Feuds From The Vault - Cheerleader Melissa vs. MsChif

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IMay 9, 2009

After watching allot of wrestling in my free time as usual, I had a brilliant idea for a new article here on Bleacher Report: Feuds From The Vault. I will continue to write articles about feuds that have impressed me during my many years of watching professional wrestling.

The first that sprung to mind was the unrivaled feud between Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif back in the early days of Shimmer.

Back in 2005 the first milestone in Shimmers history occured with the very first taping of its DVD series but more importantly it was the stage and essentially the first match in the Melissa/ MsChif feud. The two locked up (pardon the pun) in an awesome showing at that event. The spot that was a microcosm for the feud happened when they took the action to the outside and Melissa had MsChif twisted around the guard rail which I'd never seen two women do and kudos to MsChif for putting the move over extremely well.  Throughout a back and forth match the winner was MsChif using her patented Desecrator by reversing Melissa's Kudoh Driver. However this was only the spark to the engulfing feud that encapsulated my attention, as Melissa unhappy with the outcome challenged MsChif to a falls count anywhere match.

Scheduled for the Shimmer 4 taping the match was one of the best matches in the history of Shimmer which is a bold statement to make but the reasons are obvious. Both women gave a solid performance and at one point the match spilled out of The Eagles Club in Berwyn into the streets. Another startling point of the match was when MsChif was locked into a cringe worthy submission which saw her right leg wrapped around her own head. But all good things come to an end and after a good 25 minutes of wrestling Melissa came out on top with and unbelievable Texas cloverleaf which saw MsChif literally kicking herself in the head with a chair.

The feud was not ended there however, as Cheerleader Melissa was competing in a hard fought match against Allison Danger she was distracted by MsChif who cost her the match and made the heel Melissa more hell bent on revenge.

She did get her hands on MsChif the following volume in a last woman standing match which rightly so was booked in the main event spot. This was also a very solid match which showed the in ring chemistry between the two at an all time high. But yet again it was a little disturbing, as some of the submissions in play by Melissa were damn near back breaking for MsChif (if she even has one.) But the match came to end and even though it wasnt as strong as the falls count anywhere match they had it ended with the desecrator from MsChif onto a chair.

The next volume saw a strange twist in the story of MsChif and Melissa as the feud was supposedly ended after the last woman standing match. We saw Melissa stroll out to ringside but was unable to interfere before Lacey as she got Rain disqualified via an illegal chain. Then the "strange twist" occured as Melissa attacks the heels in the situation instead of MsChif, this was a bad choice in my eyes. Later in the night the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew challenged MsChif and Melissa to a tag match.

Sadly I have to mention volume 8, what were the booking team thinking? Really, why dilute a great feud into a tag team combination. To me it seemed like they were trying to match Melissa and MsChif's in ring chemistry and blend it seamlessly into "MelisChif" which didn't work. Primarily because of there styles complementing so well as opponents it seemed confusing to have them pair up after some of the spots they had done.

That pretty much covers the Shimmer side of life for the feud. However they had another run in at a PWR show for the coveted NWA Women's title. It was an unparallelled match and up there with there Shimmer Vol 4 match. Not being a fan of hardcore wrestling I was blown away by some of the bumps these two women were taking; scoop slamming each other on to entrance ramps, suplexes onto chairs and moon saults from the apron all made the match visually amazing. Also at one point MsChif looked like a women possessed whilst pushing her opponent on a trolley into rows upon rows of chairs which to me was a great comedic spot.

To sum up this feud in a sentence is a hard thing to do so all I'll say is this: "one of, if not the greatest womens feud in the past decade which propelled two great talents into undoubtle future cult legends."

Check back next week for another "feud from the vault."

- Steven D