The Race for Eighth: Golden State Warriors & Denver Nuggets

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IApril 9, 2008

The Warriors and Nuggets are in deadlock competition, tied for the eighth seed at 47-31. 

Their respective schedules will be key to see who'll be in and who'll be watching the playoffs from their couch.

Warriors Schedule:

Thursday, April 10 - Denver

Saturday, April 12 - LA Clippers

Monday, April 14 - at Phoenix

Wednesday, April 16 - Seattle


The schedule is favorable to the Warriors.

The games at home against the Clippers and Seattle are gimmes, or they better be if the Warriors want to make the playoffs.

The Warriors are known to play down to their competition at times, or even have some stinker games at random times, but they should win both those games.

That leaves us with Phoenix and Denver.

I don't expect them to win at Phoenix, but in a perfect scenario, they won't need to win that one. But, THE WARRIORS MUST BEAT DENVER.

Denver has the tie breaker, so the Warriors must finish at least one game ahead of them. 

Three out of four at home is awesome.

The Oracle crowd will be a huge advantage for these last few games. Hopefully, they go 3-1 by blowing out LA and Seattle, edging out Denver, and losing a tough game in Phoenix.

3-1 is a minimum and expected, and beating Denver is a must, and 4-0 would be gravy.

Denver Schedule:

Thursday, April 10 - at Golden State Warriors

Saturday, April 12 - at Utah

Sunday, April 13 - Houston

Wednesday, April 16 - Memphis


Denver has a tough schedule.  Two games at home, two away.

The Memphis game is a gimme, though. The Nuggets absolutely has to beat Memphis.

At Utah is an extremely difficult game with the way the Jazz play at home. That, on paper, looks to be a loss.

Houston at home will be tough as well, but that is a very winnable game. 

Denver has to beat the Warriors at any cost if they want to get in.

Comparison & Forecast:

The Nuggets have three tough games, with Houston, Utah, and the Warriors.  Two out of three are on the road.

The Nuggets need to beat the Warriors and Memphis, and go at least 1-1 in their other two games to get in. 

The Warriors must go 3-1 at least. 

 If the Warriors beat Denver at home, then Denver loses at Utah, the Warriors are probably in because they would have a two game lead. The Warriors must win the spot outright because a tie goes to the Nuggets.

I predict the Warriors go 3-1 while beating Denver and losing to Phoenix. The Nuggets lose two tough games on the road to the Warriors and Jazz, but they beat Memphis and Houston.

I may be biased, but this is actually what I see happening.

That means the Warriors get the eighth spot by one game. The Warriors finish 50-32, and the Nuggets finish 49-33. Tough luck to Nuggets fans, 49 wins in the West this year isn't enough.

Thanks for reading.