Anderson Silva Opens as Favorite Over Chris Weidman in Rematch

Craig AmosFeatured ColumnistJuly 10, 2013

Chris Weidman shocked the MMA world at UFC 162 by not only defeating the unbeatable Anderson Silva but by also stopping him early in the second round of their championship affair.

For all that Weidman's accomplishment represents, it seems that very little has changed between the time the fight was announced to the time the result was announced.

For one thing, UFC president Dana White has been insistent that Weidman vs. Silva II will happen—and will happen immediately—more or less wiping away the impact of the outcome. 

While the belt will adorn Weidman's waist during the rematch's pre-fight festivities rather than Silva's, that's about the only tangible difference that will be demonstrated between Weidman vs. Silva I and Weidman vs. Silva II.

The odd nature of the UFC 162 main event rendered the result unconvincing in the eyes of many. It has even gotten to the point where speculation that the bout was fixed has gained some serious momentum. 

Such speculation is ridiculous for a multitude of reasons, but the fact that many MMA fans are unable or unwilling to accept a Silva defeat is representative of how Weidman vs. Silva II is being perceived in the early going.

Not only has the former champ been given a mulligan by White in the form of an instant do-over, but he has also been excused by oddsmakers.

On July 9, Best Fight Odds tweeted:

Given how Weidman controlled the action even before Silva decided to kick off his Sunday shoes, the line seems pretty harsh. It's not as tilted as the odds for UFC 162, but obviously Weidman's win wasn't enough to convince bookies any more than fans.

That's good news for Weidman supporters though—it's rare that you get to cash in on a big upset pick twice.