Final Score: 30.55

    Houston is moving to the American Athletic Conference in 2013, but fans should not be holding their breath for a season as bad as 2001.

    Houston posted a giant goose-egg for 2001, and the Cougars would love to forget that ever happened. They have already put more than a decade between that season and now, and that's more than just a good start.

85. Stanford Cardinal

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1960 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 254

    Points Scored: 111

    Final Score: 30.41

    Stanford has dominated the Pac-12 defensively over the past few seasons, and the Cardinal have already posted three straight trips to BCS bowls with a 2-1 record to boot.

    The Cardinal are not associated with failure, and the 1960 season is in no danger of being knocked off this list in 2013. Stanford put up just over 10 points per game that year, and that is officially horrible.

    If you think 10 points per game is bad, though, stick around for the No. 1 team on the list. It's astounding.

84. Ball State Cardinals

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1999 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 361

    Points Scored: 157

    Final Score: 30.31

    The Ball State Cardinals did not have fun with the 1999 season. The closest to victory that they came was a one-possession loss to Central Michigan at the end of the season. Other than that, every loss was by more than eight points.

    The Cardinals have moved on, but the dirty mile marker still stands in the distance behind them. A marker they'd rather not acknowledge.

83. Army Black Knights

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2003 (0-13)

    Points Allowed: 476

    Points Scored: 206

    Final Score: 30.21

    Of the three service academies, Army's worst season is the absolute worst. The Black Knights didn't win a single game, and they played 13 of them.

    Army was grossly outscored in almost every contest, and refused to win against East Carolina or UAB to make matters as terrible as possible for the year.

    Still, there are 82 teams who were more grossly outmatched at some point in their histories, and that's something.

82. Eastern Michigan Eagles

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2009 (0-12)

    Points Allowed: 459

    Points Scored: 197

    Final Score: 30.03

    Eastern Michigan has had nine seasons with zero wins throughout its history. The Eagles' worst was 2009, because they took more losses than in any of the seasons before.

    Since 2009, the Eagles have posted more than one two-win season, meaning that there is always a real danger that they post yet another worst season in history. Maybe the recruiting coordinator needs to take an internship with the Ohio State Buckeyes during one of the next couple of seasons.

    After all, Urban Meyer would probably be willing to help anyone take talent away from the Michigan Wolverines.

81. New Mexico State Aggies

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2005 (0-12)

    Points Allowed: 465

    Points Scored: 198

    Final Score: 29.86

    New Mexico State ended three different seasons with a 1-10 record. Had it not been for 2005, this would have been the most time-consuming tiebreaker on the list.

    However, 2005 came along and straightened things out. The Aggies almost did worse in 2012, but pulled off a win to ensure that there would be no more record breaking in the wrong direction.

80. USC Trojans

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1957 (1-9)

    Points Allowed: 204

    Points Scored: 86

    Final Score: 29.66

    USC did have a disappointing season in 2012, but it was a walk in the park compared to 1957. The only win was a 19-12 match against the Washington Huskies.

    A team can't score fewer than 100 points in a season and expect to win much at all, especially if you're allowing more than 20 points per game to the enemy.

79. North Texas Mean Green

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1972 (1-10)

    Points Allowed: 354

    Points Scored: 148

    Final Score: 29.482 (tiebreaker)

    North Texas is part of the first potential tie on this list. The Mean Green did marginally better in 1972 than the next team did, but the margin was infinitesimal.

    The Mean Green rolled through 1972 with a two-point win over Cincinnati, and the horrible season cost yet another head coach his job. This list is full of seasons that got coaches fired, and we're not even halfway through yet.

78. Arizona Wildcats

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1957 (1-8-1)

    Points Allowed: 299

    Points Scored: 125

    Final Score: 29.481

    Arizona is moving away from its worst season as quickly as possible, and the Wildcats have already put more than 50 years between now and then.

    Arizona tied BYU and beat Marquette in 1957, and the rest of the season was lost. The Wildcats did keep two other games close, but "almost" doesn't count here.

77. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1981 (1-10)

    Points Allowed: 309

    Points Scored: 124

    Final Score: 28.64

    Georgia Tech went 1-10 in 1981, and that still stands as the worst performance in Yellow Jackets history. The one thing that made it more emotionally damaging was the season-opening win over the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    Alabama was still under Bear Bryant, and the signature win indicated a potential for success that was simply not going to happen. The Yellow Jackets finished the season off with 10-game losing streak.

76. UNLV Rebels

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1998 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 389

    Points Scored: 156

    Final Score: 28.62

    The UNLV Rebels started the BCS era off in the worst way possible: with the worst season in school history. Admittedly, it's better to get it out of the way than fall into it gradually, but it's also better to avoid it altogether.

    The Rebels posted zero wins, and were heavily outscored in the process.

