Ranking the AL Favorites by Position

Nicholas GarthoffContributor IJune 18, 2016

Red Sox-Tigers-Yankees Comparison

C (Jason VaritekJorge PosadaIvan Rodriguez)            

Although Varitek is a good leader in the clubhouse, he’s the worst out of the three. If I were to just judge on last season stats, hoping they would carry on to this year, I’d pick Posada.

Posada, Rodriguez, Varitek


1B (Kevin YoukilisJason Giambi (?)Carlos Guillen)

Hands down, I’d pick Youkilis. Giambi is terrible and Guillen has potential, but this is his first year at first base and Youkilis’ errorless season solidifies his dominance.

Youkilis, Guillen, Giambi


2B (Dustin PedroiaPlacido PolancoRobinson Cano)

This one is tough; all three contestants had a batting average over .300. When it comes down to it, the only reason why Cano gets so many home runs and RBIs is because of the lineup he is in.

Polanco, Cano, Pedroia


3B (Mike Lowell-Miguel Cabrera-Alex Rodriguez)

Although Cabrera is an amazing player, there is that one-year struggle he might go through during his transition to the American League. Although I hate Rodriguez, he is the best (offensively) and even though Lowell was the World Series MVP, it’ll be hard for him to repeat his dominance.

Rodriguez, Cabrera, Lowell.


SS (Julio LugoDerek JeterEdgar Renteria)

Although Jeter is fairly is overrated, he is still good, and after seeing Renteria’s sub-par stint with the Red Sox, I’d have to give him one more year in the American league. I’m going to count on Lugo recovering to have a better year than last year.

Jeter, Lugo, Renteria


RF (J.D. DrewBobby AbreuMagglio Ordonez)

Ordonez had the best stats last year, so I’d pick him first. Then Abreu, because Drew didn’t do well at all, and I don’t know if it will get much better, but I’ll give him the one-year transition rule.

Ordonez, Abreu, Drew


CF (Coco Crisp/Jacoby Ellsbury-Melky Cabrera/Johnny Damon-Curtis Granderson)

Granderson was the best, then I’d give it to either Coco or Ellsbury. Ellsbury set himself up to be a star, but he’ll have to carry the momentum from October, and if Coco can beat him as the starter, then Coco’s going to have to get real good to beat Ellsbury. The Damon-Cabrera combo isn’t looking so good so far from last year.

Granderson, Ellsbury, Damon


LF (Manny RamirezHideki MatsuiJacque Jones)

There is no better leftfielder than Ramirez (change to Manny), and then I’d give it to Matsui, because he gets on base more than Jacque.

Ramirez, Matsui, Jones


DH (David OrtizMelky Cabrera/Johnny Damon/Jason GiambiGary Sheffield)       

Again, Ortiz beats out all other competition at this position, and Sheffield comes second easily. Does New York even really have a DH? Either way, he’d come behind the other two.

Ortiz, Sheffield, New York trio



With Schilling out until at least the All-Star break, either Buchholz or Tavarez better make up for it. If not, the Tigers have the edge.

I’d call Justin Verlander and Dontrelle Willis pretty equal to Josh Beckett and Daisuke Matsuzaka. Though the Tigers have Kenny Rogers and Nate Robertson for third and fourth compared to The Sox’s Tim Wakefield and Jon Lester.

I am giving the Red Sox the edge, assuming Buchholz is an above average pitcher. Of course the Yankees can’t compare in any way to either team. They have a few rookies that they hope will amaze us during the season.

Red Sox, Tigers, Yankees



The Red Sox will continue into 2008 with the best bullpen, with Jonathan Papelbon, Hideki Okajima, and Manny Delcarmen as the main core. The Tigers have second place because the Yankees again can’t compare to them. Without Mariano Rivera, the Yankees don’t really have much, especially if Joba Chamberlin does start for them.

Red Sox, Tigers, Yankees

Final Score






Detroit is looking strong with its new acquisitions; tied score-wise we can look for a good matchup possibly in the ALCS. The Yankees have really lost their hold over the East, and they haven’t done much to change that over the offseason. The Sox have kept their core intact form last year, and Detroit is looking new and mighty.


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