Sidney Crosby the Baby

Faiz-Ali VirjiCorrespondent IApril 9, 2008

Today, Sidney Crosby showed his immaturity.

With his Pittsburgh Penguins up 3-0 with less then 4 minutes to go in the third period of game 1 between Ottawa and Pittsburgh, Crosby broke into the Senators’ zone and beat Dean McAmmond so badly McAmmond lost his stick. McAmmond stayed with him, however, and pushed Crosby into the boards. It wasn't that hard of a push, but Crosby did lose his footing. As he got up, Sidney looked around to see if Mick McGeough was reffing and was going to make a phantom call. When he realized that was not the case, Crosby got back up and went to the net, where he received a pass and shot on net. Martin Gerber stopped him however, then Wade Redden pushed Crosby away, exactly what any defender would and should do. Crosby then cross-checked Redden, and, in response, Redden gave Crosby a small tap of the shins with his stick. Crosby retaliated by punching Redden, and the brawl started.

Now I ask you, why was Crosby frustrated? His team was totally dominating the Senators. I mean, this game was over after the first period. And its not like he or any of his teammates was the victim of a cheapshot or anything. So why was Sid the Kid so mad?

I'll tell you. The Penguins had 3 goals. Sidney had exactly 0 points. The one good Ottawa was doing in this game was keeping him off the scoresheet. Crosby didn't like that one bit. Who will say what a wonderful player he is if he doesn't even get a point? Who cares if we are winning, I don't have any points.

Is this how a captain in the NHL should act? Look at all the other captains out there, and tell me if one of them would do something like that when their team is winning in the playoffs. I could understand if say, Redden slashed Crosby really hard or elbowed him or something, but if he just pushes you, why would you blow up on him? Maybe if your team is losing, but your team is dominating the game, even if you aren't.

Today, Sid the Kid definitely earned that nickname. It seems the Penguins made a mistake giving Sidney the "C" so early, because he thinks it stands for "Crosby". And it seems that "Crosby" stands for "Crybaby"".