75. Western Michigan Broncos

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1975 (1-10)

    Points Allowed: 297

    Points Scored: 119

    Final Score: 28.61

    Western Michigan's worst season came in 1975 under head coach Elliot Uzelac. It was the coach's first season, which is why it was so bad. He followed this season up with six- and seven-win seasons for half a decade before leaving the Broncos.

    He never achieved real success with Western Michigan, but he never repeated the crime of the one-win year again, either.

74. Ohio State Buckeyes

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1947 (2-6-1)

    Points Allowed: 150

    Points Scored: 60

    Final Score: 28.57

    You have to go all the way back to 1947 to find a season in which the Buckeyes didn't win at least three games. That says a lot about the program right there, but it doesn't fix the gross lack of talent that took the field in '47.

    A team like Ohio State should always put up more than 60 points across any nine-game period. Besides, the Buckeyes' opponents surely proved that the points were there to be scored.

73. Utah Utes

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1975 (1-10)

    Points Allowed: 332

    Points Scored: 132

    Final Score: 28.45

    Utah was the original BCS buster back in 2005, and the Utes were a model of success before the move to the Pac-12. They are currently adjusting to the new conference, and recruiting depth takes time.

    The worst season in school history long predates the period of BCS success of late, and the Utes posted a 200-point deficit to their opponents during that 1975 run.

72. Florida Gators

55 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1946 (0-9)

    Points Allowed: 264

    Points Scored: 104

    Final Score: 28.26

    Florida has had its ups and downs throughout the decades, but no down year has ever been worse than the 0-9 one the Gators put up in 1946.

    Florida was clearly outscored, and the only good thing about the season was that it could only last so long. The sweet release at the end of the season was simply the end of the massacre.

71. Rutgers Scarlet Knights

56 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1997 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 496

    Points Scored: 191

    Final Score: 27.80

    Rutgers got its worst season out of the way just before the BCS era started. That was as good a time as any, and the Knights have since become a contender in the American Athletic Conference.

    Time passes, and the wounds fade, but the quickest way to get over a terrible season is to succeed. Rutgers is definitely doing that now.

70. Rice Owls

57 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1982 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 361

    Points Scored: 138

    Final Score: 27.66

    Rice posted an 0-11 season in 1982, and they scored just 27.66 percent of the points on the field that year. The enemy scored the other 72.34.

    While that is definitely a bad season, it was over 30 years ago. That's welcome news to fans of the Owls.

69. Kansas State Wildcats

58 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1988 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 448

    Points Scored: 171

    Final Score: 27.63

    The 1988 season was a blessing in disguise for Kansas State fans. Though it was the worst in school history, head coach Stan Parrish was fired as a result of back-to-back seasons with zero wins.

    Who was hired in 1989? Bill Snyder.

    "You're welcome." -Parrish.

68. LSU Tigers

59 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1910 (1-5)

    Points Allowed: 119

    Points Scored: 45

    Final Score: 27.44

    LSU has had a long history of success, and that is evident from the year listed. In every season since 1910, the Tigers have posted at least two wins. While some teams claim not to tolerate coaches who lose, LSU has stood by that claim.

    While we're on the subject, other teams might want to look into LSU's hiring practices. Sure, there's a recruiting advantage, but a 100-year span with no fewer than two wins is something to emulate.

67. Florida Atlantic Owls

60 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2011 (1-11)

    Points Allowed: 416

    Points Scored: 155

    Final Score: 27.15

    Florida Atlantic's football team first took the field in 2001, and it saw success as soon as 2003. Although there were a few bad seasons peppered throughout the decade, the Owls made out pretty well for the first 10 years.

    In the 11th season, though, things took a turn for the worse. The 1-11 season that year finally cost Howard Schnellenberger his job. Carl Pelini took over in '12, and he immediately began turning things around.

66. Akron Zips

61 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2011 (1-11)

    Points Allowed: 462

    Points Scored: 170

    Final Score: 26.90

    Akron has put up three straight seasons with a 1-11 record. As called out in the intro, the first tiebreaker is points scored vs. points allowed.

    In that aspect, 2011 was clearly the worst. The Zips allowed over 450 points while scoring just 170. Akron was a pushover in 2011, and things have begun to turn around. In 2012, the Zips were outscored merely 428-313.

    That didn't make a difference in the win column, but it's a distinct improvement over the season before.

65. Florida International Golden Panthers

62 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2006 (0-12)

    Points Allowed: 313

    Points Scored: 115

    Final Score: 26.87

    Florida International fielded its first team in 2002, and the Golden Panthers have seen their share of losses. The worst season so far is the 0-12 run through the 2006 schedule.

    That season cost Don Strock his job, and Mario Cristobal took over. Cristobal was fired following the 2012 season, but he was still more successful than Strock. He took the Panthers to back-to-back bowl games in '10 and '11.

    It would seem that FIU would give him some time to rebuild to the success he'd already created, but obviously that wasn't the case.

