How I Would Book Jericho vs. Undertaker

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How I Would Book Jericho vs. Undertaker
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Judgment Day-Chris Jericho beats Rey Mysterio for Intercontinental title

Extreme Rules-Chris Jericho beats Edge, Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio to win world title (becomes double champion)

Smackdown 6/12/09-Punk tells Jericho he will cash in at the bash.

Great American Bash-Jericho is about to win but lights go out and when they go back on Punk gives Jericho the GTS for the win

Smackdown 7/3/09-Jericho wants answers from Teddy Long and Teddy tells him Undertaker did that because of how Jericho has insulted Smackdown for months and he will defend the Intercontinental title against Undertaker at Night of Champions.(Undertaker returns that night)

Night of Champions-Undertaker beats Chris Jericho by countout. Jericho retains Intercontinental title.

Smackdown 8/4/09-John Morrison beats Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental title with help from the Undertaker the same way he helped Punk beat Jericho.

Smackdown 8/11/09-Undertaker,C.M.Punk and John Morrison beat Chris Jericho, Edge and Umaga. After the match Undertaker is taken out by Edge, Umaga, Dolph Ziggler and Mike Knox led by Chris Jericho.

Jericho drives a hearse into the arena and puts Undertaker into it and drives into the Titantron.

Smackdown 8/11/09-Chris Jericho does a promo with his four attackers, then Kane comes out and says Undertaker will punish all who harmed him. Then the lights go out; woen they go back on, Edge is out cold.

Later on during his match with World champion Punk Mike Knox is kidnapped when the lights went out. Dolph Ziggler cannot be found later that night. Then there is a six-man tag later that night with Edge (scared), Umaga and Jericho vs. Mysterio, Jeff Hardy and John Morrison after the match Edge fights Punk who he is feuding with to the back.

Then Umaga and Jericho are in the ring the lights go out and when back on Taker has Umaga in Hell's Gate. Taker then says he challenges Jericho to a last ride match.

Summerslam-Undertaker beats Chris Jericho in last ride match.

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