Brett Favre As A Minnesota Viking: The Pros and Cons

Eric RhodyCorrespondent IMay 7, 2009

As Favre Watch '09 heats up, it seems Brett Favre has interest in only one team, the Minnesota Vikings. Whether or not it will actually happen, is left for only time to tell.

But as a Vikings fan, I'm conflicted. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages if Favre were to come to the purple and gold.



Things started out pretty well for Favre with the Jets last season. After an 8-3 start, and a victory over the undefeated Tennessee Titans, many pundits crowned the Jets as the hottest team in the AFC.

Favre himself was playing great. He had thrown six touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals, the eventual NFC Champions, and he seemed to be getting in the groove with his new team.

However, things fell apart in December. Favre suffered a bicep injury, and subsequently, his numbers dipped. The Jets went 1-4 over the last leg of the season, while Favre threw nine TDs and nine picks.

The hottest team in the AFC suddenly was 9-7 and out of the playoffs. Rumors began to stir that Favre wasn't a good teammate in New York, and was apathetic at best during practice and games.

Worse, Favre never had surgery on his bicep, a procedure recommended by doctors. So if Favre came into Minnesota carrying the same attitude and injury, would he just be an interception machine?

Who exactly would he be playing for?

If reports are correct, Favre wants to play for Minnesota so he can get back at Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers.

So if Favre is just out for personal gain, what does this mean for the Vikings? Does this mean Favre is going to be throwing the ball 80 yards deep into triple coverage? Or will he just be doing this against the Packers?

Either way, Favre HAS to be a team player if he comes to the Vikings. If he's out for revenge, chances are, he will fail.

Stunting other QBs' development

Tarvaris Jackson would likely be knocked down the third string on the depth chart, and John David Booty would have to be cut. Little known undrafted free agent Sean Glennon out of Virginia Tech would also have to be cut.

It's no secret that Favre would be a one year fix in Minnesota. Favre plays a season, the Vikings either win a Super Bowl, or don't, and it's over.

What does that leave the Vikings with after? Back to square one with Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels.

Of course, Favre could 'mentor' Jackson, but how much good would that really do? Jackson showed he could be a good quarterback at the end of last season, highlighted by a four touchdown performance in Arizona.

John David Booty has yet to even take a snap. What if he is actually the gem the Vikings have been so desperatly seeking? The same goes for Sean Glennon, although it is far less likely he will be a diamond in the rough.

The Vikings seemed to have their quarterback situation comfortably locked in before this Favre controversy started. If Favre came in, the entire depth chart would be a jumbled mess, and when he leaves, it seems like nothing would have changed.


The Buzz

Favre playing for the Vikings would be an amazing sight. Imagine No. 4 trotting out onto Lambeau Field and lining up under center...for the Vikings.

The Monday Night Football contest between the Vikings and Packers would likely have record viewership, merchandise sales would soar, and the Metrodome would finally fill seats that it has had trouble filling in recent years.

Zygi Wilf wants a new stadium, and the only way to get that is for fans to actually be interested in watching the Vikings play football. Favre would make them more than interested.

He IS better than Jackson and Rosenfels

Despite being past his prime, Favre can still play quarterback, and he can still do it better than any other QB on the Vikings roster.

Analysts everywhere agree, the Vikings are one quarterback away from a Super Bowl run. If a journeyman like Gus Frerotte and a D-II unknown like Tarvaris Jackson could lead the Vikings to a 10-6 record, imagine what Favre could do.

Bernard Berrian could be more utilized as the deep threat that he was supposed to be, and Percy Harvin would contribute as well.

The Vikings D-line is terrifying, with the Williams Wall and Jared Allen anchoring. The secondary continues to improve, and EJ Henderson and Chad Greenway could easily become a fantastic linebacker duo in the ranks of Urlacher and Briggs.

Plus, with Adrian Peterson in the backfield, Favre would have the best running game he's ever had in his career. The Vikings have all the tools necessary for Favre to lead the team to a Super Bowl title. It's only a matter of if he would use them correctly.

It's Brett Favre!

With Favre as your QB, you can rest assured at least one thing, it will be interesting.

Vikings fans have seen that whole 'interesting' thing before in the past. Denny Green and Randy Moss did more than enough to make things 'interesting'.

The only problem is, fans are sick of 'interesting'.

They want to win.


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