64. Memphis Tigers

63 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss record): 2010 (1-11)

    Points Allowed: 478

    Points Scored: 173

    Final Score: 26.57

    Larry Porter had two seasons to establish himself as the next head coach of the Memphis Tigers. He led off with the worst season in school history in 2010. He followed that up with the second-worst season in 2011.

    Needless to say, the Tigers didn't give him time to recover before hiring Justin Fuente, who immediately won more games in one season than Porter did in the two years prior.

    The Memphis Tigers won one game in 2010, and that was one fewer win than the previous worst season in history. Let it never be said that Porter was not a record-breaking coach.

63. Hawaii Warriors

64 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1998 (0-12)

    Points Allowed: 422

    Points Scored: 149

    Final Score: 26.09

    Fred Von Appen's final season at Hawaii was an excellent reason to terminate his employment. After three seasons, he had not only failed to advance the program, but he actually posted the worst season in the record books.

    It may have been close to 15 years ago, but zero-win seasons aren't easily forgotten, and they're far from forgivable.

62. Iowa Hakeyes

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1973 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 401

    Points Scored: 140

    Final Score: 25.878 (tiebreaker)

    Iowa is part of the second (but not last) tie that was broken by three-digit expansion. The 1973 Hawkeyes posted 260 fewer points than their opponents, and the 0-11 record was the consequence.

    The bright side? That season started 40 years ago. The Hawkeyes may not be ready to contend for a national title in 2013, but they are certainly not going to post zero wins.

61. Tulsa Golden Hurricane

66 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1954 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 338

    Points Scored: 118

    Final Score: 25.877 (tiebreaker)

    Tulsa edged out the Iowa Hawkeyes by one thousandth of a point to earn the No. 61 spot on this list. (Or did Iowa edge out Tulsa?)

    The Golden Hurricane fielded its own 0-11 squad back in 1954, and it was outscored 338-118 for the season. Tulsa is far more successful now than it was in '54, and it's been nearly 60 years since Tulsa was that awful.

60. SMU Mustangs

67 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2003 (0-12)

    Points Allowed: 386

    Points Scored: 134

    Final Score: 25.77

    SMU waited for the new millennium to post its worst season. The 0-12 jaunt through 2003 was easily the winner of this competition, although it isn't a competition worth winning.

    SMU has had its share of struggles throughout the years (mostly self-induced), but 2003 was the worst on-field struggle since the program's inception.

59. Oklahoma State Cowboys

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1991 (0-10-1)

    Points Allowed: 307

    Points Scored: 106

    Final Score: 25.67

    Oklahoma State just had the best season in school history in 2011 and has a realistic shot at winning the Big 12 in 2013, but the Cowboys were not always that successful.

    Back in 1991, the only thing not completely disappointing was the 6-6 tie with the Iowa State Cyclones. It's safe to say that OSU was not in the mix for the Big Eight title that season.

58. Washington Huskies

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2008 (0-12)

    Points Allowed: 463

    Points Scored: 159

    Final Score: 25.56

    Washington is a bit of a roller-coaster squad in the Pac-12. Even from season-to-season, great things happen alongside moments of complete failure. In 2012, this was evidenced by the win over Stanford followed by a loss to Washington State at the end of the season.

    By far, the lowest point of the program was the 2008 season that ended with an 0-12 record. The Huskies were nearly tripled in score at the end of the season, and opponents missed that mark by a mere two touchdowns.

57. Northern Illinois Huskies

70 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1997 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 382

    Points Scored: 129

    Final Score: 25.24

    Northern Illinois has improved almost beyond measure during the BCS era. From the winless 1997 season to the BCS-busting performance in 2012, the Huskies have become an entirely different program.

    The more successfully NIU recruits, the further into the past that terrible season moves. It still puts them at No. 57 here.

56. Kentucky Wildcats

71 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1982 (0-10-1)

    Points Allowed: 287

    Points Scored: 96

    Final Score: 25.07

    Kentucky isn't the cream of the SEC, but it's definitely not the worst of the conference here. There are still some major SEC players coming in future slides.

    Kentucky posted a zero-win season back in 1982, and the Wildcats have done well to keep that season in the past. With the addition of Texas A&M and Missouri to the conference, Florida's vast improvement and the SEC's general dominance on-field, it's a wonder that Kentucky didn't break this record in 2012.

55. Washington State Cougars

72 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2009 (1-11)

    Points Allowed: 432

    Points Scored: 144

    Final Score: 25.00

    Washington State is the first team on this list to break the triple-point barrier. The Cougars scored 144 total points in 2009, and their opponents combined to score three times that amount. Granted, that's not something to cheer about, but sports gamblers probably liked the Cougars that year.

    After all, unless the spread was out of control, chances are good that your team covered it against Washington State.

