Olympic Torch Protesters in San Francisco Are Deplorable

Bryan GoldbergSenior Writer IApril 9, 2008

The picture above is one that I took on the way back from lunch.

Here at the Bleacher Report corporate office, we are being overwhelmed by the sound of sirens, protestors, and helicopters. There are police officers parked on every street corner, and countless SFPD vans are driving on sidewalks to get to their temporary war zone.

A war zone that exists because thousands of crazy, maverick protesters have turned a peaceful, celebratory ceremony into a "controversy."

They are creating a huge stink because a small group of extraordinary people, many of whom have overcome life-threatening injuries or dedicated their lives to community betterment, are carrying a symbolic torch?

Let's take a quick look at the major "accomplishments" that these protesters have perpetuated:

1. Thousands of police officers, paramedics, and firefighters, who should be out there keeping us safe and responding to medical emergencies, are instead being wasted standing idly on street corners.

2. Extraordinary, inspiring people are being rewarded with a once-in-a-lifetime honor, then being jeered and screamed at for political reasons.

3. A nation in Asia, which has finally woken up from decades of effective-genocide, starvation, misery and oppression, has FINALLY begun to take huge, meaningful steps in the right direction...but is somehow being protested by the world for events set into motion fifty years ago.

Well done, protesters, well done.

You have managed to turn what should be an apolitical and unifying tradition—the Olympic Games—into a stage for your own agenda. It is the ultimate act of imposition. It is the textbook definition of bad sportsmanship.

Those who protest the Olympic Games, be it the schmucks on the street today or our 39th President, clearly do not understand what the event is about, nor do they care about the dreams that they shatter for their own amusement.

The hippies outside our office have probably never experienced life in a wheelchair. Few of them know what it's like to have a child with Downs Syndrome.

If they are anything like the "political activists" I saw in college and still see here in San Francisco, then they are most adept at spending their parents’ money and living off the hard work of others.

But many of the people who have been honored by the Torch Ceremony know what it is like to struggle and face real opposition in life.

Every single person who is out there today jeering the Olympic torch is doing the wrong thing, and it's time for people to stand up and let them know that their selfishness and misguided views have no place in our society.