The Nickel: Jericho Vs Hardy, Morrison/Benjamin, Edge/Punk, SD! Rocks

AkDSenior Writer IMay 8, 2009

Opening Segment

Teddy Long welcomes back Rey Mysterio to SD! and the crowd goes wild. It's only natural for Rey to have a huge pop. He started talking and I just wanted him to shut the heck up. It was the usual "Mi familia, 6-1-9" nonsense.

Thankfully, Chris Jericho came out and stopped him. He made his case about how he's disrespected on SD! An eight time IC champion and former WWE and World Heavyweight champion.

He got his usual heat and he began bashing the fans as hypocrites, which they are. Jericho obliterated everyone with the mic and Rey tells to shut up. He looks like a little kid about to get robbed for his lunch money when Jericho steps up to him. Jeff Hardy saves Rey after he pushes Jericho to the ground. Jeff said:

"You're an extremely sore loser!!"

Umm, all the top talents have mic work right? This is why he needs to go, the man simply is horrible. 

"Extremely sore loser!"

"What is this Mean Girls?!"

"Like you such a total loser!" (Sticks up fingers in shape of the letter L).

Anyway, Hardy slapped Jericho and the made Jericho a deal he couldn't refuse. If Jericho defeated Hardy, he would be including in the WHC match a Judgment Day. Teddy made it official and Jericho slithered to the back.

Morrison/Benjamin Feud

The future looks bright for both of these stars. The feud is still in it's inception, but I can't help but be excited. A superstars replay was shown when Morrison faced Jericho. Benjamin cut the now infamous "Gotcha" promo and that distraction cost Morrison the match against Jericho.

Unfortunately, Morrison didn't face Shelton Benjamin, but he faced his old tag parter Charlie Haas. Shelton sat at ringside and commentated without a headset. He was loud, clear, and rough.

"Come on Charlie!"

"Get on him!"

"Stay on him Charlie!"

If I didn't know any better I'd think Charlie was his dog or son. Haas did pretty well actually. He held Morrison in some mat submissions and connected with one heck of a big boot. Benjamin was outside yelling at the top of his lungs and even stood up a couple of times. This man was focused.

There was no Grisham, no Jim Ross, just Morrison. It might be too early to assume, but this man can be the next monster heel ala Randy Orton the way he was yelling and carrying on.

Haas ultimately fell victim to John Morrison's aerial assault including his springboard split-legged corkscrew moonsault. Morrison got the pin and defeated Haas. Morrison wanted Benjamin to come into the ring so bad. Benjamin rolled up his sleeves and put on foot on the steel steps, but stepped off.

He mumbled that Morrison ain't ready under his breath and Morrison was yelling "come on!" This is something to really look forward to, RAW better step their game up.

Edge vs CM Punk

The match was decent with Edge finding lucky ways to escape the GTS. Edge continues to look tired in the ring. He was still performing at his usual level, but he still looks a bit tired. Anyway, Edge couldn't handle CM Punk, so he didn't re-enter the ring for the 10-count and took the count out instead of going back and fighting Punk.

WWE seems hell bent on pushing this guy. Umaga attacked Punk again from behind. He spiked him again while Edge teased getting back into the ring when Punk was begging him to come back him.

I was hoping WWE would book Benjamin vs Morrison for Judgment day, but I had a feeling it would be Punk vs Umaga. I was right. Punk and Umaga will mix it up in nine days in Chicago.

Jericho vs Jeff Hardy

The match was fairly good, better than RAW's main event though I believe Hardy is horrendous. The twp provided solid action and Hardy was off to a hot start in which he quickly climbed to the top rope to attempt the swanton bomb, but Jericho rolled out of the ring to escape and take a breather.

Rey Mysterio decided to come out and Jericho went back into the ring to continue his match with Hardy. There were a number of reversals. Jericho had Hardy in pinned at one point using the ropes for leverage about to win, but Rey Mysterio blew the whistle on him and alerted the ref.

That pissed of Jericho and resulted in him yelling at Mysterio at ringside. That distraction was all Hardy needed for the win. You know, he got Jericho on the ground, then delivered the swanton bomb.

Jericho didn't get his spot in the WHC match a Judgment Day, I'm not surprised. Rey flew from the top rope and landed on Jericho for some revenge from earlier in the night Hardy and Mysterio both left and Jericho was fuming in the ring. I sense a Jericho vs Mysterio feud and it could be quite interesting.

Rest of The Show

Michelle McCool def. Gail Kim - Hell yeah, Kim got nothing on McCool. She wiped the floor with her practically dominating the entire match. It also appears the Alicia Fox is her manager? Nevertheless, McCool was victorious.

Mike Knox def. R-Truth- I'm happy for Knox, but wish Truth would get the time of day. I can't remember the last time he won a match. Truth had a strong showing in the ring though and he's still very popular, the crowd was really into his entrance. "WHAT'S UP?!"

Ricky Ortiz- He was in Teddy's office encourage Maria to knit?! Oh lord..

Ziggler beats down Khali- This was interesting and funny. Ziggler looks like he's going some where. Jimmy Wang Yang and Jeese were finally shown backstage!

Cryme Tyme hosts arm wrestling contest- Umm, they're useless right now. All that mattered was Layla. She got tons of heat didn't she? I'd flip out too, she should have won that dance contest in MSG the last week.

-SD! owned RAW, the show was just flat out better.