54. Kent State Golden Flashes

73 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1998 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 454

    Points Scored: 149

    Final Score: 24.71

    Kent State is yet another team that started the BCS era off completely wrong. Naturally, there is no good time to post a zero in the win column, but there are definitely times that are significantly worse than others.

    The Golden Flashes have risen up the conference to become a formidable opponent to any team in the country. Kent State made the transition from punching bag to quality team in a relatively short period of time.

    Not everyone can rise as quickly as an Ohio State.

53. Colorado State Rams

74 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1981 (0-12)

    Points Allowed: 502

    Points Scored: 164

    Final Score: 24.62

    Colorado State has distanced itself well from the 1981 season, but it still comes in at No. 53 on the big board of terror. The Rams were outscored by 338 points that year, and that's the sixth-largest margin on the board.

    As explained in the intro, the raw margin would have been incomplete method to ranking the teams. The percentage of total points scored is much more fair, as it bridges decades much more fairly.

52. Illinois Fighting Illini

75 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1997 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 368

    Points Scored: 119

    Final Score: 24.44

    Ron Turner's first season with the Illinois Fighting Illini was the worst. To be fair, he inherited a team that had just gone 2-9 the year before, so it wasn't completely his fault.

    Regardless of whose fault it is, the 1997 Illini stand as the worst single-season performers ever to take the field for Illinois.

51. Nevada Wolf Pack

76 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1950 (1-9)

    Points Allowed: 363

    Points Scored: 117

    Final Score:  24.38

    Nevada has done well for itself, and you have to go back more than 60 years to find its worst season. That title belongs to the 1950 Wolf Pack who finished at 1-9 on the year.

    A margin of 363-117, though bad, is still not nearly as disparate as some of the upcoming teams' scores. Once we hit No. 23, not one team breaks the three-digit barrier.

50. Texas Longhorns

77 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1938 (1-8)

    Points Allowed: 162

    Points Scored: 52

    Final Score: 24.30

    No, the 2012 season wasn't Texas' worst. It may have felt that way to Longhorns fans with high expectations, but the 1938 season commands the solemn respect it deserves.

    Not only did Texas manage to hold teams to a total of 162 points, the Longhorns managed to find a way to lose eight of their nine games.

    Texas has had bad seasons in the past, but nothing compares to 1938. That speaks volumes to the brand that Texas has built.

49. Ohio Bobcats

78 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1994 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 259

    Points Scored: 82

    Final Score: 24.04

    Tyler Tettleton and Beau Blankenship were not part of the 1994 Ohio Bobcats, and the 0-11 final record should serve as 100 percent proof of that. (Well, that and the fact that they are on the roster 19 years later.)

    The Bobcats could have done worse in '94, but not my much. They held teams to a beatable 20 points per game, and decided to average eight for themselves. That's practically the exact opposite of a national championship.

48. Massachusetts Minutemen

79 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2012 (1-11)

    Points Allowed: 482

    Points Scored: 152

    Final Score: 23.97

    Massachusetts finished 2012 with its worst performance to date. The Minutemen are yet another upstart squad in the FBS, and the lack of experience really hurt them. They are eligible for the postseason for the first time in 2013.

    On the bright side, they do have experience with success. UMass won the FCS National Championship as recently as 1998.

47. South Carolina Gamecocks

80 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1999 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 278

    Points Scored: 87

    Final Score: 23.84

    South Carolina has made one of the biggest pushes of the BCS era. In a few short years, the Gamecocks went from a program-worst 0-11 to a program best 11 wins and an appearance in the SEC title game (2010).

    South Carolina's improvement can't help it escape the horror that was 1999, though. Nobody forgets the year that their team couldn't score 100 points...especially in 11 games.

46. Buffalo Bulls

81 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1999 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 426

    Points Scored: 130

    Final Score: 23.38

    Buffalo and South Carolina have something directly in common: The 1999 season was the worst in school history for both programs.

     While South Carolina posted a better defense and a better overall score as a result, at least Buffalo broke the 100-point barrier. The downside is that the Bulls allowed almost 150 more points than the Gamecocks did, putting themselves at No. 46.

45. Utah State Aggies

82 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1941 (0-8)

    Points Allowed: 153

    Points Scored: 46

    Final Score: 23.12

    Utah State has allowed 72 years to pass since its worst season. The Aggies went 0-8 that year, with a 107-point margin of loss.

    At first glance, that doesn't look like the 45th-worst season in college football, but they scored only 46 points through the year. That explains it.

44. TCU Horned Frogs

83 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1976 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 430

    Points Scored: 128

    Final Score: 22.94

    After going 1-10 in 1974 and '75, things couldn't have gotten much worse, right? Oh ye of little faith. The TCU Horned Frogs followed the back-to-back one-win seasons with a zero-win season, just to make sure that everyone knew which season was the worst.

