Let's Blow This Thing Up!

Chris KreitzerSenior Analyst IMay 8, 2009

12 runs in an inning before even registering an out with a Boston lineup consisting of Rocco Baldelli, Jeff Bailey, Nick Green and George Kottaras is pathetic.

Jeremy Sowers is a jobber and better be on a short leash as I would rather see David Huff get a shot as we pretty all much know what we have in Sowers.

The bullpen is a disaster. Masa Kobayashi is down right embarrassing and should be cut today.

Why is it so hard to find pitcher to pitch one inning?

The organization has done a terrible job home growing their own relievers, deciding rather to turn every good arm into a starter. Teams like Red Sox and Angels seem to always have internal options to go to in their minors for relief work.

The Tribe would rather go with journeyman stiffs like Vinnie Chulk and Matt Herges. I have no idea what they should do to make the situation tolerable in the late innings. They are making the decision now to turn starters in AA and A ball into relievers (Herrmann in Columbus, Putnam in Akron), but it probably is too late for 2009.

The bullpen of agony has done some good deeds for their team mates, masking the hitting struggles of Mark DeRosa, Jhonny Peralta, and Grady Sizemore. The trio has performed well below expectations and need to right their respective ships quickly or the season will be officially lost for good.

Our Indian summer may be ruined. I guess it can't get any worse.

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