A.J. Burnett Has Rosin Bag Explode on Him For 2nd Time This Season

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 8, 2013

It was so young, so full of potential—and powdery pine resin for your hands.

Another rosin bag died at the hands of A.J. Burnett on Sunday, as the Pittsburgh Pirates faced off against the Chicago Cubs

Burnett was powdering up in the bottom of the fourth when he slapped the bag against his right hip and the contents exploded in a plume of rosin-y dust all over the place. The demise of the little pouch was spotted by Blair Johnson of Yahoo! Sportsand I warn you, it’s graphic.

Burnett cannot believe it, and he begins to gesture toward his team’s dugout. At first glance, it appears to be a one-finger salute. A closer look shows the Pirates pitcher throwing up two digits, symbolizing the number of rosin bags that have popped on him in the past three months. 

Strangely enough, the last rosin bag incident involving Burnett also took place against the Cubs. The first came on April 1 as part of an April’s Fool Day trick.  

This latest explosion doesn’t appear to be a prank but perhaps a sign that Burnett is developing a deadly touch when it comes to powdery satchels. I don’t want to allege that he’s a serial rosin bag killer (you need three confirmed victims for that), but there’s something strange about two bags in one season.

Perhaps he’s developing Rogue-like powers, and he cannot touch rosin bags without them dying.

Or maybe this is a cold and calculated maneuver. The first faulty bag was a joke perpetrated by his teammates, but that gave him a taste for more. 

Please, Burnett. Use your powers for good.