    After being outscored 430 to 128 in the '76 season, the Frogs took until 1984 before posting a respectable record again. This was the worst single season in school history, but the entire decade between '73 and '83 was forgettable.

43. Florida State Seminoles

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1973 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 331

    Points Scored: 98

    Final Score: 22.84

    Florida State lost 11 straight games in 1973, and the program still hasn't done worse than that. Also, since 1970, the Seminoles have not failed to break 100 points other than the '73 season.

    This year was the worst for more reasons than just final record, and it comes in at No. 43.

42. Georgia Bulldogs

85 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1909 (1-4-2)

    Points Allowed: 48

    Points Scored: 14

    Final Score: 22.58

    In 1904 and '05, Georgia went a combined 2-10 (1-5 each season). Luckily for the Bulldogs, those were prior to the forward pass. Sadly, it didn't help much.

    Just a few short years later, in 1909, the Bulldogs would amass a record of 1-4-2 while scoring only 14 points. Percentage evens the playing field, putting Georgia at No. 42 overall.

    The good news for Bulldogs fans is that they have enjoyed more than 100 years with no fewer than two wins.

41. BYU Cougars

86 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1949 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 372

    Points Scored: 105

    Final Score: 22.01

    BYU hasn't had a season this bad in over 70 years. The 0-11 mark set in 1949 still has not been surpassed, and Cougars fans have no interest in breaking this particular record.

    As long as Kyle Van Noy is healthy, there is zero chance that the 2013 season will be worse than 1949.

40. Oregon State Beavers

87 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1980 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 386

    Points Scored: 108

    Final Score: 21.86

    Oregon State's worst season was back when the Americans defeated the Soviets on ice in one of the greatest moments in sports history.

    The Beavers' worst season ranks No. 40, which isn't bad for nearly a four-to-one ratio of points allowed to points scored.

39. Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders

88 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1978 (1-9-1)

    Points Allowed: 340

    Points Scored: 95

    Final Score: 21.84

    Middle Tennessee has been playing football for a while, and the 1978 season was its worst. Not only did the Blue Raiders score fewer than 100 points, but they allowed well over 300 as well.

    Middle Tennessee did beat Morehead State in this year, but it was a scant 9-6 win. It didn't significantly alter the ranking of the season at all.

38. Wisconsin Badgers

89 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1968 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 310

    Points Scored: 86

    Final Score: 21.72

    Wisconsin just finished its third trip to the Rose Bowl in as many years, and the Badgers are among the most successful programs in the Big Ten right now. However, they have quite a few seasons that landed them far short of bowl games as well.

    The worst, by far, is the 0-10 run through 1968. While college football provides great entertainment for many, fans of zero-win teams would rather have all that time back than see their team lose for an entire year.

    Unfortunately, people don't know when the winless season is coming. They only know when it has just happened.

37. Nebraska Cornhuskers

90 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1957 (1-9)

    Points Allowed: 243

    Points Scored: 67

    Final Score: 21.61

    Nebraska failed to average even a touchdown per game back in 1957, and its opponents averaged more than three. The 'Huskers still managed to keep themselves from being quadrupled in score for the season, but only narrowly.

36. Miami Hurricanes

91 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1944 (1-7-1)

    Points Allowed: 275

    Points Scored: 75

    Final Score: 21.42857

    *Situational tiebreaker: 1944 Miami won one game, therefore the season was slightly better than Louisiana-Lafayette's worst season. Both Miami and Louisiana-Lafayette allowed and scored the same number of points in their worst seasons.

    Miami is a successful football program and has been for decades. The Hurricanes have beaten their personal worst for 68 years, and the 2013 season could be one of their best. (Not the best, mind you, but one of the top 20.)

    If the opponents hadn't scored 275 points, someone might think that the touchdown was still worth just four points in 1944. It wasn't, but the 75-point total surely makes it look that way.

35. Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns

92 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1973 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 275

    Points Scored: 75

    Final Score: 21.42857

     *Situational tiebreaker: 1944 Miami won one game, therefore the season was slightly better than Louisiana-Lafayette. Both Miami and Louisiana-Lafayette allowed and scored the same number of points in their worst seasons.

    Louisiana's worst season was in 1973. It was a perfect storm of points allowed, practically no points scored and no marks in the win column when the dust settled. Louisiana-Lafayette will extend the distance to 40 years if the team stays healthy for 2013.

34. Colorado Buffaloes

93 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1915 (1-6)

    Points Allowed: 168

    Points Scored: 45

    Final Score: 21.13

    Colorado has had a rough transition to the Pac-12 Conference, but none of the seasons have been as rough as 1915 was. The Buffaloes were outscored by 123 total points, and the enemy scored just 168.

    The most devastating fact? The only win of the season was 30-0 over Wyoming. That's right, Colorado scored 66.6 percent of its points in the season opener, and that opponent scored zero.

    That means that Colorado was outscored 168-15 in the next six games.

