From Yankee Fan, to Manny: Why?

Joe GrimaldiCorrespondent IJanuary 21, 2017

Dear Manny,

What were you thinking?  I, a Yankee fan beg you to answer that.

Let me clear this up.  You are an ass. 

You disrespect the game.  You are a terrible teammate. 

You made the Red Sox look like a joke.  And normally, I'd be fine with that. 

I'd be perfectly content to sit there and watch you take three Mariano Rivera cutters right down the middle infinity times.  Give or take.

I was also perfectly content to admit that you Manny, were the greatest right handed hitter I had ever seen. 

I saw you hit balls out of the catchers glove 400 feet to right field.  I saw you turn on high 90's fastballs and hit them farther then I could run.  All with a flick of your wrists.

I saw you take pitches mere inches off the black with two strikes, confident that you knew they were balls.  I saw you get into, and homer out of more two strike counts then I could imagine. 

Mostly against my Yankees, might I add.

But remember Mr. Ramirez, although I was a mere five years old, I also remember you in Cleveland, hitting 33 home runs and driving in 112 runs.  Remembering this goes hand in hand with remembering you being very possibly 40 pounds lighter then you are now (that number may be skewed by the dreads). 

You were a little tyke compared to the artificial Manny-bot of today, who hits .396 in the SECOND HALF of a season where you're 36.  Here's my question. 

.332, 37, 121 are borderline godly.  Willie Mays esque. 

Without the glove however.  But .309, 33, 112? 

That's not too shabby either.  Actually, that's pretty MVP caliber if I do say so myself. 

So why Manny?  As a die hard Yankee fan, you were better than any hitter I ever saw don pinstripes. 

Easily.  And admitting that makes me want to throw up in my mouth, but its true. 

Why taint your numbers?  To tell you the truth, I expect your name to come up in the 103 with A-Rod. 

Now that's all speculation, and I don't want to sound like Selena Roberts, but I think I have a little better reason then saying A-Rod was really, really, really good in high school so chances are he took 'roids. 

Why Mr. Ramirez?  I hated you as a player.

You took the game I love and treated it as a joke.  You took the team I love and thrashed them time and time again. 

But I admire you as a hitter.  You were put on this world to hit (speaking of which, why the National League? You have to do other stuff there).  So simply, from Yankee fan to nemesis, why?