Breaking News: Alabama's Leigh Tiffin Assaulted...but Why?

L.C. May@lcmay474Correspondent IMay 9, 2009

NEW ORLEANS - JANUARY 02:  Kicker Leigh Tiffin #99 of the Alabama Crimson Tide converts a 52-yard field goal in the first half against the Utah Utes during the 75th Allstate Sugar Bowl at the Louisiana Superdome on January 2, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

There were jokes that something like this would happen to Leigh Tiffin, after he missed all those field goals against Arkansas in 2006. No one thought it would actually happen, but it did. Why would someone want to assault the son of legendary Alabama kicker Van Tiffin?

According to the Tuscaloosa police department, Tiffin was assaulted in downtown Tuscaloosa on Wednesday. According to witness reports, he was walking down the street when he was assaulted by at least two people. The witness called 911 and Tiffin was admitted into the hospital at 2 a.m.

Now before I discuss this issue, don't worry, all injuries were minor. The injuries were to his right hand, right leg, and both his feet. He is no longer in the hospital and is expected to recover from the injuries.

So, why would anyone want to assault him? Was it Alabama fans that were possibly under the influence and did it for the fun of it? Was it Auburn fans doing it to try to get "respect" from other Auburn fans? Or was it just thieves trying to get money from Tiffin?

Well, I will go ahead and knock the last option because according to police reports, nothing was taken from him at the time of the assault. So, was it a crazed, drunken Alabama fan just assaulting him as revenge for all the critical field goals he has missed?

Well, I believe that this is a possibility, but if this was the case, most likely, the fans were under the influence. I would also like to say that if this is the case, the fans that did it need to realize that assaulting Tiffin is not going to help him be a better kicker.

Also, for anyone that does ever get mad at Tiffin, just do what I do and remember all the good field goals he made and everything his dad did at Alabama.

So, was it an Auburn or Tennessee fan trying to assault Tiffin just to feel like a "hero" to other fans? Well, if this is the case then that was a pretty low thing to do—even though I do not believe this was the case, considering that assault took place in downtown Tuscaloosa.

So, what was the case in this terrible assault? I guess no one will know until the Tuscaloosa police department catches the assaulter.

I know one thing for sure—this was intentional. It's pretty weird for a kicker to get assaulted, and the injuries are sustained to his feet and kicking leg.

I would now like to ask everyone to please keep the Tiffin family in your thoughts and prayers. It must be really scary knowing that someone is trying to hurt your son. So once again, keep them in your thoughts and prayers, and let's hope that Leigh can bounce back and have a great year for the Alabama Crimson Tide.


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