Remember That Time Drew Rosenhaus Wrestled a Shark?

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Remember That Time Drew Rosenhaus Wrestled a Shark?
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Drew Rosenhaus is one of the most powerful agents in the National Football League. He's been called any number of things by his clients and competitors.

Most of them I can't print here.

Many folks have labeled Rosenhaus a "shark" due to the aggressive manner in which he courts and represents his clients. Rosenhaus even adopted the moniker himself, using it in the title of his book "A Shark Never Sleeps."

However, it appears that the whole "shark" thing may have gone to Rosenhaus' head just a tad.

Recently, as Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports, video surfaced on YouTube of Rosenhaus swimming in the ocean and grabbing what appears to be about a six-foot long its tail.

WARNING: Drew Rosenhuas is a bit of a potty mouth.

The wisdom of that course of action is debatable (assuming that you prefer your fingers, you know, attached to your hand), but Rosenhaus' Cousteau moment begs a number of questions.

Was Rosenhaus' boating trip part of a family reunion, and he was just saying hello to his cousin?

Does the shark, like Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, owe Rosenhaus money?

Will BP be forced by the federal government to clean all of Rosehaus' hair products out of the ocean?

If Drew Rosenhaus is a shark, then why does he swim so funny?

These are all more than valid inquiries, and some are mysteries that may well never be solved.

Since the release of the SyFy Channel blockbuster Sharknado a few days ago (if you haven't seen it, you must—life is incomplete without it), America has clearly been swept by shark fever.

Citizen Kane has NOTHING on this cinematic masterpiece.

In the end, Drew Rosenhaus wasn't just playing around in the water with some fish.

He wasn't even on vacation.

Rosenhaus was simply engaged in negotiations with his newest client.

After all, a shark never sleeps.

Next question!

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