She's Extreme...Extremely Untalented!

Jabot SingleterryCorrespondent IMay 7, 2009

That's right Jabot "The Ranter" has returned! Now let's get down to brass tacks...

When Theodore Long announced that he was once again going to be the GM of SmackDown, he named Tiffany as the interim GM of ECW. Why is Tiffany GM? I do not know! But to quote South Park's Stan Marsh, "Dude, thats f**ked up!"

Watching Tiffany on ECW as General Manager makes me want to crawl on my knees from right here in Richmond, Va., all the way to Stamford, Conn., and beg Vince McMahon to make Mike Adamle ECW GM again because she is just that bad.

Oh my God! And her mic skills are just garbage. They are just 100 percent horrible! I'd rather listen to Jillian perform at an outdoor concert. I listen to Tiffany on the mic and I don't know if it's a tranny or a woman talking. I mean, you tell me, because her voice gets deeper than mine!

And it's just so sad that she's so blond and dumb to realize that her ring skills are so bad that she has to be a GM like Vickie and Teddy (great GM's). If there was a triple threat match between the GM's, Tiffany would make Vickie look like Eddie Guerrero and Teddy would look like Dean Malenko, while she's in the ring looking like Gillberg.

Guys and gals, please give me your imput. What do you think about "Terrible" Tiffany?

While I'm on the subject of GM's. Why do we have General Managers? So they can make matches? Did they have GMs during the 80s? No! So why do we need them now? These men and women know how to use a mic (except for Tiffany), so I'm pretty sure they know how to challenge someone to a match.

These little kids today are going to grow up con-wrestle-fused(giving wrong wrestling facts/not knowing their correct wrestling history) and are going to be some of the dumbest wrestling fans on God's green earth (mostly Cena fans) and are going to tell their kids wrong information.

Thats why it's up to us smart wrestling fans (non Cena or Hogan fans) to save these poor little kiddies because one day someone is going to have to continue the legacy of the B/R wrestling community.

But yeah, I'd have more fun eating a $2 steak with brass tacks than watching and listening to Tiffany.