Lack of Communication Costs the West Indies Dearly

Aaron KumarSenior Writer IMay 8, 2009

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 24:  Jerome Taylor of the West Indies has a chat to coach David Moore during the West Indies nets session at Headingley on May 24, 2007 in Leeds, England.  (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

Having worked and grafted so hard to beat England for the first time in nine years and therefore regain the Wisden Trophy, the West Indies appear to be well on their way to handing the initiative straight back to the English.

In normal circumstances, we hear the expression a "bad workman blames his tools," but in this instance, I have to have sympathy for the West Indian players.

Zimbabwe were the team that were originally meant to tour England, but due to the ongoing problem in the African nation, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown thought it best that Zimbabwe did not tour England.

Sri Lanka were therefore called in as a replacement for the two test series, but given the fact that many key Sri Lankan players already had IPL contracts, and because these two Tests, were not in the future tours programme, the Sri Lankan board let their players decide whether they wanted to play IPL or the Test Series.

After these discussions with the players, the Sri Lanka board informed the ECB that while they could send out a team to England, they could not guarantee it would be a full-strength side.

England did not want the series to be devalued by having an under-strength team, and as a result, they cancelled the proposal to Sri Lanka and invited the West Indies to England to play the two Test Matches instead.

The West Indies board agreed to this, and so we have the ongoing two-match series.

As with Sri Lanka, this was not a series that was in the future tours programme. Therefore, the West Indies players such as Captain Chris Gayle and Fidel Edwards, would have signed their contract long before the West Indies board agreed to the two Test Match series.

Dwayne Bravo, who is usually a regular for the West Indies, was ruled out due to injury but is playing in the IPL. Bravo said it was difficult for him and his teammates because the board went ahead and made the agreement to play the Two Test match series in England without consulting their players.

Indeed, Gayle himself on the eve of this Test series said that he was scratching his head as to why the West Indies, were out in England, because it wasn't a series that had been really planned on or discussed in advance.

With all this in mind, I really believe that the West Indies board have done their players a disservice by agreeing to this Test series without the consent of the team.

Furthermore, as this is only a two test series which was never scheduled in the first place, the West Indies board should have said from the start, that as this is only a two test series, we are not prepared to play for the Wisden Trophy.

It seems a shame to have such a prestigious trophy decided over a series of two games.

Next we will see football teams being awarded the World Cup after winning a friendly match.