33. UTEP Miners

94 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1973 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 544

    Points Scored: 142

    Final Score: 20.70

    UTEP finished the 1973 season 0-11, and the Miners were outscored 544-142. That averages out to a final score of roughly 49-13 in each game.

    That is a terrible season, but it raises the question: "How bad is the worst team in the history of college football if we're still 32 seasons away from it?"

32. Tulane Green Wave

95 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1962 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 293

    Points Scored: 76

    Final Score: 20.60

    The previous team lost by an average of 49-13. The Tulane Green Wave lost by an average of 29-7 in 1962, and they posted zero wins as well.

    They barely edged out UTEP for the No. 32 spot on the list, but nobody can rightly argue that they didn't earn it.

31. Baylor Bears

96 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1969 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 344

    Points Scored: 87

    Final Score: 20.19

    Baylor has been on a school record-breaking tear lately, and the recent success puts the 1969 season into sharp contrast. Back in '69, the Bears went 0-10, and they were bested by an average score of around 34-9.

    Baylor narrowly missed out on the top 30, but Bears fans shouldn't mind a bit.

30. Kansas Jayhawks

97 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1954 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 377

    Points Scored: 93

    Final Score: 19.79

    In 1954, Kansas posted the worst season in its existence with an 0-10 run in which the Jayhawks failed to score 100 points. Kansas' opponents didn't fail to meet that mark, though, and they combined to score more than four times as many points as the Jayhawks.

    Kansas is the first team on this list to allow four times as many points as it scored over a whole season.

29. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

98 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1962 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 278

    Points Scored: 66

    Final Score: 19.18

    Wake Forest almost beat Virginia in 1962 (lost 14-12), but the biggest tell of the year was against Duke. The Blue Devils earned a 50-point shutout over the Demon Deacons in the middle of November.

    Wake Forest has had some bad seasons, but losing to Duke 50-0 on a football field has got to rank up there with the worst seasons in history. On this list, it's No. 29.

28. San Diego State Aztecs

99 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1942 (0-6-1)

    Points Allowed: 211

    Points Scored: 50

    Final Score: 19.16

    San Diego State threw down its worst season ever during the World War II era. The 1942 Aztecs posted a 211-50 scoring margin and went without a single win over the entire season.

    The only non-loss was a 6-6 tie with the Pomona-Pitzer Colleges.

27. Marshall Thundering Herd

100 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1967 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 311

    Points Scored: 72

    Final Score: 18.80

    Marshall incurred its least impressive performance in 1967. The Thundering Herd scored a scant 72 points in 10 games while allowing over 300 in the same span.

    They lost by seven or fewer points to Toledo, Xavier and Bowling Green, but the rest of the season was an explosive display of ineptitude.

26. Arizona State Sun Devils

101 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1937 (0-8-1)

    Points Allowed: 140

    Points Scored: 32

    Final Score: 18.60

    Arizona State did not have Will Sutton in 1937, and the Sun Devils gave up almost five times as many points as they scored that year.

    Outside of the 6-6 tie with Whittier, Arizona State was trounced by everyone on its schedule.

25. Temple Owls

102 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2005 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 498

    Points Scored: 107

    Final Score: 17.69

    Temple had its worst in 2005, but it was followed closely by a 1-11 season in 2006. That was a brutal stretch of 22 games for Owls fans, but the 0-11 trip through '05 was the worse of the two.

    The Owls were outscored 498-107, leaving them with a point percentage of 17.69. Temple cracks the top 25, and it's all downhill from here. If you haven't seen your team yet, it's coming.

24. Idaho Vandals

103 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 2012 (1-11)

    Points Allowed: 509

    Points Scored: 109

    Final Score: 17.64

    Idaho just went through its most terrible season in school history. Back in 2007, the Vandals finished with a 1-11 record as well, but the 509-109 scoring discrepancy in 2012 far overshadowed what happened in '07.

23. NC State Wolfpack

104 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1929 (1-8)

    Points Allowed: 207

    Points Scored: 44

    Final Score: 17.53

    NC State is another surprisingly successful program, having outperformed its worst season for 83 years and counting. The Wolfpack dropped a bomb of a season in 1929, and finished 1-8 that year.

    NC State failed to break the 50-point barrier, yet let Michigan State score 40 in one game. Coach Gus Tebell did not return to coach the Wolfpack in 1930 as a result of the worst season in school history.

22. Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

105 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1924 (1-7-1)

    Points Allowed: 171

    Points Scored: 36

    Final Score: 17.39

    Louisiana Tech looks about as far back as anyone on this list to find its low point. The 1924 Bulldogs went 1-7-1, and they followed that with a 1-7-2 season in 1925. (The 1925 season lost in the first tiebreaker, as tie games are no better nor worse than losses.)

    The Bulldogs fired the head coach at the end of each season, meaning that freshmen who enrolled in 1923 actually spent four years under four different coaches. That couldn't have been good for the win-loss record...and it clearly wasn't.

