Memo to Brett Favre: Come Back or Shut Up

John FalcettaSenior Analyst IApril 10, 2008

This is getting very old.

It seems everyday there is a new Brett Favre story from some "source" that is close to his agent, or Brett himself telling a small newspaper back home some outlandish garbage about coming back.

Well I am sick and tired of it.

This will be about the sixth offseason in a row where Brett dominates the headlines up until the draft and keeps the Green Bay Packers future on hold. I thought like many others he had decided this last month. Now here he is again playing to the media that won't let him go.

I say enough is enough.

Brett now says that if Aaron Rodgers gets hurt he would have to consider coming back to the Pack. Great move Brett, now we can all wait for the upcoming Tonya Harding attack on Rodgers. Let me guess what Brett will say next: 'if Rodgers throws a pick in the first quarter of the preseason that Brett may come back to save the Packers again.' Spare me.

Brett Favre is acting very selfish right now. If he did not want to retire he shouldn't have. Period. I am not saying the man does not have the right to come back—he most certainly does. But do it already or let it go so the Packers and Aaron Rodgers can move on with a future.

Hell even bringing up the thought of Rodgers getting hurt was out of line almost like he hopes it happens. Nice touch champ.

You know now there will be Cheese Heads who will root for it to happen. The already enormous pressure on Aaron Rodgers just got a ton worse.

I say that this is the last time I will mention Brett Favre ever again until he either suits up again and jerks everyone around for another season, or he goes into the Hall Of Fame in five years. I am sick of it and the sentiment is growing—it's time to put up or shut up or hopefully just go away.