What Has Happened To Shawn Michaels?

chipper smithCorrespondent IMay 7, 2009

ORANGE, CA - MAY 08:  Wrestler Shawn Michaels  arrives at the Lions Gate Premiere of 'See No Evil' at the Century Stadium Promenade 25 on May 8, 2006 in Orange, California.  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Has anyone seen Shawn Michaels? His last appearance was at Wrestlemania XXV when he was unfortunately tombstoned by the Undertaker. 

Mr. Wrestlemania and also known as the show stopper, has been M.I.A. Has he retired? Doesn't make any sense at all. And Shawn usually, no matter how bad he may get beaten in a match, he always comes back. He's the Heartbreak Kid, surely he'll be back on WWE.

Shawn has had broken bones, operations, many other kinds of injuries and has bounced back. I know his fans are wondering where he is.

The Show Stopper is a decorated athlete, capable of doing the unspeakable. Years of dedication to this sport, he is owed something for all that he has given to wrestling, for all that he's had to endure.

JBL knew Shawn was having financial problems and offered him a deal that he couldn't refuse due to his money difficulties. Shawn went to work for the wall street goon. JBL belittled him in front of his fans on national T.V.

Michaels isn't intimidated by anyone and he showed that at Wrestlemania XXV. JBL told Shawn that if they fought each other, and JBL won, he would own Shawn forever. But if Michaels won, he would pay him everything that he owed him. That's when Shawn finally stood up to John and showed him he wasn't going to be a puppet any longer. He became his own man again.

At Wrestlemania XXV, Shawn's fans thought he was going to beat the Undertaker several times in that match, but the Taker was determined to keep his streak going and make it 17-0 in which he did.

From then until now, no one has heard or seen HBK. Was Wrestlemania XXV his last stand? Will his fans ever see him wrestle again?  Is this really the end of Shawn Michaels? Will we ever see him do sweet chin music again? So many questions and so few answers. Hope he comes back or the WWE will be losing one of the greatest champions in the history of wrestling.