21. Troy Trojans

106 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1961 (1-8)

    Points Allowed: 273

    Points Scored: 56

    Final Score: 17.02

    Troy hails from the state of Alabama, and they generally don't compete with the likes of the University of Alabama. Just to point it out, the Crimson Tide have yet to grace us with their presence here, so Troy at least beat them at something.

    The Trojans narrowly avoided the top 20, but still gave up a huge number of points during the 1-8 stroll through 1961. The Trojans allowed 30 points per game and scored just six. The only win was 7-0 over West Alabama.

20. Virginia Cavaliers

107 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1959 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 393

    Points Scored: 80

    Final Score: 16.91

    Virginia is in the midst of a downturn in the ACC, but it's nothing compared to the 1959 season. That season, Virginia won no games and couldn't even score 100 points. The average loss was 39-8.

    No matter how bad things get at Virginia, chances are great that they won't get "1959 bad."

19. Maryland Terrapins

108 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1967 (0-9)

    Points Allowed: 231

    Points Scored: 46

    Final Score: 16.61

    Maryland is the first team to allow five times as many points as it scored in a season. The Terrapins allowed 231 points against its own 46.

    Maryland almost beat Syracuse and Virginia, but nobody else. The Terrapins might be doing badly now, but Stefon Diggs could score five points per game by himself. That ensures that '67 will be the worst season in school history for at least another year.

18. Fresno State Bulldogs

109 of 126

    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1944 (0-6)

    Points Allowed: 95

    Points Scored: 18

    Final Score: 15.93

    Fresno State has a great quarterback in Derek Carr. That means that 1944 will remain the worst season in history through 2013. Most likely, it will stand for years to come, but it's nearly guaranteed for this fall.

    The Bulldogs had half the equation correct for '44. They allowed only 95 points over six games. That's an average of 16 points per game. The Bulldogs failed to capitalize on that, though, and managed to score only three points per contest.

    That left them with an 0-6 record and the worst season in school history. You might be curious whether the Bulldogs have the worst "points scored" number on the list. The answer is no.

17. Alabama Crimson Tide

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1955 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 256

    Points Scored: 48

    Final Score: 15.79

    Alabama's worst season was under J.B. "Ears" Whitworth, and it was just a few years before Bear Bryant showed up and changed the face of Alabama football forever.

    The Crimson Tide went 0-10, and managed to score less than a touchdown per game. They allowed an average of three touchdowns and a field goal in every game.

16. East Carolina Pirates

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1948 (0-9)

    Points Allowed: 206

    Points Scored: 38

    Final Score: 15.57

    East Carolina may have its ups and downs, but the Pirates have not gone without at least one win since 1948. The Pirates scored just 38 points that season, which is barely enough to win a single game these days.

    They allowed 206 points, which was more than 20 per game. East Carolina predictably lost every match that season.

15. Connecticut Huskies

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1932 (0-6-2)

    Points Allowed: 158

    Points Scored: 27

    Final Score: 14.59

    Connecticut had its worst season in 1932. The Huskies scored a scant 27 points, including a 19-point tie with Rhode Island to close the season. If you take that single game out, UConn was outscored 139-8 the rest of the year.

14. Virginia Tech Hokies

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1950 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 430

    Points Scored: 72

    Final Score: 14.34

    Virginia Tech allowed nearly six times as many points as it scored in 1950, and the Hokies reasonably lost all 10 games. The average score for each loss was 43-7, and it has stood the test of time as the worst outing in school history.

    This record isn't just undesirable to break, but it's nearly impossible. It ranks as the 14th-worst season on this list.

13. Northwestern Wildcats

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1981 (0-11)

    Points Allowed: 505

    Points Scored: 82

    Final Score: 13.97

    Northwestern followed the terrible 1980 season (0-11) with an even worse year, though you have to look at the scoring margin to see the full story.

    Northwestern scored 82 points while allowing 505. For an 11-game season, that's an average game score of 46-7. It's safe to say that Northwestern will never do worse than it did in 1981.

12. West Virginia Mountaineers

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1960 (0-8-2)

    Points Allowed: 259

    Points Scored: 40

    Final Score: 13.38

    West Virginia's worst came in 1960. The Mountaineers allowed fewer points than a lot of the teams on this list, but they also scored a lot fewer. The games may be closer in average score than other teams' (26-4 for WVU's losses), but the dominance of other teams over West Virginia was more intense.

11. Michigan Wolverines

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1934 (1-7)

    Points Allowed: 143

    Points Scored: 21

    Final Score: 12.80

    The low-scoring era aside, Michigan's 1934 performance was one of the worst in the history of the sport. The Wolverines managed just under a field goal per game that year, missing the exact three-point average by one kick.

