WWE World Title: Best Finishes for Alberto Del Rio's Feud with Rob Van Dam

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJuly 26, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

Alberto Del Rio appears to be kicking off a long-term feud with Rob Van Dam, as the two are the advertised main event for this week's SmackDown. Given the thin babyface roster, RVD has to be considered the favorite to receive the next world title shot. 

Since returning at Money in the Bank, Van Dam has been as over as he has ever been, but has only been booked in one-off matches.

The same can be said about Del Rio, except for the part about being over. 

Del Rio and Van Dam could be a mutually beneficial feud, with both superstars standing to benefit from a program of substance. Del Rio has the most to gain from a feud with RVD. Van Dam is a name-brand talent with a fresh batch of valuable jobs to dole out. 

Del Rio getting the better of Van Dam in a series of matches would help put him over the hump as a serial main eventer. 

Then again, RVD is one of the hottest commodities currently on WWE TV. Common logic says that a 42-year-old Van Dam at the back end of his career is best suited as someone to help put over younger wrestlers. 

But as hot as RVD is, winning his first World Heavyweight Championship would only add value to the title. Even a brief title run to be subsequently ended by Del Rio could be a best-case scenario for all parties involved.

Even-steven booking, however, tends to defeat its own purpose. 

So what's the ideal finish to a potential feud between Van Dam and Del Rio? If WWE is serious about making Del Rio a main event star, the answer is academic. 

Van Dam, for all his talents and popularity, should be relegated to the Chris Jericho role. During his last two tours with WWE, Jericho lost more than he won, but did so for the greater good.

Jericho's excellence in the ring reduced the negative effect of him losing, while giving more meaning to the winners in question. 

A feud with RVD could be the key to Del Rio's world title reign meaning something. A string of strong matches with the right finish will only help WWE's business.


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