Toronto Blue Jays' Offense Starts Season in High Gear

Eric MacLachlanCorrespondent IApril 9, 2008

The Toronto Blue Jays have started the year 4-3.

I realize it's early in the year, but already they are seeing the emergence of the offense that took most of last season off.

The pitching has looked decent, although A.J. Burnett took a pounding last night. The Jays had solid performances from everyone else until then.

Pitching will not be a problem for this team, but the offense was awful last year.

Vernon Wells and Frank Thomas already have three home runs apiece. For two guys who have struggled, to start this season with a bang is huge—as long as they can continue at this pace.

These two guys must lead the offense in order for this team to be successful.

Past Thomas and Wells, Aaron Hill is hitting .444 and is a guy who could potentially win the batting title. He is starting to show his power, is a great gap hitter, and is very good defensively.

The last guy to win a Gold Glove for Toronto at second was traded that winter to Arizona. Aaron is making it so most people forget about the trading away of Orlando Hudson.

Hill just signed a four-year deal and Jays fans have to be ecstatic that he will be with the team for the next four seasons.

The real Lyle Overbay looks to be back as he has started hitting at a .296 clip, which is exactly what the Jays expect from him. 

The new guys are also chipping in right away. David Eckstein has six RBI and Marco Scutaro is only hitting .150 but has a .346 OBP, and has played sparkling defense at third in place of Scott Rolen.

Scutaro is making a case for stealing some playing time from Rolen after his return from the DL. Scutaro has three stolen bases, which is another thing that has jump started the offense.

This team is running. They have attempted 10 stolen bases, stealing seven of them. Rios and Scutaro have three each, while Hill has the last.   

We have still yet to see Rolen in a Jays' uniform, but this offense is finally showing what it is capable of.

I know we're only seven games in, but if this is a preview of what we will get all season from the offense and if the pitching remains consistent, we could easily see a new team atop the AL East.

This could be the first time in a long time another team in this division has shown they have what it takes to compete with Boston and New York.

Especially after the sweep last week.