    Out of the 164 total points scored on the field in Michigan games, the Wolverines got 12.8 percent of them. The lone win of the season was a 9-2 victory over Georgia Tech. If you remove that game from consideration, the Wolverines were outscored 141-12 throughout the terrible year.

10. Toledo Rockets

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1925 (1-10)

    Points Allowed: 206

    Points Scored: 28

    Final Score: 11.97

    In the fifth game of the 1925 season, Toledo beat Findlay 20-0. Besides that game, the Rockets' opponents outscored them 206-8. Luckily for Toledo, no games were dropped during the statistical analysis, or they would have been at No. 2 instead of No. 10.

9. Auburn Tigers

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1950 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 255

    Points Scored: 31

    Final Score: 10.84

    Five years before Alabama's zero-win debacle, Auburn set the pace with a 255-31 performance over the course of the 1950 season. When the smoke cleared, Auburn had 10 losses and nothing to talk about during the offseason except how much better next year should be.

    The Tigers weren't the worst in the sport's history, but they certainly gave it a great shot.

8. Michigan State Spartans

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1917 (0-10)

    Points Allowed: 193

    Points Scored: 23

    Final Score: 10.65

    Michigan State finished the 1917 season with 10 losses and zero wins. The Spartans are quickly approaching the 100-year anniversary of the abysmal performance, and they have yet to come anywhere near doing that badly again. That's always a good sign.

7. Clemson Tigers

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1925 (1-7)

    Points Allowed: 160

    Points Scored: 18

    Final Score: 10.11

    Now we are on the home stretch. After Clemson, no team's final score is in the double digits anymore, and the Tigers barely made it over 10.

    Clemson scored just 18 points in 1925, but still managed to get a win. That was a 6-0 contest against The Citadel, meaning that Clemson was outscored in other games 160-12.

    It's difficult to say what's more amazing: that Clemson scored just 18 points or that it worked an unlikely win into that scenario.

6. Tennessee Volunteers

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1909 (1-6-2)

    Points Allowed: 113

    Points Scored: 11

    Final Score: 8.87

    Tennessee comes in strongly at No. 6 with a scoring ratio of 113-11. Again, like Clemson, a low-scoring team manages to cram a victory into the schedule.

    In Tennessee's case, it's a much worse situation than Clemson's. Tennessee ended the season with an 11-0 shutout of Transylvania University. Yes, a shutout is generally good, but this means that UT was beaten 113-0 through eight of the nine games.

5. Cincinnati Bearcats

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1937 (0-12)

    Points Allowed: 256

    Points Scored: 24

    Final Score: 8.57

    Cincinnati is the last team on the list with more than 20 points scored. The Bearcats trudged through the 1937 season with 12 straight losses. They allowed 356 points and scored just 24.

    That's less than a tenth of what their opponents scored during the year. Cincinnati barely slipped down to the fifth spot, though. The next team was worse by a tenth of a percentage point.

4. Purdue Boilermakers

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1907 (0-5)

    Points Allowed: 108

    Points Scored: 10

    Final Score: 8.47

    Purdue allowed just 108 points through five games, but the lack of offense just made things worse. The Boilermakers scored 10 points throughout the 1907 season. That's an average victory of 22-2 for Purdue's opponents.

    The Boilermakers crossed the 100-year anniversary of this season at the end of the 2007-2008 postseason, and they will extend the streak another year in 2013.

3. Wyoming Cowboys

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1923 (0-8)

    Points Allowed: 265

    Points Scored: 16

    Final Score: 5.69

    The third-worst team on this list is the 1923 Wyoming Cowboys. They went 0-8, scored a whipping 16 points (two per game) and allowed 265 (33 per game).

    That's right, the Cowboys were outscored by an average of 33-2 through the '23 schedule. Head coach John Corbett was fired at the end of the year.

2. Ole Miss Rebels

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1907 (0-6)

    Points Allowed: 195

    Points Scored: 6

    Final Score: 2.99

    Ole Miss comes in solidly at No. 2 on the list. The Rebels scored 10 fewer points than Wyoming, but allowed almost 200. That gave the Rebels a whopping 2.99 percent of the share of total points scored.

    This was Frank Mason's only shot as head coach for Ole Miss, and he was the first of two one-year coaches in a row for the Rebels.

    How could someone possibly do worse than a six-point season? Did the top team allow a bunch of points, or simply score even fewer than the Rebels?

1. Arkansas State Red Wolves

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    Season (Win-Loss Record): 1922 (0-8)

    Points Allowed: 469

    Points Scored: 0

    Final Score: 0

    The unbelievable answer to that last question is, "both." Not only did Arkansas State score zero points in 1922, they allowed 469 in eight games. The worst loss was an 82-point shutout at the hands of Central Arkansas.

    The closest loss was the 38-point beating by Little Rock College. Arkansas State set the bar for the worst season in college football history. It is not a record that will easily be broken. It may not even be possible at this point.