Didier Drogba Edges Past Cristiano Ronaldo in "Players We Love To Hate"

Daniel GoochAnalyst IMay 7, 2009

Every English football fan knows of the battle between Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo to be the most fun player to hate in the EPL.

The fight sees no let up as this week both players have tried to edge into first place. 

Arsenal fans this week haven't had the best experience against Ronaldo. He put two goals past them in the Champions League semifinal win. He has been classed as a "total wazzock" by many fans recently.

The day after Ronaldo took the lead Drogba came back and took the Red Devil apart.

Unless you have no life and no television, it would be difficult to have missed Drogba's reaction to the result of their Champions League semifinal against Barcelona. The final result of the match was 1-1, but the Chelsea players are adamant that they should have been handed a handful of penalties.

The Chelsea striker may have gone up in Chelsea fan's eyes but not in everyone else's. Shouting "f**king disgrace" into a live TV camera in front of millions of viewers, including children, is not the way to win the heart of a proper Englishman, but maybe the chav side of the nation.

Michael Ballack tried to add his name to the battle with his impressive dancing routine with the ref. 

Ballack isn't going to take Drogba's place in the battle without a fight. During the Barcelona match, Drogba did what he does best and decide whenever an opponent got within a few inches of him, he would flop on the floor like a fish and act as if he was hit by a hammer.

Rolling on the floor making it look like he'll never walk again, then miraculously jumped to his feet when the free kick was awarded.

Didier is an entertainer in his own right. After the final whistle he pranced round the referee, waving his hands, shouting in the ref's face and just being a right dickhead.

It was great television but not for the politically correct bunch, like Andy Gray who said, "Apologies to anyone who can lip-read" after Drogba clearly shouted "FUCKING DISGRACE" straight into the camera following him down the tunnel.

It's obvious that Didier is a twat who may get penalised for having a hissy fit, but it has provided some of the entertaining football moments of the season. After all, football is in the entertaining industry. Let's hope there is more entertainment like this next season when he completely losses it.