I'm Not a Loser: Memoirs of a Wrestling Fan

Jared FarverCorrespondent IMay 9, 2009

I've been a wrestling fan for almost my entire life. Throughout my life I've encountered many people that think I'm a loser for being a wrestling fan.

These people tell me that wrestling is fake, scripted, and just plain dumb.

I would like to thank them for letting me in on the secret that Pro Wrestling is scripted. Without them, I may have never realized that.

I know all of you other wrestling fans have came across the same type of people.

As far back as Elementary School, I can remember kids telling me wrestling is dumb.

In first grade I was outside at recess and two older kids approached me. We were both playing in the same kickball game. I was wearing a Stone Cold shirt like I normally did.

One of the kids said something like "Don't you know wrestling is fake?" and his friend said something like "Yeah, and they take special stuff to become strong."

Of course, they meant wrestlers took steroids but I had no idea what steroids were at the time.

At that time, Stone Cold was my hero so I didn't believe what they had to say about him or wrestling.

The ironic thing about this whole situation is that one of the kids was wearing a Sammy Sosa shirt. I wish I knew then what I know now about Sammy Sosa. I would've told them that their hero is worse than mine.

As a kid a lot of my friends were wrestling fans. They all were huge Stone Cold, Undertaker, and The Rock fans.

As I grew older, more kids quit watching wrestling.

By the sixth grade, only a few of my friends still watched wrestling and there was only a few others in the entire school that watched it on a regular basis. I admit that I do attend quite a rather small school, but I'm sure it's like this throughout all schools.

Now, I'm almost finished with the 10th grade and the same friends from 6th grade are the only who still watch wrestling like I do. There are still a lot of kids who watch wrestling when they are "bored", or so they say.

I watched WrestleMania 25 at a friend's house. We invited a couple of friends over to help pay because neither of us have a job.

There were two of us there who were what I would call real wrestling fans. The others were just there to hang out, and I would consider them casual fans.

The casual fans all thought the dive off the ladder from Shelton Benjamin was astonishing. They thought the Santina moment was hilarious. They also thought it was hilarious that a man the size of JBL lost to a man the size of Rey Mysterio.

My friend has DVR so we watched their entire match twice, in less than a minute. They loved the fact that John Cena picked up both the Big Show and Edge at the same time.

So far my friends thought a lot of stuff was funny and fascinating that I didn't. They were also terribly upset over the Triple H and Randy Orton match, that was one of the things we agreed upon.

The other match that my friends and I agreed upon was the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels match. We were both amazed by the caliber of match the two legends put on.

All of my friends who hardly ever watched were on their feet. By the end of the match we had almost lost our voices because of all the shouting we did during the match.

Before this match, my friends had teased me a little bit about liking wrestling. After this match, they were speechless.

They had become wrestling fans, maybe not the biggest fans but they now had respect for the business. I believe if everyone would just watch one good match, they would become wrestling fans.

The next day at school I was talking to one of my friends, one of the casual fans that I watched WrestleMania with, about the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels' match.

We were in the middle of discussing how badly the Undertaker could've been hurt if he had actually fell straight on his head after leaping out of the ring.

Then a kid walked up to us. He listened for awhile and then said, "You guys still watch that crap? It's sooooo fake!". He then explained to us how the punches do not actually connect, that wrestling is scripted, and that the wrestlers cut themselves to bleed.

I thanked him for informing me on the world of wrestling.

Why are non-wrestling fans like this? Do they actually believe us wrestling fans are that dumb?

We've heard everything that they have to tell us by other morons, but for whatever reason they feel they should tell us about their feelings towards wrestling.

I watch a lot of matches on YouTube. There is always someone on the comment thread that says wrestling is dumb. They say it's a waste of time and wrestling fans are losers.

Ok, I guess that would make me a loser.

I'm a loser because I get to witness incredible athletes, watch some of the best entertainment today, and see some amazing athletic feats by man.

So, wrestling fans really aren't losers.

We wrestling fans don't care what non-fans think about wrestling and quite frankly we are happy they don't watch wrestling because they wouldn't understand it.

I'm a Pro Wrestling fan; I'm not a loser.